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Pushing Yourself Awake For Heaven's Sake

Last week I wrote about pushing yourself awake and how important it is to relax as you follow your spiritual path.

Awakenings happen when they happen. Usually when you least expect it.

It happened to a friend and me a few weeks ago when I took a him to a doctor. As we walked into the office a song was piping through their audio system, “I breathe in grace… I exhale grace” was the song’s refrain.

We sat down. A wave came over me and I just wanted to cry. In fact, I did. Trying ever-so-cooly to wipe away my tears, as if I had allergies. Ha!

Over and over the song played and it simply popped my heart. You know the feeling when a lyric surpasses your brain and surprisingly sings to your soul.

I knew I was being queued up by the heavens; yet, I didn’t know why. I simply was.

During my friend’s exam, the doctor looked at me only once. And once was enough. He looked at my friend’s health record and noted he had a stroke a few years ago.

“She found me, got me to the hospital, and took care of me.” My friend said, swaying his head in my direction.

“That was a bad day, “ the doctor’s eyes compassionately jammed right through my eyes and into my heart.

“Yes, it was.” I said, trying to stay collected … yeah, right!

Then it got serious.

He kept repeating the same words. Each time firing light into my eyes and heart. I knew what he was doing. It was loving. It was compassion. It was right.

“That was a bad day. For heaven’s sake, that was a very bad day.” He repeated.

We couldn’t break our mutual gaze. It wasn’t time.

Finally, a release.

I knew what was happening. He had found his way into my heart. Into a tucked away scar that I managed to kept moist with busyness so it wouldn’t harden. Yet, it was not quite healed.

That scar was zapped and cauterized by this physician’s deep compassion.

Heaviness left a section of my heart, squeezed through the ribs and muscles of my chest, swirled around the room, marbled with magnificent healing colors of fuchsia, tanzanite, and coral and left through the wall and window.

The doc left the room, cowboy boots and all. I’m slack-jawed. One or two tears plop onto my jeans.

The doctor pops back into the room, grinning at my friend.“You have a body of a sixteen year old!”

“Great!” chirps my friend.

Now the party starts….

The doc sits down and rolls his seat to be ]directly in front of my friend. “You’re going to do exactly what I say, right?”

“Of course I will.” My friend’s a bit taken back.

The doc puts his hands on the edges of the exam table.

I’m thinking to myself, “Oh here it comes. He’s gonna get you now!“

The doctor leans in. “You need to straighten up and fly right. You are eternal. You may miss the loved ones you’ve lost … they now know they’re eternal. But you forgot you’re eternal here and now. Look at the love you have around you. All around you. You’re going to listen to me, right?”

My friend’s body was tight. He had lost his parents and three brothers, one being his twin, in the past several years and months. He’s doing his best not to bawl his eyes out. He can’t speak, because he knows he’ll loose it.

“Do you believe in Jesus? The real Jesus. The one of Light and love?” The doc’s eyes are locked on my friend.

“Yes.” The word stumbles from his mouth.

“Well, he’s with you and you have this love and so much more around you. Don’t forget that. You take care of yourself and those whom you love.”

The doctor smiles at my stunned friend, rolls back in the chairs, grabs his files and leaves.

I’m soaked from my own tears at this point and couldn’t care less. My friend is speechless and tearing up.

Yep, you never know when, who, where, and how you’ll be popped open to another level of connection.

There are, however, clues. Two days before this divine appointment, I had a dream. I was on a flight and sitting next to me was a doctor. We didn’t speak, yet, I knew he was a doctor.

I looked out the window and there was an eagle flying next to the plane. Right outside my window, the eagle faced me, stretched out his wings, puffed up, and opened his chest. The eagle stayed in that static position, facing my window, for what seemed like a long time.

The plane then started to roll upside down and I knew we were going down. I wasn’t afraid, as I watched the ground get closer and closer.

My friend suddenly came scooting up the aisle of the plane  toward me. I held my arms around him, telling him we were going to be just fine. “We’re alright.”

The plane descended over grassy farm fields, small towns, then over a big city, and landed softly upside down on a sandy shore.

The doors opened. My friend got up and went in one direction. The doctor got up and went another direction. I left through another passageway. The dream ended.

In the doctor’s office that day, as I heard the doctor say,  “…straighten up and fly right.” I knew the dream was a preamble to this day’s events.

There are always subtle clues as to when transformations arise, large and small. Even small revelations have big consequences. You many not put all the pieces together right away. Part of the fun of this journey is to not know everything, but be present to whatever is right now.

It is a rare gift to see the depth of penetration coming from one’s heart to another human being. That is what we witnessed that day.

The point of all this is that we never know when a lift off is going to occur.

You never know when your guardians are going to tap you on the shoulder; spin you around; and blast open your heart, taking you to a new place of gratitude.

So relax on your spiritual path. We can do our practices, and I encourage us all to do them. Connecting in a sincere and humble manner invites grace.

Yet, there’s no way you’re in charge of pushing yourself awake.

Leave it to your soul’s power and grace. Leave it to those who love you and walk with you in Spirit. I believe our task is to open and to invite. To let them know we are ready. Then live your life, allowing your evolution to take you where you are destined to go.

My friend I understand the fragility of life and the eternal nature of Spirit. I’ve died and I certainly know that experience deep within my soul and the cells of my body. My friend has come way too close to death, four times.

Yet, even though we know something or have experienced it, to what feels like a very deep degree, there’s always room for expansion. We are eternal and we are never done.

Let’s pass grace back-and-forth and make, not only our lives better, but the lives of those around us, whether we know them or not. It is a powerful way to be and live.

Find the eternal goodness within you and allow it to fill your your heart. You are a soul. A dewdrop from the most high spiritual intelligence.

No, you cannot push yourself awake. Yet, when you live from what you are, a soul, who you are here to be will take care of itself.

Lots of Love,


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