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Your Voice of Intuition

Uncategorized Nov 09, 2022

Hey, there, I’m Laura Alden Kamm and somehow I ended up being in service as a medical intuitive, integrating various philosophies to help navigate my way though the initial dense forest of understanding what intuition is and isn’t. 

In the beginning, I tripped and fell over stumps of information I didn't think could even be real or true. I wondered why was I getting messages and information about something of which I didn’t know or have possession?

As I look back, streaming internal information was easy and normal, but I was 3-17 years old. Then it became way to much to handle and I tired to shut it down. I was trying to fit in, while putting a muffle, rather a choke hold, on the voice of truth. My voice of right and wrong — truth and non-truth. 

Then to get my attention, God swooped in and said, “Architecture school? Naw. Reboot. System failure. System failure! Reboot reboot!”

And I reboot I did — blind, coma, death, heaven, recover.

How about you? How does Your Voice of Intuition work for you? That’s what this episode is all about. How your intuitive system works for you and how to let go and let it flow! 

How about you? How does Your Voice of Intuition work for you? That’s what this episode is all about. How your intuitive system works for you and how to let go and let it flow! 

The beginning journey of accepting, connecting with and understanding intuition is different for everyone. However, we all share similar experiences:

  1. We don’t trust it.
  2. We’re easily confused about the source. 
  3. We tend to focus more on where it comes from than acting upon the information provided. 
  4. We run over it when our personality and ego want a ‘different answer.’

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have our own way all of the time, or at least most of the time. 

So we push back and the inner urge to control. Our belly stubbornness starts to muscle out the streams of data, filled with answers we’re offered for every situation and every subject matter we encounter.

To me this shows our intuitive system’s abilities and its capacity, which comes with several necessary factors:

  • Trust
  • Curiosity
  • Willingness to ask different questions of the object or subject at hand
  • Dropping the need to be right/perfect
  • Getting out of the way
  • Being attentive (micro/macro)

Once you develop and integrate this factors, these natural aspects of who you already are, you’re off and running. 


Intuition is a system which offer data for just about every move you make. It is not a Spielberg movie; nor one of Harry Potter’s world; although moving switchback staircases could be fun. 

You know what feels good and what doesn’t. You know when you’re resisting a task, a calling from your Spirit or when you are being challenged with growth from both your soul and Spirit. You know. 

Seriously, when was the last time you didn’t know you were happy? When was the last time you didn’t recognize you were crying? When was the last time you didn’t feel it in your belly that you were stretching the truth a bit? Ahemmm… See? you know. 

The challenge is not a faulty, weak or confusing intuitive system. It’s not someone else. Not the world’s circumstances. It’s you. And It’s me too! 

Without taking 100% responsibility for the information you receive and taking action on it accordingly, you’ve got to own the fact that you’re keeping yourself in a paradigm of angst, anxiety, rushing, pushing, worry and fear. Yikes!

If you have something absent from you life which you’d love to have —love, a different city, more Spirit-led work in the world, courage, to wear those jeans in your closet (yeah, we all have them), then listen and act… as best you can. And be willing to get better and better at listening, seeing, feeling picking up the info and getting across the finish line. 


Take this day and perhaps extend it to a week and keep a journal handy. Write down the date and time and intuitively-delivered information you received:

  1. Write down whether or not you followed it βœ… or not ❌
  2. Write down any results — wins or not so much. 
  3. Finally, jot down any of the pathways the info came to you — 
  • A body feeling 
  • Seeing an image 
  • Hearing 
  • Smelling a scent
  • Noticing a taste
  •  a sense of knowing that goes beyond your standard analytical/critical thinking. 


This awareness practice of how practical intuitive information is delivered will help you to bring about several points of self-awareness. 

  1. By listening to this data as it streams throughout every conversation, sometimes without obvious requesting or provocation, it easier to recognize your intuitive data. 
  2. It’s more subtle than you may realized; or think it should be. 
  3. Be aware of your resistance to the information — an ego verse Spirit tug of war kind of battle.
  4. See if you can become more aware of the any tension in your body, reflective of trying to control something or someone… ouch! 

We cannot alway receive data clearly, when we are trying to control things around us. To force an intuitive prompt, like forcing anything can be a signal that you are heading off the rails of your life. You’re pushing and pulling and is that needed?

Take a look at your need to control life, people, and things such as money, time, efforts, etc. Control is different from managing, navigating, creating, and allowing. 

The irony is…control is used to gain perceived power and you’re actually loosing power. You’re draining energy and personal power out of your body when you’re in control mode.

You’re stacking up emotional wood and lighting a fire of frustration, anxiety, worry, anger or guilt inside of your body, when you’re controlling and forcing something or someone. 


We all have people and things to care for and take care of. Controlling them is not the answer. Controlling is a generator of lost energy, versus support and even levels of management, and were is the compassion in controlling. Ahh, nowhere? 

Your inner perfectionist is freaked out and you’ve become tired and weathered. You can’t hear yourself think. Your intuitive system moves to the background and your soul takes a holiday and just waits until there’s a break in the fog and can send you a signal. 

Feeling foggy and out of control? Stop. Breathe. Put down your sword of being right, hurried, and rest in your Spirit for a bit. You’ll reset. 

With love,


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