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RAW EMPATHY - Part 2 Dealing With the Unseen World

Uncategorized Jul 21, 2019

Perhaps, breaking all of this down for you may feel a bit heady. Yet, when you’re suffering; when you believe that you have no power to change your circumstances; when you’re sick, sad, or financially challenged there is no better direction to go than within.

You’ve probably heard of the Law of Attraction. Fun stuff, right? If you want to attract your soul’s and heart’s desire, well, you need to know what’s coming into your energy field. That’s the unseen world. 

 To tap into the unseen world, you need to go within. You must enter into your powerful intuitive system in order to gather information for new awarenesses and self-healing. 

What I know is that when you understand the relevant details that are teaming in the unseen world, unnecessary pressure is released; along with the suffering provoked by fear of the unknown — the worry over what’s happening and what’s next.

That is why you awaken and keep...

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Empaths - Dealing With The Unseen World

Uncategorized Jul 14, 2019


“Without expectations or explanations, become the silence. The silence will morph into knowing, and seeing, and hearing, and deep feeling.”

 — L.A.Kamm


You're sitting in your favorite TV spot. Snuggled in, the remote is at the ready. You're prepped for a quiet binge of a yummy Netflix show.

One more wiggle and your body lets go of a sigh. Finally … your time.

You're immersed in the show when an odd feeling seems to come out of nowhere. You get a quick flutter of electricity; maybe it’s a bristling sensation. It’s rather indescribable.  

It’s also disconcerting.

You can't quite tell whether it's rising up from within or if it's coming toward you.

Your body shivers. Tingles scoot up the nape of your neck. You might feel flushed. Your belly churns, like you just agreed to take a seat on the world’s largest roller coaster.

You feel dizzy, but you’re not spinning. Nor is the room. You’re feeling...

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[MEDITATION] Empathy - Moving Beyond Anxiety

Uncategorized Jun 30, 2019

Empaths, like you, are here to make a difference in the world.

For me, hanging out with empaths usually comes within the context of a medical intuitive assessment, in which I intuitively see the high degrees of responsiveness that my client’s nervous system has. Tale-tell signs of a person’s degree of empathy.

Most human beings have some degree of empathy — the ability to understand another person’s feelings; being aware of what they’re going through.

However, empaths are different creatures. Empaths absorb the other person’s energy and feelings and they are impacted more viscerally.

Empaths don't have the same degree of fortitude or filters as do others. Yet, they can cultivate higher sturdier degrees of this gift.

Empaths are permeable membrane-like creatures, endowed with gifted skills such as art, creative problem solving, piercing analytical skills, activism, and humanity/earth-saving insights and passions.

Empaths are natural energetic...

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#1 Rule For Empathic Rebels

Uncategorized Jun 23, 2019

The empathic rebel.

I’m one, for sure. I bet some part, if not all of you, is one too.

An empathic rebel is confident, if not fearless, when it comes to their intuitive skills. They know they have work to do in the world that uses their intuition, empathy, and compassion.

An emphatic rebel trust the feelings they receive through the ethers, electromagnetic fields, and their body’s systems, allowing them to feel what is here and now and what potential is on the horizon.

An empathic rebel knows their own intuitive system. What works. What doesn’t work for them and has the #1 rule in place? It helps an empath to be happy and confident.

It’s a paradox for the rebel.

So what’s the#1 Rule? It is that THEY HAVE RULES!

It’s not easy to be empathic. Especially in a busy rushing life within a high-tech world. Continuous streams of WiFi are penetrating everything.

Your nervous system can certainly feel it; and for some physical empaths, it’s no...

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A Powerful Practice to Root Your Energy

Your root. The foundational power of your life, connectivity, and the base of self-esteem.

Your root. Your sense of safety, from which arises your perception of worthiness.

Your root. Your survival level of intuitive perception.

Your root. The (un)conscious operating system that runs a pre-programed life or peeled back presence, achieved through vulnerability, allowing, healing, and self-realization.

