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"Waiting For Your Answers

change guidance intuition Nov 21, 2021

When we seek help from our hearts and the heavens, wouldn't it be just peachy if the answers would arrive super fast? 

Sometimes they do. Sometimes they don’t. We know, though, answers arrive right on time. They always do — not a second too early; not a second too late.

It’s hard to be patient with this universal delivery system; especially, when we get anxious or fearful or when we really just want to solve a practical problem. Answers can be elusive and sneak around, weaving in and around the corners of our mind for quite some time. 

I believe it has to do with committed survival on a new level. Are we really ready to go to the next level? All parts of us — body, mind and spirit have to agree to the “yes.”  We need to be willing to show up and face the unknown. Good times, right?

Even if we’re a bit sheepish; a willingness to rise IS required to rise. That's spiritual physics. 

You all know I am crazy in love with all things intuition, spirituality, empathy, nature, energy medicine, holistic businesses, organic deep mystical experiences, healing and "us" — humanity. My entire life and life’s work has been centered around these interconnected spheres of influence. 

Intuition is truly my thing. I love the way it directs and shepherds us — tactically, as well as philosophically, spiritually and ethically. 

Let me add… for me, whenever I intuit the most important thing for me to do in this world, well, it's always the same answer, "Write."

When I’m jamming on my keyboard, my eyes are closed, my fingers are flying and my soul is soaring, capturing and crafting the words I want to share.

It’s contemplative channeling. I love it. Love it. LOVE it!

BUT it’s super hard. As soon as I open my eyes and look at the words, it becomes a hot, distracting mess. 

My personal irony in this lifetime is that I get to carry the driving passion of writing and the very literal and in-my-face archetype of the blind seer. 

We all have a juxtaposed bane in our spiritual backpacks. 

One of the reasons I haven't written to you for such a long time is that I've been sitting on this one, prayerfully listening for, "What's next? 

I’ve been so close for years, but nothing was quite aligned the way I knew it would. Never a panic. Never a worry. Just a lot of waiting.

You know the feeling. After all, a “maybe” is not a “yes!” 

I love writing because it gives me time to really think through my heart and allow the words to flow out in a way that makes me happy and feel connected and hopefully moves your world a bit too.

But it's hard. I have to push from deep down inside and I don't like to push. Not the way it's required.

Even with dictation and editors, at some point, I still have to try to see the half of what's seeable and other half, the non-seeable. I've been seeking the Occam's Razor answer for my half-sighted writing dilemma; because, I've tried a ton of "maybes."

And then… don’t we love it when the clouds part and the aligned answer arrives. 

How about you? What have you been doing that’s a "maybe” and not a ‘yes?”

Sometimes we need to work with the “maybes”  for a while. It’s okay. They’re the stepping stones to the Land of Alignment.

And speaking of that, we’re heading into the Holidays and a New Year. If you can believe it; after a long season of gradual, careful and increased movement. We’re moving out and about more - literally, spiritually and energetically.

Not all cities and countries are mobile, but most are. We must keep our Spirits positive. Our dreams alive. Our connections thriving. 

As life expands more and more, what do you need to bring forward? I know you’ve been thinking about this! 

These changes don’t necessarily have anything to do with the past pandemic or the current endemic status of COVID, etc. This season has been a catalyst for us all. 

Perhaps, what’s moving within your Spirit is something that’s been just under the surface for years and you’ve been doing the best you can. But it’s not quite right... yet!

Perhaps it’s your time to get the divine download. Your answers will be clearer than before. The cosmic funnel will open and all the pieces will fall into your heart in the right order this time. No more hodgepodge. No more cut and paste. 

Keep seeking. 

Sit. Ask. Listen. Be. Do.

Or... Ask and stroll awhile, admiring nature.

Or... ask, go to sleep and pay attention to your dreams.  

Seek your answers. Your highest heart. Your Source of all that is good and sustaining for you. 

๐ŸŒŸ Sometimes the answer comes in like your best friend has been telling you the same thing for years; but this time, they changed the words just a smidge and you got it! 

That’s all it takes. A heavenly tweak. 

We know when intuitive information is delivered, it’s right. Our nervous system always reflects the truth.

Whatever you’re waiting for, see it already complete and practice the “maybes” (potentials and possibilities) until the “yes” comes a-calling. 

Your “yes” is your probability. The alignment for which you've awaited. It’s what’s true for you. That’s when you’ll know how, when and where your Spirit wants to soar.

Trust yourself… Miracles follow.

Fly high! Love higher!



PS — My revelation? The trickster had me for a long time, going against what is easiest. Life has some long seasons of training wheels, does it not?

SOOOO, the message… “Laura, you’re a partially blind author who must write with her voice.”  

I’ll be writing with my voice from now on — podcasts, audiobooks and similar modes will be the name of the game. And a few shorter love letters from time to time. It's hard to let go of the keyboard; but, "Hello mic!" My five keyboards are going to be so jealous! 

My books? Of course. I'll be producing them backwards, compared to the normal sequence. Can't wait!  

Stay strong and powerful with your "maybes." "Yes" is right around the corner.

Love you guys! ๐ŸŒบ







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