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Awaken Your Perception and Unfreeze Yourself

Uncategorized May 13, 2020
  1. “Enlightenment is not found within the shallow furrows of the status quo.
    When you stand at the rim of your own ego
    and face the attendant chaos, you illuminate your soul.”   



Now more than ever, our inner work matters. Our lives and bodies are impacted with very personal challenges, along with global pain.

This is unparalleled collective stress. And we thought life was stressful before!

There are very few on our blue planet who don’t feel this simultaneous soupy stress in which we currently find ourselves.

Keep steady though. It’s temporary.

It’s also evolutionary. A tectonic jutting of unstable and upward thrusting plates of consciousness in which potential is abundant. Rest assured. There are ways through it.

We’ll all look back and remember…as we look forward to better days.

Years ago, way past a winter’s nightfall, I’d come home frosty from forehead to feet after relentless...

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Taking a Global Pause

Uncategorized Mar 22, 2020

"Our reality is partially blind now. If we stand still, a visible way will emerge and we will reach the unreachable star."

How are you doing my friends?  I've been thinking about all of you, praying for your family's well-being. I also want to thank you for writing, asking how my tribe is doing and sending your prayers our way. I'm so very touched. 

I, like you, am protecting my family, even long distance. We're a little too spread out for this momma bear's arms to reach around my kids and siblings; but, we're okay. I'm keeping an intuitive watch. I bet you are too! 

We all feel it. This new and unprecedented change.

Your calm mind will help maintain a calm heart. Your intuitive self-awareness is critical here. Our perspective on life and how we move through it is in radical flux. We will awaken and heal as we scurry back to one of the truths about life we’ve forgotten...

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Your Spirit-Led Evolution

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2020

“Evolution reflects the refinements of your awakening.”


Strolling through an Arizona gallery in 1997, like a tractor beam, a picture somehow found me. I cornered a partition and an image abruptly tussled at a submerged part of me.

I stood staring. Staring turned to weeping.

It was a rather ridiculous level of sobbing. I didn’t care. I couldn’t stop the obvious and necessary flow of life-weary tears.

Something beyond the portrait’s subject matter was prying surface resistance from my heart.

There was no other choice. Spirit-led, I purchased the picture.

Now, above the fireplace in my bedroom, hangs this illustration of Jesus pulling Peter from the water. As the story goes, Peter was embodying (or not) his faith by walking on water with Jesus. Peter panicked, lost it and sank. Jesus rescued him.

At the time, I had forgotten the message this image portrayed. Peter’s questioning faith. His denial of Christ. I had to read about Peter again...

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How Do You Awaken Your Spirit?

 There are 86,400 seconds in your day. Micro-moments in which you can experience enlightenment.

~ LAKamm

Your ability and capacity to perceive are the catalysts that make up your reality. They are the framework for your awakened moments.

Intuitively speaking, your current intuitive abilities and the lens of perception through which you view the world shape all of your decision making, from the mundane to the miraculous.

What is true for all of us — the more we mature, physically, emotionally and spiritually — our capacities of conscious mind change, as well as our range of abilities.

You may think you’re making a decision based on facts, preferences and what you know. However, your intuitive system has offered first-responder suggestions in the form of whispers, somatic sensations and knowings regarding your choice. Its success and trajectory.

In most cases, depending on skills and conditions, these intuitive offerings can be as accurate as mathematic...

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[CHAKRA EXPERIENCE] Decisions & Your Visionary Power

“Stand still … you are never without direction. Clarity arises in flawless sequence with need, intent, and direction.” ~ LAKamm

Ajna. The sixth chakra … the place wherein a subtle sense of awareness continually flows beyond time.

Profound and ever-evolving thirsts of soul and Spirit are quenched here, as elevated intuitive thoughts dissolve constricted conflict.

Life emerges aligned and resolute. Practical and spiritual living integrates, softening the once eyebrow-lifting paradox.

The feared unknown, crouching beyond your control, can be illumined.

What would it feel like for you to stand at your crossroads and KNOW which way to turn, entering into a new promising path?

 Like the wings on the back of this Texas woman’s truck, in the movie Castaway, there are always visual cues and signs along the way. In addition to the non-visual wisdom that arises. 

This sixth seat of energy and power can propel you through perceptual...

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[CHAKRA SERIES] How to Open Your Voice of Wisdom

“When you trust yourself ~ miracles follow.”

