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[MEDITATION] How to Strengthen Your Energy

Uncategorized Oct 13, 2019

Peace in the middle of clamor. My attempt at surviving a Wednesday. 

My quiet neighborhood is popping with layers of noise. Not just little noises. BIG noises, outside and inside. Tree trimmers. Weed whackers. Mega trucks filled with sloshing concrete rumble up the steep hill like Mesozoic snails. 

Inside the house cleaning buckets drop and splatter. A glass explodes on the kitchen counter. Glassy shards take swift flight. A toilet overflows.

I sink into the couch. Curiosity lays on my mind regarding what planet may be the author of this layered cosmic collision. 

We’ve all been here. A simple day turned into chaos central. No control over other’s actions. No obvious personal cause. No ability to film the serene videos, which were on my schedule this morning. 

Nothing to do but be with the cacophonous swirl. 

Like any sane person in an insane world, I step back into myself and move on to other things … like not getting sucked into...

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Your Intuitive Healer Within

Uncategorized Oct 06, 2019

Have you hopped online to find out why you’re having this or that symptom? Then, after reading a half dozen articles by contradictory, yet, seemingly credible sources, you’re now freaked out because, “Hey, I could croak any minute?”

Yet, you’re fine. Thank goodness, something else inside of you takes over. A real feeling and knowing of inner stability preambled by your voice of wisdom — your intuitive healer within. This voice of knowing arises with calm reasonability. Thank God.

Listen, there is Google and there is your intuition. You’re always a choice between outer and inner wisdom.

When I died and witnessed the life I had been given and the life I could live again, naturally, these encounters changed everything. The experience of slowly consciously dying for 11 days; going to the Other Side; 10 hours of massive brain surgery after coming out of a coma; well, all off of these encounters brought forward soul-igniting confirmations....

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How to Have a Happy Belly

Uncategorized Sep 28, 2019

We are healers all, in one way or another. Healers, whether you're in the healing arts or not, need systems, support, and language that enrobe your heart. You need tools, time, and conversations that address your healer within. Sometimes it needs to be about you.

Why? Because you are the one who is organically bound to be there for others. It’s your nature and calling. Because of that, you seek out and lean into trainings that are about how you can take care of others … not yourself.

You may have spent years learning this technique or that method. That’s all fine. Techniques are great; however, you’ve got all you need inside insofar as an innate system of knowledge and wisdom when it comes to healing yourself and others. I do hope you hear that voice and trust it.

It’s time to take care of your sweet empathic healer. As an empathic healer your Doppler radar is in the nerves that...

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What’s In Your Energy Field?

Uncategorized Sep 22, 2019

What’s In Your Energy Field?

As a medical intuitive, one of the first aspects of my work is to assess the energy field. The electromagnetic structure that emanates from the electrical flows within your body.

To be able to assess your own energy field delivers information regarding your health, emotional well-being, as well as what's coming in and moving out of your life.

Attitudes. Life changes. Preferences ebbing and flowing. People! People are definitely in your energy field, known and unknown.

Job changes, insights, revelations, and the constructs of life, such as housing, location, money, babies, wellness, and emotional waves are all within your dynamic energy field.

When you experience a sequence of small or significant life-changing events, the objects of your upcoming changes can line up like planes coming into an airport. It's always fascinating for me to see what's on the event horizon for the person with whom I'm working; or for myself. 

Keep in mind, not...

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Supporting Your Inner Healer

Uncategorized Sep 15, 2019

Hey Everyone!

I hope you’ve had a great week! I also trust that you’ve taken time to experience the meditation I sent in last week’s writing. If you haven’t, here’s a link to go back and experience this soulful practice.

I’m in the process of creating something special for you that I’ll send out over the next few weeks. It’s a series of concepts and techniques that have kept me going strong, week after week, through some 40 years of being in service as a:

  • Hands-on energy medicine and healing practitioner
  • A medical intuitive
  • A structural intuitive; I’m the creator of this discipline
  • A long-distance healer; founder of Miracles Beyond Miles (I’ll share more on this aspect of my work in the near future.)
  • A Kripalu-trained yoga teacher (I bet you didn’t know about this one!)
  • A 3-times best-selling author with a 4th book on the way
  • A business owner, without compromising the connective...
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[HEALING MEDITATION] - Getting to Know Yourself

Uncategorized Sep 08, 2019

Healing is something we all seek at one time or another. Whether it's physical, emotional, or spiritual we will seek and search for answers.

