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Small Steps Toward Awakening Moments

I love Fall. Probably because I’m October born. I remember walking with my dad to and from the park, scooting through the scarlet and gold maple leaves. I can still smell their crisp scent.

The hill going down was a blast. “Whee!” Was one of my dad’s favorite words.

Going up the hill… not so much. Yet, his voice and mountain climbing lessons stayed with me, “Take tiny steps.”

At the foot of the hill our feet were grounded and solid. Tight shouldered we’d stand together and wiggle with readiness. He’d say, “Let’s go for it!”

He always set up an arduous task by first finding joy.

Our feet would scoot like diminutive Geishas, winding zig-zag up the road, pretending we’re traveling up a hairpin mountain road.

He’d remind me to pace myself; "Small steps make all the difference."

When you have a quiet moment, think about what you’ve learned from the very beginning of your life and how that has taken you forward - up and down your hills.

Dig in a bit:

Were those moments filled an awesome connections or a difficult ones?

How did they change you?

Have these moments given you jet fuel to rise above your challenges?

Have you held yourself back from your dreams in that darker place we all know too well?

We’ve all had both levels of experience. You can’t have a high without a low to compare it to and vice versa. Contrast wakes us up!

Remember whatever you seek, you already know it. Conscious mind is never unconscious to itself. Your soul is always speaking through you. When you seek and ask, you will land on a specific point on the through-line of your soul’s journey.

Are you being drawn to seek something new? You simply need to be brave enough to find the blessed door and turn the knob. Do you see what’s there. Oh, yeah. It’s you behind the door!

So take on this day with the willingness to open doors as they present themselves to you. Small steps, along with compassionate fearlessness, will take you through what’s now and into what’s becoming.

It’s all the same. Your intuitive self, the soul you are, is always on time. Your soul knows what’s up, in great detail and what steps to take.

Are you taking your small steps toward your dreams?

Sometimes what looks and feels like a stalled position in your life is the harbinger of significant soul-level activity.

Pay attention to life's pauses. They, too, contain a rich sequence. A continuation of true paradoxical changes regarding your soul-pulsing destiny.

Life is precious and short. Keep your heart turned toward the greatest parts of you — Spirit, soul and self. This omnipresent triune is always at your beck and call.

This connection may seem esoteric and beyond your fingertips at times, but it is not.

Sometimes you have to stand at the foot of your mountain, steady your feet, check within and without and then begin.

…and begin again and again and again. Beginning and finishing, only to begin again is a hallmark of your life’s continuous soul-inspired symphony.

With love and joy to you,


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