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Tools for Spiritual Tidying #1 - A Three-Part Series

(Have fun with the Practice!)

So! Okay! We’re forward facing into 2022. 

We’ve tidied up our homes; put away bows and ribbons, our sacred and joyful items which bring our holy days to Light. 

I don’t know about you but I see a ton of videos and post on social about 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5+ steps to have the most awesome, abundant, productive and best year of your entire life EVER!

Nothing wrong with this. Our society and nervous systems are conditioned that December 31st is the end of the year. Period. The END of the line. Buh-bye 2021! And a “flying-finger-of-fate of good riddance” for some. 

Some of these ideas are actually helpful reminders. For me, and I believe for you, we know everything begins with Spirit. 

Our path, passion and purpose are delivered to us through the voice of our deepest self. Our truest sense of wonder and truth. 

The path to your place of origin is the place to begin decluttering. Kind of like the community organizations who keep sections of our highways free of debris. Time to clear the road. 

This is the first in a three-part series over the coming weeks to support you in asking, awakening and remembering what's really super-duper true for you. 

Know these things and the surface attributes of your life will follow suit.  

Awakening is a new beginning; any time of year, day or moment. Awakening is a result of spiritual tidying. 

The first theme in the series is about connection with your origin and calming down Mind Clutter.

Begin in the place from which your life, destiny and purpose truly originate. Everything does begin in Spirit. Spirit is conscious and watching you. Give it a wave. πŸ₯° πŸ–

Spirit. Soul. Self. …then back to Spirit. That is the cycle of our internal and eternal life. 

You know, Socrates taught us the value of asking questions. When you engage in spiritual tidying up, it’s best to ask direct and probing questions. 

The clarifying neutral answers will surprisingly arise from your place of origin. Instead of the “why” ask your questions with “what?” 

“What” promotes an intuitive connection and stream of thought. As it descends from this original space of Spirit, internal arguments or back and forth indecisions cease. 

I’m sure many of you are seasoned meditators even if you practice occasionally or informally — an everyday, every moment sense of awareness; as best you can.

We are awake. We are not. We are awake. We are awake. We are not. We are….

Meditation fosters awareness. Awareness can accompany a formal sitting practice or be sublimely simple, like slipping into smooth linen sheets after a long day. 

Meditation can be tying your shoe. A concentrated angry thought and you suddenly realize how tense you are. You do your best to hold your seat and breathe in the midst of a firestorm. 

"Welcome home human being!"

Perhaps, it's how you pour your bullet coffee or tea during the day; noticing if you’re in a hurry splashing it devil-may-care. Or are you mindfully pouring with the honorable awareness of a tea ceremony? Or maybe you’re somewhere in between?

When you’re doing anything, notice what thoughts cloud and crowd your mind — like 12 big-footed clowns squeezing into a Mini Cooper.

Remember that joy, awe, majesty and even shock can be a meditation which can bring answers and insights. Nonetheless, when you open your mind to the fullness of experience, awakened moments flow. 

Intuitively-delivered sparks of insight are always preceded by emptiness. A clearing of the mind’s clutter can occur.

The paradoxical sense of fullness and emptiness arise together and then … they are a singularity, and then nothingness.

To help you clear ongoing inner battles, try this practice at night and in the morning. It’s an inquiry process of Spirit. Some restraint is called for and I’ll explain that in a moment. 

You know there are many paths to awakening and I have found this practice to be helpful, fun and simply interesting. 

Like you, my intuitive faculty is on 24/7. When I have conflicting concepts playing tug of war and they simply will not cease, and I only give them one day to play in my head, I use this practice. 

Most of the time, I use this practice out of a sense of innocent curiosity. 

Discovering inner and outer universes of the self is very different while we are in these bodies, than it is on Other Side. It’s totally fun here! 

What makes me say that? Because we have the opportunity to stand in the Light or feel lost at any moment. We choose to rise up or drain away energy, insights and awakenings. 

When we pay attention, then opposites melt into what they are, one thing. How cool is that? 

Or maybe for you, it's the 10,000 things if you’re Taoist; yet, they are still one thing, playing as 10,000.

Fair warning! I’ve given this practice a corny name, but I like corny sometimes. At night when my kids were little we’d create a rousing sock-puppet play, read a book and then I’d tucked them into bed. 

Of course hugs, kisses and the final whisper “nighty night, sleep tight” floated through the hallway. 

This is the origin of the practice’s name — “Mighty Night Q & A.” 

I know, totally cornball. Mighty Night? Because in the morning, you will most likely experience some mighty connections, answers and awarenesses which may surprise you. 

Instructions? Here you go: 

  • Have a journal or notebook and pen by your bed. I’m confident many of you do already. You may want to start off with a fresh one.  
  • Write down one to three questions that have been cluttering or clanging in your mind. They can be real-life questions or more metaphysical — checking out the reality of being.
  • Resist!! Resist and restrain yourself from listening to and writing down any answers to your question(s) at night. Don’t do it! You’re intuitive, so that fount may begin to flow as soon as you start writing. Resist. Cultivate discipline and resist writing down any words that want to hurry up and answer the question. You’ll thank me later. 
  • Close your journal, let go of the questions and go to sleep. 
  • First thing in the morning, run through your personal ablutions as needed and then open your journal. 
  • Read the first question and wait for the stream to start flowing. Write down what you receive. 
  • Finally, reread what you’ve been given and pull out the action steps. There will be actions you can take because you began your questions with “What…”

Additional Tips and Suggestions: 

Space your questions far apart on the page or give them a page all their own. Give your Spirit room or you may end up writing up, down and all along the margins. That will be a hot mess. Trust me! 

Let the information flow through you. It’s coming from the origin of you.

What you thought might be the answer the night before when chatter kicked in is often not. It’s even better! 

All subject matter is open for discussion between you and your Spirit. Nothing is off the table. 

Many people experience an interesting phenomena insofar as the room may begin to feel a little crowded. Your guides, loved ones, even the buoyant and significant energy of your own soul can fill the room.

You’re always in charge of crowd control, so be mindful of the attendees.  "Only the Light shall enter."

Also, before you write down your questions and sleep, call on your Source (s)— your own soul and Spirit. God. Christ. Mary. The Light, Angels, Buddha. Einstein. Dickens. Saints of various religions. Mother Teresa. Loved ones. Steve Jobs. ...and my favorite, Kermit the Frog. Just kidding on the last one. Go to the point of your origination. Your spiritual peeps will find you. No need to give a huge shout out. They are always with you. 

You know exactly what you do. 

You know the loving connections you hold in your heart. For theses heavenly ones who love and adore you as much as you do them. 

Please give this a try. Awakened moments are within every moment. They release you from a type of bondage that can just mess with you. There’s no need to carry around confounding worry like this. 

Worry is a delaying emotion and sometimes the destroyer of what you’re here to do with your precious life and gifts. 

Again, figure out your difficulties by going to your Source. The answers to your worries that clutter your mind are there, waiting. 

Ask. “What do I ….” Then listen, write and do as you are guided. 

If it feels right and balanced, it is right and balanced. Life is that simple. 

And that inner knowing? That’s your internal, oh so personal, ethical intuitionism kicking in.  

With love and many blessings to you and yours, 

P.S. Next week, Part Two of this Three-Part Series; Spiritual Tidying Up.

A hint — “rubber and glue.” Stay tuned!


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