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Feel the Love ~ Spiritual Tidying Up Energetically #2

chaos energy healing intuition Jan 13, 2022

How are you? Seriously? Lots cookin’ out there in the multi-verse. 

Firstly, I hope you and your loved ones are well. We’ll get through this OMG Omicron wave too. These days we all have a covid story or two to tell, as the degree of separation regarding this global experience is basically at 0 degrees.

April will begin to feel a lot better. Hang in there! (Years 2016.5 - 2029/2030 are what I call The Hot Years of our generations. …more on this in a few weeks.)

Last week’s blog, Tools for Spiritual Tidying - Mental Clutter has a great practice, which can bring a great deal of peace, self-awareness and clear direction and insights for your work, dreams, curiosities and life. I hope you’ve taken it for a test drive. If not… zooom over and give it a spin. 

 This week, let’s jump into Spiritual Tidying from an invisible impact point of view. Actually, nothing is invisible to your intuitive system and that’s my point.

 Maybe you remember this crazy childhood rhyme: 

 “I’m rubber, you’re glue. 

Everything you say, bounces off me and sticks to you!” 

 I never liked this one, who would? Yet, I certainly heard and felt it enough on the ol’ playground. Even if it wasn’t projected at me, I could see and feel the energetic constructs catapulting from one kid to the other, impacting them in various places on their body. 

Of course, like you, I had no language for these experiences. Thank goodness we do now. Energy-charged emotions can flow, bounce, rotate and swing around and zap your backside. It certainly can be sticky or any texture or temperature in-between.

But let’s do our best to keep strong and not let the surface conditions distract us. Don’t let someone or some thing stick to you like glue. 

Like I mentioned, nothing is invisible to your intuitive system. You know this well as an intuitive and empathic person… and as a healer. You OWN this wisdom. 

For instance, you’re standing in line and suddenly it feels like someone is staring at you. You turn and, yep, eyes are upon you. We’ve all experienced this. 

Yet, there are other times when the energy within and around you feels sticky. Unkind. Unwanted. Unwarranted. 

It can make you feel untethered. 

Whether it’s from too much of  the day’s news, a cranky family member, co-worker or your own mind turning against you like a petulant kid, we need to be mindful, more than ever, of the energetic impacts we’re experiencing. 

The world is bouncy, flouncy and you as an intuitive empath must pay better attention to yourself going forward. The world needs your super powers and you need to care for yourself, perhaps, like you’ve never done before. 

Imagine you’ve started your day. You feel good and you’re jamming through your AM routine. Then the tasks of the day start to takeover your mind; or a spin master on TV is clamoring vitriol for higher ratings. 

When the stickiness begins. It starts to stir your mind and moving like crazed minions. 

When you become aware that the minions are energetically rushing your mental stage, stop what you’re doing. 


Pause and breathe. Your “God-Job” is to conjure up and feel love, which always exists around you. Wait for those smooth and positive thoughts, which accompany this abundance of love and positivity. Let it swirl around you. 

Absorb this! 

But hey, don’t be annoyed by your internal minions. Change them. Minions behave in accordance to their environment. They’re little empaths too. 

Let them be part of the deeper love, happiness and affirming steadiness under life’s churning surface.

 Keep perspective regarding your intuitive system’s perceptual skills; your sensory awareness and what you’re “really” picking up. 

Here are some Healing Resources  to help you stay intuitively sharp and on track. Practices, which are time tested to calm, transform and unstick energy. 

One of people’s favorite practices is: Releasing Energy Congestion. It’s in my book, Intuitive Wellness, along with other intuitive development practices. 

This practice was born from my own experience. I had broken my leg and it was slow to heal. I saw a doctor at Mayo four months after the accident and was told I’d need surgery. 

Now, I’m not averse to doing what my body needs. The suggestion was not offensive, but not my fave either. 

After the exam, I was lying in bed with my leg on a pillow. I asked my ankle what it needed to heal. Why not, right? After all, I’d already been tossing my holistic healing encyclopedia at this situation. 

I softly heard, “Breathe pink energy in and drop that down though your body, down the leg and out the bottom of your foot.” 


I thought it was rather simplistic; but, nothing to loose, right?

I followed the those instructions. Three deep breaths of rose petal pink, dropping down the leg, saturating the bones in the ankle and out the sole of my foot. 

On the second breath, a gentle pop reverberated through my ankle. The third breath, pop, pop.

My ankle’s flexibly change instantly. The discomfort was gone, gone, gone. No surgery needed. That was 25 years ago. 

If there’s too much coming at you, give Releasing Energy Congestion a try or any of the other practices on the page. 

What have you got to loose? Maybe some sticky stuff... 


BIG love,




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