— LAKamm

All that exists within the upper and lower hemispheres of your energetic structures are expressed through your fifth chakra. They are marbled with all things human and Spirit,

In order for your intuition to grow and strengthen, in order for you to grow and evolve as a human being, you have to follow universal laws of operation.

It is here in the fifth chakra that you must commit to expressing universal and personal law, truth, and wisdom. Universal/spiritual law distills down to what you create as your personal honor code, driven by your combined and awakened energetic seats of power.

In this fifth seat of power, we can find ourselves muted along with our wisdom and power. After all, the voice of your intuition, your wellness, and the health of your relationships are only empowered to the degree that you speak your truth out loud, in words and in deeds.

Often when I'm in session with someone and...

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[CHAKRA SERIES] The Seat of Your Soul

“The conscious mind is never unconscious to itself. Even though, at times, we are unconscious to that which is conscious within us.” — LAKamm

I hold my three-week-old grandson, looking into his eyes of potential.

“I love you. I see you.” I whisper.

He stares back, sometimes as a newborn. Sometimes, we meet in that place that exists beyond his and my eyes.

We meet in infinite waters … within an ocean beyond time.

As an intuitive, I can see him forward and backward, inside and out; yet, I wait. Inviting him in for those priceless moments when he can join me there.

Soul to soul. Heart to heart.

That’s where he and I connect. That’s where we regard and remember each other. That’s where we all connect … through the eyes within our hearts.

I began my medical and structural intuitive work as a hands-on healer.

As my hand would hover over client’s hearts, pictures would flow through my mind’s eye regarding...

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[CHAKRA VISUALIZATION] Clearing Unwanted Energy

Uncategorized Dec 01, 2019

Sometimes we get caught up in the surface of life. A type of robotic amnesia can set it. We forget the capabilities we have.

In the hustle, we lose sight of the absolute privilege to be alive. We know life is not easy. For some, it’s painful beyond measure. For some it may appear easy and luxurious; however, all of us suffer. Deeply….

When I was dying, I didn’t know a thing about chakras. Yet, as I lie in the hospital bed, I was keenly aware of light and energy leaving the lower regions of my body.

What I was seeing was the energy and power of the first, second, and third chakras. These were the first regions of energy to begin their exodus from my body.

I watched as the light from these power centers visibly streamed away, hovering several feet above me. That was the precursor to the rest of me leaving about 27 hours later.

As the light and energy left, I could hardly move my concretized legs and hips. In fact, they looked as if they were disappearing,...

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[CHAKRA PRACTICE] Your Right Life & Creative Power

Uncategorized Nov 24, 2019

“Your authentic wisdom unlocks doors, allowing creative Light to shine into the darkness, dropping away hopelessness and conflict.” LAKamm


As an intuitive, you can hone your skills to intuitively discern structures and events, moving out of the invisible and into visible aspects of your life. It’s quite a practical skill.

You have creative power and maneuverability like that of an energetic ninja. Are you in touch with it? How do you use it?  Who’s orchestrating that power?

At first, it may seem like a weird and strange focus in life. However, it’s rather fascinating, and frankly, quite grand and in alignment with the most natural part of yourself.

…and you’re already living this way, to varying degrees of awareness.

It’s a life that is typically not expected; yet, inherent to what and who you are.

Intuitive connectedness, like presence and self-awareness, can be cultivated. However, it’s a life that cannot be...

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[CHAKRA SERIES] Rooted Compassion

Uncategorized Nov 17, 2019

Jealousy. Rage. “MINE!” Tribal. Family. Forage. Consume. Survival fears.

…what about compassion?

Does compassion have a root in the First Chakra? Is it only in the heart or other more transcendent levels of conscious mind?

As human beings, how do we see, hear, and help others at the root level of life? Can we or should we lift everyone up toward productivity, wellness, sameness, and (our version, ahem…) of happiness.

Or is it best to meet, see, and help people right where they are … letting them be and live right where they are. If that is their personal reasonable choice.

I guess a big question is, when we’re living or feeling at that base level of survival, do we feel our power of choice; or are we too far gone to realize we can change?

Let me tell you a story….

I was on the phone with a long-time friend. I’ll call her Emily, Em for short. We hadn’t touched base in ages and it was about darn time we reconnected! We used...

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