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3 Principles for Creating What Matters Most

Uncategorized Dec 28, 2022

If you’re ready to manifest and create something new about yourself or for your life, and you want it to really come true, you must embrace change. 

Most importantly, you’ve got connect to the source from which all things come. Steps 1, 2, and 3 are waiting for you inside this episode!

Change is a fact of life so why not embrace it and create what matters most. In today’s episode I’m walking you through 3 essential principles to create the life of your dreams and to navigate change along the way.

What you’ll learn in this episode: 

The 3 principles: 

Connect — to the source of which you are a part
Clarify — is this really what I want?
Commit — in other words take action.

Principle #1: 

To create the life events, experiences and things in your life demands and desires, you must believe in a source of the original creative substance. 

You must believe and connect to your source. The mother ship. To God, to the Tao, to the substance and persona of that which is your belief structure.  

Your connection is to the source; the generating energy of primal creation. This connection is the first principle. 

This process is often, initially about getting things. Yet to truly create what is yours, the experience of connecting to the energy of this original vital source of all life and the generating nature of all structures. Is the path. 

It is the mirroring energy and direct line of vibration to all things and exists within is all things, including you. 

Principle #2: 

Think about what you want to attract into your life. Keep in mind you’re in process of creating new horizons of your life so stay focused there. Too many bright ideas and dreams of wishes being fulfilled at one time can bring confusion. This is not to say you must create one experience at a time. Listen to the episode to grab the step-by-step.

Principal #3: 

Now that you have your connection to source, clarified, and amplified. And you also have the deep knowing of what you feel is best for you in this season of your life. Then begin. Begin principle number three.

Act. Commit and take the steps you need to, as you are intuitively inspired to do so; and here it comes! 

The desired change you’re seeking will be upon you. Quickly or slowly; yet, it will arrive right on time. 

Take time out of your day and visualize the mental image of what you are desiring and hold it there. Go into detail and watch how, one day, more and more details start showing up within your vision. 

That’s an important phase of creating. The Source, you, your thoughts, nervous sytem, and body are gathering in, creating harmony for your benefit of what is coming your way.

In closing you could have anything you want. Simply make sure it feels true for you first; before you invest energy and time into something that’s perhaps been projected upon you. 

Wishing you the Happiest New Year, filled with the abundance of health, community, and gentle, yet, profound personal growth. 

With so much love to you all!


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