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 Center for Intuitive Intelligenceā„ 

I teach the development of world-class intuitive skills—medical intuition, energy healers, holistic entrepreneurs—offering best practices for a meaningful life and a successful professional  service.

"When you trust yourself  ~  miracles follow."


"When you trust your inner voice ~ miracles follow."

For 40 years I've taught the structure, science, and the service of Intuition, Functional Medical Intuition, Applied Energy Healing and Experiential Mysticism. Join me for an awesome adventure!

"Laura Alden Kamm's voice is transcendent wisdom and compassion will be heard. Intuitively, she shines a gentle, yet penetrating, light into the darkness recess of our soul, bringing light into our own belovedness."

Iyanla Vanzant TV Host of "Fix My Life" on OWN, Inspirational Author and Teacher

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Listen Every Thursday to

The Voice of Intuition Podcast

My mission is to help you understand what the heck life is about and how the system of intuition is a huge part of your happiness, wellness, and contributions to the world. 

As a worksop style show, we'll dive in together to solve problems, laugh, maybe shed a few tears. Who knows? It's a honeest, spontaneous event, where I bring you into my life and world as a 40 year professional medical and structural intuitive and, just like you, an intuitive human for life.

I'll share information that makes your life richer, more at ease, connected, and inspire you  toward your purpose. Can't wait for you to join me every week! 

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"As A Medical Intuitive ... No One Calls Me On Their Best Day."


Yet, after we speak, it's a bright new day!  I'll help discover the roots and resolutions of what's happening, offering clarity, direction, and peace of mind. 


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Open -  Align -  Heal

Escape into your stress-free, soul-refreshing inner world, as you transform your day and beyond with this 6-part audio series of Intuitive Wellness Healing. Your body. Your soul. Your Energy, life direction, and soul's guidance are all brought together under this one collection.

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Boost Your Intuitive Superpower

Unleash your Medical Intuitive within! The skills you'll learn and the perceptual changes you'll experience will shift how you see yourself, the world, and serve others. Join the hundreds who have stepped on this path. Medical intuition's status quo is changing and it starts with you. 


"Laura intuitively saw that my ear implant was 'a half of a millimeter too large.' She suggested I return to my surgeon if the problems persist. I did just that and had a second surgery. Afterward, the surgeon told me the implant was .5 millimeters (a half of a millimeter) too large! No more problems...Thank you! "

Calm your body, find balance, and build your intuitive skills

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Begin today with this free practice filled E-book.

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Read ~ Listen ~ Train

Tired of hit or miss intuition? Discover (the original) Intuitive Wellness book, audios, trainings and other healing treasures that will make your life easier and more meaningful.

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Meet Laura

For 40 years after a catalytic near-death experience, Laura has served people from over 140 countries as a compassionate guide for their lives, careers, relationships and at even at their death ... and beyond. 

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I’ve spent the last forty years of my life with what most would call an immeasurable gift … blind-sight

After developing multiple brain abscesses in my right occipital lobe and spinal meningitis, my worst fears began to manifest: I lost my eyesight, became increasingly ill and within a few painful hours, I was no longer alive.

In my final moments, I saw my soul, my body, my physical being bathed in a million little shards of technicolor. Buoyantly floating into the ethers of light, and surrounded by other spiritual beings I began my journey to the other side … and back ...  Read more...

Free Resources To Calm Your Mind  & Develop Your Intuition

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