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Worry or Wonder; Where Does Your Mind Go?

awaken the field wonders Dec 07, 2022

We worry way too much. Over 60% of us worry all of the time. Over what? Everything! In this Episode we’re going to unpack worry and offer some solutions. Make sure you stay to the end to the end of the podcast and grab the acronym which will help turn your worries around and reframe the habit of worry.

Since we’re spiritual folks, dedicated to seeking self-awareness and our spiritual nature; well, at times even with our practices, we can’t always stop a worry-filled minds. We know we’re influenced by the world around us. Of course. Rightly or wrongly, we feel it, see it and listen to it, especially with our spiritual, intuitive senses. 

The main vibration in The Field right now is worry and fear. Like a rocket of thoughts launching, it’s try to take us over. But we won’t let it. There’s always a way to turn any situation around. To diminish the negative energy, we turn our lens toward the positive. Turn our thoughts toward joy and...

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Awakening To Your Field

Awakening is something you experience every moment of your day. It’s your ability to recognize the process of awakening and falling back to sleep to varying degrees that’s interesting to observe. 

We often think of awakening as being spiritual and it is. Of course. As we lean into our practices, we tend to turn a focused lens in a spiritual direction. 

However, as many of you know and have experienced, awakenings come through the body, the mind, your energy, your emotional self and they are, most certainly, driven by your soul … and your destiny.

Our lives move in a conveyor-like trajectory; from Spirit to soul to self to soul to Spirit.

It’s a circular, multi-dimensional, seamless process. Yet, it’s not to be equated with an easy path. It can certainly be smooth and it can also feel as if you’ve been hit with rocks and boulders. 

Your life is in and out of form more, perhaps, than you realize. Think about that for a moment....

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