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Channeling Grace … And Other Things

Uncategorized Jan 18, 2023

Channeling is an interesting term, which can divide, confuse, attract, and repel people. However, it all depends on your perception of what channeling is. 

Can you channel? Should you? … and some tips on how to connect in this way safely, with reverence, wisely, and for good reasons. 

In this Episode, I’m sharing ideas, concepts, and practices for your consideration. We all channel. We all receive downloads — for our writing, through our prayers and meditations. We can feel an connect with our loved ones who have passed on. 

Let’s not be afraid of or grasp at a word. Let's be mindful of the doors which could open for you, like the doorway to divine grace.

We are growing and waking up en masse and fast! Evolution is about change; especially, changes in our abilities, choices, spirituality, fluidity with life, and definitely the changes in our perception.

What you’ll hear and learn…

  • What is channeling
  • Walking and talking with Spirit 
  • Your ego and channeling
  • Becoming the self and channeling
  • Introduction to your soul
  • How to discern who or what’s coming in
  • Maneuvering your mind
  • Timelines to success
  • No comparisons allowed

Listen and lean into some of the suggestions which have helped myself and others along the way connect to the source and those who walk with us in Spirit ... even the curious onlookers, watching us all grow and change. 

Life is not dull, here on this planet or over there! 

Love to you bright and shiny soul,


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