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57 Come Back To Yourself – To Your Light

Uncategorized Jul 03, 2024

Today, we’re diving deep into a practice that will help you bring your energy, Light, and soul back home. Yes, we're talking about coming back to yourself, grounding your energy, and filling yourself up with positivity so you can step into your calling and share your unique gifts with the world.

We know life gets wild. We get caught up in the outer noise; before we know it, our energy is scattered to the four winds. But here’s the good news: bringing yourself home is easier than you think. In this episode, I share a daily practice that will help you stay grounded, energized, and ready to shine your Light on the world.

1. Morning Grounding Ritual 

2. Visualize Your Energy –– Your Light

3. Sharing and Receiving Energy with Heart

When you’re grounded and filled with positive energy, you’re more attuned to your intuition, more connected to your inner wisdom, and more ready to take inspired action. To follow your inner calling. 

You have a...

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A Video - The Healing Tapestry of Your Stories

In embracing your stories, you’ll find an unencumbered spot of grace. Let’s go on a journey of power, purpose, and courage. Let’s honor our stories of how we got from there to here.
 Read on, and as you do, you'll see a link to a video. I had the sincere honor of joining Andrea Jaeger, former world champion women's tennis player and now founder of the Little Star Foundation. Andrea is still and will alwasy be a champion, now making life better for children living with cancer and their families. Joining in the conversation is Andrea's co-host Karen Vazquez. Karen, herself, is a miracle! She was diagnosed with cancer as a child and had a 2% chance of survival.
Life is filled with miracles. I know youv'e experienced them too. Click Here to watch Part 1 of The Little Star Light Podcast with Andrea, Karen, and myself.
And now back to you!  
You're a significant human being. You've been through a think or two in your life. And you're...
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55 Two Healers and A Mic - With Intuitive Healer Scott Clover

Uncategorized Jun 12, 2024

I’m excited to bring back my original, fun, and insightful series, "Two Healers and A Mic!" Join me and my special guest, Scott Clover, an intuitive healer trained in somatic, archetypes, and energy healing, along with his natural gifts. We explore the healing journey and dive deep into intuitive healing skills, sharing unique insights, transformative experiences, and powerful techniques. 

Whether you're a seasoned spiritual seeker or just beginning your journey, this episode promises to enlighten, uplift, and awaken the healer within you. Scott and I delve into the realm of archetypes, uncovering the hidden pains and impacts within us. 

We lean into the mic about how discovering the, perhaps unnoticed, energy structures can guide us toward healing. Scott shares his inspiring journey of recognizing and owning his natural intuitive gifts, providing listeners with tools and practical techniques for their personal reawakening process.

You’ll discover the...

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54 MEDITATION - Shift The Stress and Reconnect With Yourself

Uncategorized Jun 05, 2024

I don’t know what I’d do without stillness. How about you?  Don’t get me wrong, I love being busy, creative, and wild (but not crazy.) And I do love silence and inner stillness, which are not not mutually exculsuive. 

Meditation has transformational power. Welcome to another episode of The Voice of Intuition. This week, we’re on a soulful journey into the serene world of mindfulness meditation. In this episode, we unwrap the gentle power of silence, exploring how it nurtures self-awareness and guides our nervous system back to its natural, tranquil state.

Episode Highlights:

The Essence of Silence: We discuss the fact that meditation is not for problem-solving. Meditation provides the opportunity to experience the profound impact of silence on our mental and emotional well-being. How moments of quietude can open the doors to deeper self-understanding and insights. Meditation resets your intuitive system. Answers to problems arise from the still...

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53 3 Keys to Create What Yours

Uncategorized May 29, 2024

How do we begin anything when everything around us keeps moving? 

Like the ocean’s waves, life is the same––waves of experiences ebbing and flowing, never stopping. 

How do we create what we want to experience when everything keeps moving like ocean waves? We can ride them, or they can push or crash upon us. 

Listen in, and when you can, grab your journal. Together, let’s go through Steps one, two, and three. Let’s get your thoughts; the particles generated from them bring your life to life in a new and conscious way. Bring it to you––your soulful, thoughtful, quantum-generated life.

It’s truly fascinating when you tune in and intuitively feel, see, hear, and know how your creation is coming into form, into your energy field, and then into your life. 

Like the sturdy and wise surfer of life, you are, you sit, and you wait for your wave. At times, that wave is for us, and we know it. Other times, you may say,...

