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Rounding The Corner

I don’t know what I would do without my meditation practice. I’m sure I’d be much more of a wild child.

Our meditation practice allows us to open ourselves to our emotions and thoughts. No matter their softness or velocity of pain. Memories arise. Anger and confusion can startle us awake. Joy can settle a quivering heart with its internal dance.

Life is a powerful series of sublime and startling changes. We are always rounding corners in our lives. We do so in silent ways or we power up and move toward an intended goal.

Sometimes, when life is hard, you just want the excruciating arc of the corner to end. We want to round the corner now!

We shout, “Make it stop! Make it better!” I, too, have had my “make it better moments.”

Several months ago, my body was going in the opposite direction I wanted it to go. I was literally trying to make it move around the corner of my bed whimpering, “Come on sweet body, you just need to get around the corner.”

I immediately heard…

“You can’t turn the corner until you reach the corner.”

Well darlin’, you could hear the squeak of my eyes rolling three states away!

Drat … I knew these words to be true. I couldn’t turn the corner until I reached the corner. Trying to reach the corner in that moment was an impossible dream.

This wise statement came from the deeply comforting voice I hear all of the time. The deepest part of myself was talking another part of me down out of the tree and back to a grounded point within here and now. …no matter how painful it was. It was truth.

Simple truths are the most profound.

Simple truths are the most healing.

There are so many corners we’re all looking forward to turning. External situations and our pain, whether emotional or physical, can shrink us to the degree where our lives become smaller. Yet, we are not here to be small.

To turn these corners you need to be patient. When you’re patient you merge with the corner’s natural flow, which may open you up in ways you’ve never thought possible. You have dreams. So too, does your soul. Are you listening to that voice?

Face it, you are either heading for the corner, rounding the corner, or coming out of the corner. All are opportunities to soulfully choose how you want your life to be experienced.

The reality is we can’t turn a corner until we reach the corner. Yes, there are short cuts. But do those serve you? Even short cuts require corners.

Turns are a fact of life. It’s the classic, cosmic paradoxical joke — there’s no way around corners. Ha! Good one God! We must face them and move through them. 

Whatever corners you’re about to round in your life, be easy with yourself as you approach the corner. Don’t push. You’ll only hurt yourself and thwart your talent, gifts, and path’s choices; let alone your health and emotional well-being.

Move without fear. Without fear, you experience the corner absent of hindrances and obscuring thoughts, which hide the corner’s gem-like inlays of wisdom.

Celebrate where you are now. Celebrate the corners you have turned and those forthcoming.

Sometimes we can see the corners coming. Sometimes we can’t. Your meditation practice or any other spiritual practices will prepare you for the curves.

Use your intuitive system to fire up your prayers, meditation, journaling, art, and all skills which help you as a holistic thinker. You know what your Spirit and body are calling you to do.

Keep your inner eyes open. Listen and feel into the corners of your life. They are powerful and colorful mosaics, as they arise before you like cathedral windows.

When driving, I love to ease into the corner and just at the right moment, when I feel I’ve reached the corner’s arc, the radius, I accelerate through and out of the curve.

How are you handling your corners?

— Are you feeling fear, excitement, or steadiness in your approach?

— Do you respond to the natural requirement to slow down so the centrifugal force of the curve, the immediate changes in your life, don’t spin you out?

— Do you trust yourself as you feel the tipping point where you’re passed the point of hesitation and can now pick up with the new flow and speed of your life or situation?

— Are you at ease or freaked out when you reach the final release, taking you to a new level in your life?

Trust our wisdom as you approach your corners. Midway through, you most likely have gathered enough clarity, wisdom, and information to accelerate yourself out of the curve. You will have personal success and history. You’ll be wiser and more settled within yourself as to what you need and want.

Trust yourself. The curves and corners will always meet you. Will you resist or flow with them? The choice is always up to you.

Be well. Be happy. Get outside and breathe!!!



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