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 Intuition Is Your Natural Superpower

Awaken Your Soul & Become Your Wisest Self With Transformational Trainings, Podcasts, and Community 

I came back from a death experience to share what I learned, plus 40 years as a Healer and Integrative Medical Intuitive™️ 

"When you trust yourself  ~  miracles follow."

 Intuition Is Your Natural Superpower

Become Your Wisest Self Through Transformational Trainings, Podcasts, and Community 

I came back from a death experience to share what I learned, plus 40 years as a Healer and Integrative Medical Intuitive™️ 

"When you trust yourself  ~  miracles follow."

"Laura Alden Kamm's voice is transcendent wisdom and compassion will be heard. Intuitively, she shines a gentle, yet penetrating, light into the darkness recess of our soul, bringing light into our own belovedness."

Iyanla Vanzant TV Host of "Fix My Life" on OWN, Inspirational Author and Teacher

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You and I are alike ... we're intuitive humans for life!

Every week on The Voice of Intuition Podcast you'll get methods and tips to make life easier and more meaningful! 

Become the practical intuitive, the spiritual, faith-filled intuitive and the intuitive healer. Bring your wisest self to every day and every situation. Put your gifts to work!

New episodes drop every Thursday.

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Don't Let Empathy Jangle Your Nerves and Life Any Longer! 

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Learn with Laura 

~ Books, Audio Programs, Courses and Ongoing Trainings ~

I help entrepreneurs in the Holistic Healing Arts develop world-class intuitive skills, offering best practices for a successful professional career and a meaningful life. 

As a 40 year veteran in the fields of Applied Energy Medicine and Structural and Medical Intuition, I can assist you in finding your way and become a champion for others using your unique gifts.

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Open -  Align -  Heal

Change from high stress and anxiety to your stress-free, soul-refreshing inner world, as you transform your day and beyond with this 6-part audio series of Intuitive Wellness Healing. Your body. Your soul. Your Energy. Your life's direction, and soul's guidance are all brought together under this one collection, traveling a healing journey inside your body and to other worldly places for divine guidance and peace of mind. 

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Change and Charge Your Intuition Into a Healing Superpower

Unleash your inner Medical Intuitive! The skills you'll learn and the intuitive changes you'll experience will shift how you see yourself, the world, and serve others. Join those who have picked up tthe mantel of Medical Intuition. The status quo is changing and well-trained medical intuitives are in-demand. Be ahead of the evolutionary curve, jump in and heighten your healing skills; discover new ways to access and discern intuitive information. 

Enroll Now - Becoming A Medical Intuitive

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No More Second Guessing!

Learn to Intuitively Read Your Field, Let Go and Manifest Your Dreams  

ENROLL NOW - $197.00

"Laura intuitively saw that my ear implant was 'a half of a millimeter too large.' She suggested I return to my surgeon if the problems persist. I did just that and had a second surgery. Afterward, the surgeon told me the implant was .5 millimeters (a half of a millimeter) too large! No more problems...Thank you!"   Michael C. - USA

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"As A Medical Intuitive No One Calls Me On Their Best Day."


Yet, after we speak, it's a bright new day!  I'll help discover the roots and resolutions of what's happening, offering clarity, direction, and peace of mind. 



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Put on your comfy clothes and bliss out. No email required. Totally a gift for you. 


Meet Laura

After a catalytic near-death experience, Laura has served people from over 140 countries as a compassionate guide for their lives, careers, relationships and at even at their death ... and beyond. 


In the classical sense of the term, Laura is a blind-seer

After developing multiple brain abscesses in the right occipital lobe and spinal meningitis, she suddenly became severely ill, lost her eyesight, and within a few horrendous days of pain Laura was no longer alive.

"In my final hours, I witnessed the light of my soul leaving my body and was bathed in brillant undulating ribbons of light flowing toward me. I was strikingly aware of two glorious angels around me, as well as relatives who had passed. I knew them all. I knew they were taking me home ... taking me to heaven and embarking on a miraculous journey of life, death and, thankfully, life again …"  read more

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