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A Video - The Healing Tapestry of Your Stories

In embracing your stories, you’ll find an unencumbered spot of grace. Let’s go on a journey of power, purpose, and courage. Let’s honor our stories of how we got from there to here.
 Read on, and as you do, you'll see a link to a video. I had the sincere honor of joining Andrea Jaeger, former world champion women's tennis player and now founder of the Little Star Foundation. Andrea is still and will alwasy be a champion, now making life better for children living with cancer and their families. Joining in the conversation is Andrea's co-host Karen Vazquez. Karen, herself, is a miracle! She was diagnosed with cancer as a child and had a 2% chance of survival.
Life is filled with miracles. I know youv'e experienced them too. Click Here to watch Part 1 of The Little Star Light Podcast with Andrea, Karen, and myself.
And now back to you!  
You're a significant human being. You've been through a think or two in your life. And you're...
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Ode To Red Pants Girl


Joy and rounds of applause for the wonders of you! 

Ode To Red Pants Girl  


Two sisters climb the hill. Ice skate blades scape and clang as the girls, ages six and eight, weave through frosted pine bows. The soggy, muddy-bottomed six-year-old knew going home was flat out wrong and finally shouted, “No! I wanna skate!” 

With determination, little sis spun around, stomped through their 5” deep snow prints, plopped down at the pond’s frozen edge, put her skates on and flew onto the ice to spin and grin and glide into arabesques. 

Watching her little sister’s icy red pants perform an about face and march back toward the ice gobsmacked her big sister. The determined optimism of her little sister to go for it alone and to be alone on the ice when the afternoon’s light was fading, cemented a new perspective regarding her baby sister.

From that day forward, little sis was known as "Red Pants Girl."


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