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A Face Plant + "Pick Up Your Mat and Walk"

In early March I had just finished a fantastic series of teachings — Becoming a Medical Intuitive and working with a select group of healers conducting long-distance healing sessions for people who needed help.

It was a great run from early December through early March. Fabulous students and healers. Mega growth for everyone.

I had also been reading my energy field, which I always do. There were some interesting changes a foot. A move. Lots of boxes. More intriguing, was a significant span of void prior to the presentation and sequence of these two primary objects. I know there is never a true void, so I watched as all would be revealed.

The upcoming move and the boxes looked like they were banking around an airport, ready to line up with the runway to land. Yet, it wasn’t time for them to round the corner. (Remember this sentence. I’ll write more about it next time.)

After closing out the teaching sessions, I took stock as to what’s...

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Video + Heart Energy Check-In

chakra energy healing Mar 10, 2021

 As we move into Springtime, as it will be here soon, I thought I'd share this visualization with which you can explore and give the energy of your heart a little check up and pick-me-up. 

Enjoy this visualization. It was a spontaneous channeling during a recent class gathering for  the Becoming a Medical Intuitive Course. It's so important to go deep inside, especially since this past year has been crestfallen for many. 

Let the light shine within your heart like a benediction. A sutra. An energetic chant of connected universal awareness, grace and healing. Reconnect with your gifts. Feel the movement or congestion of your heart's energy and set free what needs to move along or generate more strength and resolve. 

You are a boundless soul of light and the body you have is meant to connect to the heavens, yourself, others, and earth. We do this in many ways. None more significant than the heart. 

Life is good. Life is nut-so. Life is an...

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How To Rebuild Trust


Trust offers us strength, resilience, and sure-footedness. I'm certain you've noticed trust has been shaken ... not stirred. Shaken.

The good news in all of this kerfuffle is we are given an opportunity to rise and find joy in small things again. To be given opportunities to go deep within and identify more clearly what is truly important to you and yours.

Another aspect I've noticed within the people is a new sense of self. These levels of awakening cannot be stopped. Don't try. Roll with whats new and waking up inside of you.

It's too on point and too difficult for you to ignore. You don't want to to discard these changes anyway. They are for you! For the practicality of life, as well as your  transcendent self. You are changing.

To regain trust in your world and to hear the new calling within, you have to lean into yourself a bit more. Garner the gift of discernment and go from there.

Most importantly, rediscover and listen to the spark ofLight in you. For you never...

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May Peace Be With You

Uncategorized Dec 23, 2020
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How To Open Your Intuition

 2020 has been a year of connected worry, fear, anger, sadness, and every other emotions you're capable of having. There is no better time than right now to open up and use your intuitive skills for your life and wellness. This spin cycle of tumult will pass and you’ll be ready to soar.

Intuition can feel elusive. Like you're reaching for something you know is there; yet, you can't quite grab it. As times change, we do get better. Yet, no matter how good you are at something, you still have to practice the fundamentals. In doing so, you’ll discover nuances which build even more skill.

 Developing intuition — for life, holistic healing work, or business — requires knowing how you uniquely access this type of information and information in general.

 Given that all things are made of energy, the question remains, how do we begin to sense it accurately? We all sense energy. Where we get stuck is in our interpretation and accuracy.


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A Message + What's Next and What to Do About It

You have an incredible power. It's the power to choose and to create from your choices.

In challenging times, there are seeds of greatness within you ready to sprout. When trouble rounds the corner, solutions are either embedded within the problem or sit on its periphery.

Either way, solutions are within your intuitive grasp.

No matter what you’re facing. You’ll never lose your capacity to choose, to create, and to change. Even if circumstances limit your sense of freedom in the moment.

When change is upon us, to the degree that it is currently, we often feel numb and powerless. Those feelings are normal; given we're standing at an evolutionary fork in the road. It's hard to remain yippee skippy when you feel something is afoot.

More changes are just around the corner. Like in just a few days…. We will begin to feel the shift by the end of this week Then, within 160 days or so, we will rise again, tenderly at first. Then more solidly. Life will carry on and we...

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Cultivating Grace in the Midst of Crazy

To you … gentle souls in the midst of crazy change. To all empaths, creatives, intuitives, and healers of all manner. Life is asking you to step up, to be strong and steady.

 Your clarity is essential, as you can feel the reverberation, making us all lean toward what’s next.

 As you manage your days, I’m certain you can hear the tone of  these distinct beseeching signals. Now, it’s time to cultivate even more internal self-awareness and grace.

 I’m also confident you’re keenly aware of how your intuitive system is being activated, guiding you as to how you care of yourself, your loved ones, work, and gage the direction in which life is taking you. 

Your soul’s energy is out in the “everywhere” sending and receiving signals of charged, undulating information. Are you listening?

For the moment, let’s bring in our focus in a bit. Let's bring grace into the picture, which can cultivate a more...

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Awaken Your Perception and Unfreeze Yourself

Uncategorized May 13, 2020
  1. “Enlightenment is not found within the shallow furrows of the status quo.
    When you stand at the rim of your own ego
    and face the attendant chaos, you illuminate your soul.”   



Now more than ever, our inner work matters. Our lives and bodies are impacted with very personal challenges, along with global pain.

This is unparalleled collective stress. And we thought life was stressful before!

There are very few on our blue planet who don’t feel this simultaneous soupy stress in which we currently find ourselves.

Keep steady though. It’s temporary.

It’s also evolutionary. A tectonic jutting of unstable and upward thrusting plates of consciousness in which potential is abundant. Rest assured. There are ways through it.

We’ll all look back and remember…as we look forward to better days.

Years ago, way past a winter’s nightfall, I’d come home frosty from forehead to feet after relentless...

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Taking a Global Pause

Uncategorized Mar 22, 2020

"Our reality is partially blind now. If we stand still, a visible way will emerge and we will reach the unreachable star."

How are you doing my friends?  I've been thinking about all of you, praying for your family's well-being. I also want to thank you for writing, asking how my tribe is doing and sending your prayers our way. I'm so very touched. 

I, like you, am protecting my family, even long distance. We're a little too spread out for this momma bear's arms to reach around my kids and siblings; but, we're okay. I'm keeping an intuitive watch. I bet you are too! 

We all feel it. This new and unprecedented change.

Your calm mind will help maintain a calm heart. Your intuitive self-awareness is critical here. Our perspective on life and how we move through it is in radical flux. We will awaken and heal as we scurry back to one of the truths about life we’ve forgotten...

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Your Spirit-Led Evolution

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2020

“Evolution reflects the refinements of your awakening.”


Strolling through an Arizona gallery in 1997, like a tractor beam, a picture somehow found me. I cornered a partition and an image abruptly tussled at a submerged part of me.

I stood staring. Staring turned to weeping.

It was a rather ridiculous level of sobbing. I didn’t care. I couldn’t stop the obvious and necessary flow of life-weary tears.

Something beyond the portrait’s subject matter was prying surface resistance from my heart.

There was no other choice. Spirit-led, I purchased the picture.

Now, above the fireplace in my bedroom, hangs this illustration of Jesus pulling Peter from the water. As the story goes, Peter was embodying (or not) his faith by walking on water with Jesus. Peter panicked, lost it and sank. Jesus rescued him.

At the time, I had forgotten the message this image portrayed. Peter’s questioning faith. His denial of Christ. I had to read about Peter again...

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