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3 Things You Can Let Go of Today

healing impact the world Nov 16, 2022

Okay, today’s the day. On this day, we’re going to let go! We’re way too bogged down and we’re suffering. 

It’s all too much!

We hold on. We cling to judgement, fears, stuff, attitudes, habits, the wanting to forgive verses remaining ticked off at some thing or someone who hurt us, etc., etc., etc. 

It’s the et cetera that squashes us. Etc cetera means “and the rest [of the things]; and the other things”). Today we are going to shift the thoughts and energy about things which drain you. 

Most importantly, we will switch gears and focus on what serves and lifts you up. 

Let’s go into the solution instead of focusing on the problem. You know the problem, intimately….

Let’s walk this path together as I share solutions for these struggles, so you can let go and recalibrate your your life, your life force energy, and your focus. 

As they say, “Where your mind goes, energy [and your life] flows.”


  • The contrast you feel inside between what’s stuck and what flows
  • How you can commit to change, even if you’re used to being scared, or right, or upset
  • How to recognize the organic tempo and pace of change
  • Remembering your core values … a critical piece for inner peace. 
  • How to identify 3 things today that have been stuck in your body and mind
  • How to appreciate and feel safe with the new empty space you’re creating and not stuff anything negative into it again
  • How to drop the emotional energy around feeling empty and vulnerable. It’s not empty at all
  • How to navigate your life’s varied seasons, especially when it’s difficult and a true buzz-kill
  • How not to forget the stunningly beautiful reflection of your true nature … and must be in your life’s route and routine
  • EMPATH ALERT! How to not let other’s actions continue to spike your nervous system and drain you
  • How to cultivate respect, honor, celebration, and love yourself right where you are.

Love you!


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