Your root. The nano-speed gear controlling your impulsive and “yes” or “no” choices.

 Your root. The place from which your style of nurturing and nourishment is dictated.

Your root. The foundational structure through which all stages and levels of consciousness filtrate.

You’re a top down creature — a conscious soul being human. Paradoxically, we live from the root up; like a seed seeking to capture, be nourished by, and remember the Light from which it comes.

In conversations with people, l often see their energy dance upward as they describe...

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How to Find and Follow Your Joy

I remember seeing my mother’s satisfying smiles as she watched us from her favorite chair. She would say to me, “It's all I ever want … to see my family together having fun.” Our family is lucky that way. We are all creative and curious Wild Things.

As women, whether we are motherly to many or a few, the delight we experience in having those whom we love around us cultivates boundless joy.

There is an expansive feminine nature that ripples through us all. It’s filled with source-inspired creativity, insights, and a map, which guides the birth of our true joys in life, connecting us.

I want to expand on that connected thought … you know how you pay attention to the dreams you have a right before you wake up? I do the same.

These flashes of insight are a powerful message board, filled with hidden, convoluted, and in-your-face memorandums from your spirit and body.

These insights contain an imperative voice. They are the guidons of your joy.


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The Energetic Hierarchy of A Healer

alignment chakra healer Apr 28, 2019

There is nothing more important than to discuss, discover, and to experience one’s soul in action in this life. In order to do that we need to be open, allowing and awake to our own healing power and the grace that surrounds us, always.

 The purpose of healing is to reestablish alignment. As a healing facilitator, that's what you do - reestablish alignment for your client or patient.

 So, what about you as a gorgeous and delightful human being? What about you as a healer?

 Through the years I observed an interesting hierarchy within people that, when it’s connecting, allows them to facilitate their own healing and help others discover the power of healing.

 It doesn’t matter if you’ve been trained in a certain healing art or medical system. This is an organic system that exists and operates outside of, yet, is also connected to any knowledge you acquire. Like I always say, “When it comes to healing, you’re the method.”


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Your Greatest Power -- Patience

Uncategorized Feb 10, 2019

I’m often asked, “Laura, what is the most powerful skill I can have as an intuitive person? I’m feeling a little lost and shaky with my more random intuitive hits. What can I do to be more intuitive and more accurate?”

One might think it’s to have a strong intuitive ability of knowing, hearing, or a visionary skill. Yes, all of those are necessary, insofar as becoming a strong and accurate intuitive perceiver.

However, for me, these are not the most important skills.

You know we are all intuitive. You, me, all of us. Intuition is truly the most organic intelligence we have. It is hard wired into us.

Based on decades of experience in the fields of healing and medical intuition, the greatest power a person can cultivate is patience. Solid and esteemed intuition requires it.

It may not sound sexy or contemporary; however, it’s truth.

Without patience and the ability to have your mind and ego stand down and wait for that which is truth to arise, you...

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[Visualization] Connecting Your Heart and Root

Uncategorized Feb 05, 2019
 Enjoy this an unscripted visualization, which occurred in an improv moment during a coaching call with an amazing group of healers!
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How To Intuitively Clear Unwanted Pressure

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2019

[time to read: 3 minutes and 23 seconds; give or take a second or two.]

Change is the buzz word this time of year. Frankly, it’s rather boring.

Putting all that pressure on yourself to change all those things, again; because you didn’t hit the self-imposed mark last year.

Pressure like that is not productive. It’s punitive.

Negative self-pressure is a bad habit and tied to multi-tasking; not inspiration or motivation. We’ll get to that in a moment.

It’s exhausting and unreasonable. And by January 15th, statistics say, we’ve gone back to whatever feels more reasonable, good or not.

I say, start and stay with intuitive reasonability. Instead of… Do this. Do that. And do all of it perfectly at the same time. Ugh!

Media and technology taunt us into being creatures unlike who we really are — we are pushed into a dulled version of our true illumination.

Get over the pressurized need to change; unless there is a health, financial, or...

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