An important aspect regarding healing is getting to know yourself. It can feel like it’s being forced upon you … not a bad thing at all. Quite necessary, actually.

Stress. Following a path in life; then, suddenly looking up at the world and realizing, "Whoops!" Learning how to stand for yourself. Learning not to fuss over your own fussing. This and more we encounter as we wander through life in earnest.

Every nuance of what we are as soul and who we are in this life will present itself for examination. We are wise to take on that challenge willingly and with humility. Because we just never know what we’ll encounter when we look inside ourselves.

It's a poignant and punctuating experience to engage in the discovery of one’s self. Often we don’t have a choice with respect to the condition in which we find...

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Are You a Walking-Head Buddha?

Uncategorized Aug 31, 2019

I’m in session. My intuitive mind slowly moves down the inside passage of an esophagus. I’m observing if anything arises and makes its presence known. It could be inflammation, distortions in tissue, nerve dysfunction, or the opposites.

It’s all unknown to the intuitive beginner’s mind.  

Intuition seeks out that which is in harmony and out of harmony at varying perceptual levels and degrees of scale and scope.

I’m down near for the esophageal sphincter and because intuition is such an adaptable boundary-less skill, I’m simultaneously observing both inside and outside the esophagus. Looking at blood flow, nerves within the wall, and other sections of tissue.

Then, it happens. Observing without pretense, anticipation, or an intention to look for a specific thing or something I may have seen before ... “It” shows up. As Obi-Wan says in the movie Star Wars, “There’s a tremor in the Force.”

My attention is...

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The Upside Of Being An Empath

empath intuition meditation Aug 25, 2019

I'm standing on the corner 77th St. and 3rd Ave. in New York City. It's always busy. It's always noisy. New Yorkers are oddly quieted by the symphony of horns, the subway’s swooshing rattle popping up through the steel grates on the sidewalk, and the whoop whoop whoop of sirens. 

They are the sounds of home in the City.

School just let out. I left my apartment to hunt and gather for my dinner. A couple of middle school kids stood beside me at the corner. 

Like a rubberized superhero in a movie who, while standing in a static position in the midst of chaos, I was intuitively drawn out of my body and hovered above the fray to feel an ominous coming.

“What’s going on this time?”

The WALK sign flashed in our direction and it was clear to go; yet, it wasn’t!

I landed back in my body just in time to break free from my New York street cocoon and said,” Hey kids, wait!” 

My right arms stretched out as if I was in my car protecting my...

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[Practice] How to Help Heal Yourself and Others

Uncategorized Aug 18, 2019

In her book, The Power of Intention, Lynne McTaggart writes about a study directed by Dr. Elizabeth Targ. The study was conducted by the California Pacific Medical Center, funded by the N.I.H. (National Institute of Health.)

This rigorous study investigated the efficacy of remote healing and prayer on advanced HIV/AIDS patients.

Forty healers were invited to participate in the study, which took place over several years.

I was one of those healers.

During the sessions conducted in the study, I'd record my activities, such as various protocols unique to my work, healing methods, and other data.

I’d sit quietly in my home with an image of my person. Using various methods, I’d focus on kindness, healing, navigating energy and physical anatomy, as well as  intentional words toward their body’s wellness and the beauty of their life.

Healing is a dance between Thy Will and my will. 

It was a powerful and changing experience for me. I prayed it was for my...

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Empathic Self-Care & Healing

You’ve hopped into your car, fresh from the dentist’s chair. The shrill reverb of the drill echos in your ears. The slurping sound of the suction tube makes your jaw tighter still. Muted office chatter, which stealthily soaked into your nervous system feels like a spoon blending all of that commotion together. 


Now, you have to drive your poked and prodded gums into traffic and get back to your day! Er, right… “I need a nap.” your body whimpers.

Take this situation or anything else that feels uncomfortable and chafing — you know your nervous system has been impacted, small or significant.

We think we’re impervious to the pressure of our high-tech world. News channels bark angry stir-the-pot opinions and commentary, because … you know, breaking news rarely happens. They can’t have dead air. Somebody has got to comment on something.

We silently keep telling ourselves that we can handle all of this. However, we...

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