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52. Empower The Root of Your Life

Uncategorized May 22, 2024

The root of you is the foundational power of your life. The root of you, think about that for a minute. Feel that out for a minute. Take a deep breath into your body, drop that mind of yours, and the energy of your breath down low and deep around your pelvic floor.

The core of your strength, the base of your self-esteem is in the root. If you're afraid in life, that energy, those thoughts, that vibration of thought rises and integrates into different areas of your body through your nervous system and into your beautiful brain, and it changes the way you behave, act, and be in the world. 

Today, we're going to take another look at the powerful energy at the base of your body. It’s the energy and consciousness that drives itself through your nervous system and allows you to either create or sit back and wait. 

Let’s not wait any longer. Listen in, and let’s be real and bold.


Grab The Lower Body Meditation from the Resources Page Here


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51. How To Balance Your Empathy

Uncategorized May 15, 2024


Your empathy is amazing! When it’s understood and balanced, it can be a superpower. 

As you know, life’s surprises can throw us off. That’s growth, and growth is good.

When your empathic system is more balanced, you can feel an all-encompassing sensation within your body. There’s a sense of smoothness within you. You don’t feel overwhelmed as much, nor do you go into a state of overwhelm so quickly. 

Situations that arise offer a deeper understanding that illuminates the situation and your conscious mind. As a result, you are less judgmental and more self-aware. You can make decisions more quickly and be precise.

You discover more truth without the shadow of your ego or past traumatic experiences seeping in to influence your experiences. 

You’ll become clearer about what honors you and your desires and how to serve others better. 

In this episode of The Voice of Intuition Podcast,...

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Ground Your Spiritual Plane (and toddler sneezes)

Uncategorized Oct 25, 2023

I come to you just as I am, with lifes curves and wandering alleys. I recently found out the power of something. 

Toddlers have mighty sneezes! 

Yep, I got hit with a pre-school sneeze and cold. As a result, The Voice of Intuition podcast is grounded, like a plane in a fog. 

I feel fine, but my voice sounds like James Earl Jones doing a voice-over for a frog in a Disney movie. So, I needed to land the podcast plane for a bit. 

It may have grounded my voice temporarily, but not my fingers. 

The concept of landing the plane got me thinking, which is sometimes a risky endeavor. 

How do we ground our spirituality? At some point, we have to land that plane. 

Its nice to talk about the Light. 

To be the Light. 

To wait for the Light. 

To want the Light of who we are to be held in the hands of the divine. 

All of which is good and noble and true.

Yet, like my voice, spirituality has to land. We must ground our spirit...

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50. Does Presence Have a Shelf Life?

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2023

Welcome everyone to another episode of The Voice of Intuition Podcast. Today’s journey lightly pirouettes around the ember that is the present moment. 

As spiritual people, we seek the transcendent, sometimes pushing ourselves in practices - meditation, contemplations, and prayer in order to find those perfect moments of “I’m present.”  

Yet, being present is not a lush canopy, ever-so-delicate and ungraspably transient, inviting us into a dance of light and being. 

The question is, does your sense of presence have a shelf life? Is presence a state of luminescence that is fleeting? Let’s take a whimsical and practical exploration into our wild, untamed minds, unearthing this paradox: the endeavor to cage this fleeting sunbeam, to be ‘intentionally’ present. 

Ah, our exuberant minds, akin to a free-spirited butterfly, untethered through the fields of our consciousness, occasionally alighting upon a flower of thought,...

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3 Lessons For Traveling with Life

Uncategorized Sep 27, 2023

Lesson #1. Embrace the Unexpected Detours with a Cough, Grimmace, and a Grin!

Ever the rebel and with my slightly irreverent yet joy-filled tone, I had a recent rendezvous with COVID while attempting to do what I hadnt done in several years—a 10-plane work trip in 8 weeks. Yeah, lets do it! 

It was somewhere up at 39,000 feet, between air mile marker 5,551 and 9,184.2, that the sneezes around me were closing in like shadowy particle creatures! 

Closer and closer they came. Inch by inch. Until… 

Bestowed upon me was Hose Nose.” A clever term my bother John uses for colds and plagues. 

No getting closer to family, friends, and colleagues; no exploring the world's hidden gems from a large empty bedroom. 

Seriously, we lost a lot of people during the big push of the pandemic, and this is no joking matter. It was traumatizing for the planet. 

As I leave this second round of COVID behind me, we need to keep moving. We...

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