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#41 ENCORE - Do Our Prayers and Positive Thoughts Matter?

Uncategorized Jun 21, 2023

These days, there are so many prayerful requests - for well-being, keeping your feet on the group and your heart open.
Positive thoughts and prayers are careening around the web and the world. They're needed and a good thing. 
In the Encore Episode of The Voice of Intuition Podcast, I'm joined by Dr. Christine. As usual, she's asking: “What happens to our positive thoughts once we send them to someone? Do our prayers and good wishes matter? Where do prayer requests land in your body when you’re asked to send good thoughts?”
The conversation covers practices and ideas to help you stay in compassionate neutrality and send others positive thoughts without emotionally attaching in a sticky way. 
I’ll also share my favorite prayer. The prayer which got me through being sick and dying. Three simple words. they say it all! It’s effective and the shortest prayer ever. Because the heavens know exactly what you...
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#40 Freedom and Clarity with Intuitive Problem Solving - Part Two

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2023

While sitting outside a cafe, I had a cool experience which reminded me of the best way to approach the mind block I had in the moment. 

A young man said two words to me. Just two words and I was taken on a journey, reminding me how to meet and dance with my thoughts; to tango with my mind instead of tangle with it. How do you approach challenges and life in general? How do you greet, each side of the decision coin?

In this Episode, Part Two of Freedom and Clarity with Intuitive Problem Solving, we’re diving in again to fire up our inner power. 

Where do you feel your inner notions? What of part of your body feels the energy of a choice point first, second, third; or does the decision process become a whole body kerfuffle?

How do you combine your intuitive mind and critical thinking to unwind the tension of hesitation and choose. How quickly do you trust what you hear, feel, know or envision for yourself? 

Lean in and learn…

  • Learn to intuitively move...
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#39 Freedom and Clarity with Intuitive Problem Solving - Part One

Uncategorized Jun 07, 2023

In this Episode of  The Voice of Intuition Podcast we’re diving into our inner power of choice and intuitive decision making. 

We’re so creative and masterful. Really, we are. From simple questions to creating profound change in our lives, we know what to do. But…sometimes our signals get jammed and we do not like that at all! It drives us crazy and the narratives roll around in our mind. At other times, we are absolutely enchanted by the opportunity we find in front of us.

But, when we’re stuck, it’s hard. Darn hard! We doubt ourselves and struggle to make a decision for ourselves. It can be especially difficult if we’re charged with making decisions for those whom we hold a position of partnership, support, and care. 

If you need struggling a bit and find some answer, listen in. 

If need to chill out and get your head and heart more aligned in this season of your life, the link to purchase The Intuitive Wellness Collection...

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#38. Steps To Strengthen Your Intuition

Uncategorized May 31, 2023

Listen in and wait for the section in the podcast where I talk about who roamed our house as my siblings and I were growing up. It was a shared experience between the four of us, occurring at different times. But we are all silent about it. Until….

I love exploring the various ways, simple ways, we can experience and develop confidence in our intuitive system. In the episode of The Voice of Intuition Podcast, we’ll explore easy-to-use steps to develop and champion your intuition.

Let’s all be brave and use and discuss intuition with confidence and the naturalness it deserves. Intuition, once hidden within the shadows of the occult, is now without question, mainstream and ubiquitous. 

Lean in and learn…

  • Easy ideas to bring your intuition more into your everyday
  • What comes first, second, third, etc in the process of creation
  • Find the stories you might be using which slow or stunt your intuitive power
  • Ways to ease up and invoke your compassionate voice...
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#37 Energy Projections - What To Do?

Uncategorized May 24, 2023

In today’s episode, we’re taking a look at the difference been insights and unwanted projections — assessments and assumptions. 

There’s a subtle slip from intuitive insights to personal projections and there’re several important points to remember. 

Everyone is impacted in life. At one time or another, we’ve all projected our opinions on others. There’s a difference between sharing insights and projecting. One is either offering support or sending out a pressurized and presumptive insertion of energy.

What can you do? 

