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Living and Breathing Our Collective Consciousness

consciousness Nov 30, 2022

We all feel it.  Yet, we absorb it differently. Some people don’t feel a thing. Others of us become way too saturated. In this Episode we’ll walk through The Collective Field a bit — where it is? How to pay attention just a tad bit more, in order to set your life on a more resonate track that’s just right for you.

As I enter into sessions with individuals, and throughout our conversation, I’m intuitively watching the nervous system respond to their words and their world. 

Intuition when comes down to it, is quite a simple, elegant, and a sophisticated truth-telling indicator about how we realllly feel! 

After all, we all know when we are running to ourself. 

We are designed to connect. We want and need to connect with others. It’s primal. We can’t avoid it. Even if there are location, types of people, and things with which we think we don’t resonate with on the surface. But, what’s under the surface? Where does resonance begin and end?

Topics you’ll hear in this Episode…

  • Forest Breathing
  • Bird songs
  • Cellular fields
  • The collective field
  • Your field
  • Energy Medicine

Always be playing in The Field…you actually have no choice! …and that’s a good thing. 




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