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Ode To Red Pants Girl


Joy and rounds of applause for the wonders of you! 

Ode To Red Pants Girl  ❤️


Two sisters climb the hill. Ice skate blades scape and clang as the girls, ages six and eight, weave through frosted pine bows. The soggy, muddy-bottomed six-year-old knew going home was flat out wrong and finally shouted, “No! I wanna skate!” 

With determination, little sis spun around, stomped through their 5” deep snow prints, plopped down at the pond’s frozen edge, put her skates on and flew onto the ice to spin and grin and glide into arabesques. ⛸ ❄️

Watching her little sister’s icy red pants perform an about face and march back toward the ice gobsmacked her big sister. The determined optimism of her little sister to go for it alone and to be alone on the ice when the afternoon’s light was fading, cemented a new perspective regarding her baby sister.

From that day forward, little sis was known as "Red Pants Girl."

Optimistic determination… those internal somethings are a part of you and have been cultivate and must continue to expand.

As you and I ride these waves of change, I feel it’s imperative we understand the depth and strength of these internally generated aspects of ourselves; two of our superpowers. 

AND... I’m so grateful, sincerely, that you’re on this journey with me! I'm so honored. So in love with the lives I've been a part of and witnessed. Your bravery and your willingness to go for something different. Something soul-awakening. You open to your greatest selves everyday, right in front of me. You all amazing me! 🌟

Determination keeps us moving when we’d rather look the other way or go inside and stay behind our protected internal walls, often constructed with false or creative stories we preach to ourselves in order to feel safe and right.

Determination and optimism require bravery. 

You may receive a diagnoses, experience a sequence of tough stuff, endure long lonely days or maybe you've been wondering if that ping of inspiration will ever arrive and set you on the path for which you’ve been waiting.

Life demands resilience.

No matter your challenges, and we all have them (no matter what one’s social posts project,) optimism is an essential, internal fuel for manifesting your best days, your purpose, relationships and dreams.

Determination is not stubbornness. Stubbornness is when you're lost in your own self-righteous gratification, often at the expense of yourself or others.

Determination is the willingness to move forward, to breach and arc toward an achievement.

Optimism is not wishful thinking - which is typically laced with unreasonable expectations and a dreaminess that doesn't create anything aligned with your truest self and earnest path.

Optimism can be a core tenet of one's personality. At minimum, it is a positive belief that out of life’s dusty messiness some type of good will come. That within the balance of nature, including the mathematical nature of reality, all things eventually balance out to an aligned resolution.

Does aligned mean the result is positive as oppose to negative?  Hmmm...

We know the world can appear binary. Yet, it’s not. Within a positive or negative perception, there is continuous dynamic energy, toggling back and forth, navigating here and there with density less or greater. All for the art of finding harmony.

There is a force of organic determination within any dynamic of thought and its movement - a propellent, momentum, velocity, etc. The healing within your body's cells. A change in attitude igniting a new life direction. The realtime or potential "directional movement" of thought, vibe, frequency, and density. 

Determination is catalytic.

It's within the nature of a seed, nesting in an unforgiving crevasse,  which can still birth a tree on the mountain's jagged face. If the wind blown, seemingly haphazardly placed seed can grow into what it is, we can too. 

The need to survive. To live. To flourish. These instincts exists in all things and are equal to the surrendering seasons and crossing the crest of completion. All of which is a celebration in my eyes. 

Cultivating your optimist’s qualities, energy, intelligence helps you find your place of internal and external harmony.

So, where are you?

How has your determination been lately? What about the quality of your intuitive information; your knowing, which prompts you to take action and continue to try and  do or achieve your goals and dreams, no matter how difficult.

And your optimism... that which follows what you know to be correct in the moment and balanced within yourself. 

Where are you?

 Red Pants Girl knew to be happy, fulfilled and content that afternoon she had to skate! If she left too soon the tremor in the force  would increase. So she turned her little body back toward the direction she knew she needed to go.  She had to turn around. The message was too strong to ignore. Her six-year-old self knew what she needed. It was an absolute. 

Your inner voice is absolute too. Do you listen to and act on your strong feelings, visions, what you hear and know to be true?

Are you feeling optimistic? If not, I respectfully ask you to look a little deeper. You have an optimist inside. I know you do! 🥰

It’s your spiritual self. Your soul. Your genuine sweetness and creativity that is all your own. It’s there, even if it’s settled downward, away from the surface of your life.

 Check in for a moment: 

 Do you..

  •  Feel that somehow good things will occur in your future?
  •  Expect and know things will work out for the best path?
  •  Believe that, even if life feels murky now, you know life will be better?
  •  Know that within a wild ride good things and deeper meanings come from such difficult times?
  • Know you can and will succeed in the face of life’s challenges?

So I say to you, find the determination to keep going. Keep rising toward your trusted inner self. Opportunities and dreams-come-true will follow.

There are no magic potions. The key to change is simple; yet, not easy. Just like life.

The key?

Listen to yourself. You already know what you like. What you want to do, to create, and what it will take to make it happen.

 Make it happen. Small steps... here’s a link to “Small Steps” blog. It might help. )

Be clear, smart, thorough, determined and optimistic. You may know where you want to go and not know the steps. I can guarantee you won't know the steps. The fun is watching them reveal themselves.

I also understand that, at times, this journey can be as difficult as major dental work without Novocain.

Yet, you can do and will be provided the tools to accomplish what’s in your heart. Because it's YOURS TO DO! 

You’re needed now. Whatever you’ve been sitting on, whatever your dream, go for it.

There is such momentum within the evolutionary mathematics of our world right now. We need you to keep true to your North Star and move along the path of creative, rewarding service that is perfect for you.

It’s always about Soul, self and service. So what’s yours? What’s inside of you that absolutely has to happen before you leave the planet!?

What does you all-knowing young one say? Write it down and go for it!

By the way, if you haven't guessed yet… I’m Red Pants Girl.

Whenever I make a move or change in my life or create a dream-come-true, or complete a project my sister gives me a shout out, “You go Red Pants Girl!”

And I shout with joy for you, “You Go Red Pants Girl!”

Determined optimism will take you to where you know you need to go, which is where you're meant to be.

 Make it so!




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