I’ll share three creative, intuitive ways to handle projections. They will shift and keep you from feeling splattered upon. In today’s episode, we’re taking a look at the difference been insights and projections — assessments and assumptions. 

There’s a subtle slip from intuitive insights to personal projections and there’re several important points to remember. 


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#36: Energy Medicine - Your Triune of Power and Choice

Uncategorized May 17, 2023

In this episode were going on an Energy Medicine journey. We’re going to explore an energetic pattern, a triune of primary chakras, which can either support your personal power or diminish it. 

Heck, if the decision goes one way, you’re a super star. If it goes the other way, you may hide your gifts, shrink your power, instead of being the leader you are. 

When you lean in and listen, heres what youll learn…

  • Yes, the heart knows the way, but what’s driving the bus
  • Learn the triune of power sitting right inside of you
  • How a binary answer drives your life
  • Hearing and feeling a No inside, could be your soul trying to get you to say Yes. 
  • Slow down and listen to the voice of your soul
  • Walking your path with your soul, in work, in your words, in all things 




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When Determination and Mystical Leverage Merge

Uncategorized Apr 26, 2023

As healers, we are brave and a little crazy. We naturally go into the darkness to shine Light. That’s your job as a healing person, no matter your station or occupation in life. 

In this Episode we’re talking about tough stuff and how the soul of you, the part of you which is divine and your intuitive voice is there to support you no matter what I happening. 

I’m sharing a portion of one of my Dark Nights, which I have found to be profoundly supported by the Light. 

Lean in and listen. Subscribe and leave a comment. Let me know how your soul connected in a time of Darkness and offered spiritual and mystical leverage to move you though such a darkened time. 

When you think about your dark times, don’t forget to pay homage to the Light in you. It’s there with you, all the time, every time.

What you’ll hear and hopefully ponder…

  • Connect with that part of you filled with the power of determination, not stubbornness....
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The Great Experiment

Uncategorized Apr 12, 2023

“Testing … 1, 2, 3, testing.”  This is the only line I deleted from this podcast episode. Because, at first blush, that was my intention, to test the sound equipment and delete the entire recording. 

But the voice of my soul took over. I was so excited to connect with all of you, I just let it fly with intention to let you know what’s up. What is the Great Experiment?! 

So my friends, here you go — a check in with what’s been going on in my life and a gentle challenge for you to create your own Great Experiment. Listen in and let’s keep listening to the voice of your soul. Your voice of intuition.

What you’ll hear and be guided to do….

  • A challenge to listen deeply to the voice of your soul
  • What you’d like to create is more important than the how it happens. 
  • Don’t let your mind create uncertainty of your precious life. 
  • …or let your wild mind stop you from creating what’s...
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Find Your Voice - Pull Your Own Happy Wagon

Uncategorized Mar 01, 2023

How are you beautiful! Happy and well I trust. It's time to write your new story. To take your life to a new level of experience. It's time to leap a paradigm and flourish in a way in which you've always wanted to live. 

In this Episode, we’ll take three steps forward and write a new inner script, an inner voice and repertoire reflective of your voice.

What you’ll learn …. 

  • Refections of Part 1 and Part 2 
  • Three steps to help rewrite a new story 

Powerful, key ingredients to create the miracles you're looking for. (You’ll need to stay to the end of these gems.)



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Find Your Voice - Who’s In There? Part 2

Uncategorized Feb 08, 2023

You know your inner voice. You get it … there are several voices in your head, depending on what you’re doing. This guidance, obstinance, curiosity fill your life with the flavor, mixing with your authentic voice. 

So, who’s in there with you? Whose voice has an influence within your spiritual voice, your parental voice, your public and intimate voice? Who’s part of your inner choir in regard to your path in life and work in the world? 

Here is Part 2, Who’s In There is the latest episode in the series, Find Your Voice — a 3 part mini-workshop. 

In this episode, settled into a divinely-inspired story, offering a reminder of a universal skill we all have as intuitive humans, along with a self-discovery meditation. 

What you’ll hear and how you’ll be guided in the meditation….

  • Where do your inner voices reside within your body
  • Discover and contemplate the universal skill we all have
  • Go on a spiritual...
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