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Living and Breathing Our Collective Consciousness

consciousness Nov 30, 2022

We all feel it.  Yet, we absorb it differently. Some people don’t feel a thing. Others of us become way too saturated. In this Episode we’ll walk through The Collective Field a bit — where it is? How to pay attention just a tad bit more, in order to set your life on a more resonate track that’s just right for you.

As I enter into sessions with individuals, and throughout our conversation, I’m intuitively watching the nervous system respond to their words and their world. 

Intuition when comes down to it, is quite a simple, elegant, and a sophisticated truth-telling indicator about how we realllly feel! 

After all, we all know when we are running to ourself. 

We are designed to connect. We want and need to connect with others. It’s primal. We can’t avoid it. Even if there are location, types of people, and things with which we think we don’t resonate with on the surface. But, what’s under the surface? Where...

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MEDITATION — Thank You For All of IT!

gratitude meditation Nov 23, 2022

Enjoy this Episode when you have time to chill. Do not listen to this if you are driving, skiing through moguls, or deep sea diving.   

We’re heading into the Holidays around the world, and well, we all know the joys and stresses these times can offer up; adding to our current joys and stress.  Let’s lighten it up a bit and embrace some stillness. The emotions which may be careening around inside will calm down, while you behold what is awesome within you. A reflection of who you are and the way you do walk through the world. Enjoy!

Love you!


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3 Things You Can Let Go of Today

healing impact the world Nov 16, 2022

Okay, today’s the day. On this day, we’re going to let go! We’re way too bogged down and we’re suffering. 

It’s all too much!

We hold on. We cling to judgement, fears, stuff, attitudes, habits, the wanting to forgive verses remaining ticked off at some thing or someone who hurt us, etc., etc., etc. 

It’s the et cetera that squashes us. Etc cetera means “and the rest [of the things]; and the other things”). Today we are going to shift the thoughts and energy about things which drain you. 

Most importantly, we will switch gears and focus on what serves and lifts you up. 

Let’s go into the solution instead of focusing on the problem. You know the problem, intimately….

Let’s walk this path together as I share solutions for these struggles, so you can let go and recalibrate your your life, your life force energy, and your focus. 

As they say, “Where your mind goes, energy [and your life]...

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Your Voice of Intuition

Uncategorized Nov 09, 2022

Hey, there, I’m Laura Alden Kamm and somehow I ended up being in service as a medical intuitive, integrating various philosophies to help navigate my way though the initial dense forest of understanding what intuition is and isn’t. 

In the beginning, I tripped and fell over stumps of information I didn't think could even be real or true. I wondered why was I getting messages and information about something of which I didn’t know or have possession?

As I look back, streaming internal information was easy and normal, but I was 3-17 years old. Then it became way to much to handle and I tired to shut it down. I was trying to fit in, while putting a muffle, rather a choke hold, on the voice of truth. My voice of right and wrong — truth and non-truth. 

Then to get my attention, God swooped in and said, “Architecture school? Naw. Reboot. System failure. System failure! Reboot reboot!”

And I reboot I did — blind, coma, death, heaven,...

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Learning Peace — Being Peace

awaken peace Nov 02, 2022


“Theres a force inside of you… a presence, that can ward off anything.” 

“Yeah, Obi Wan, I know. Yada Yada, The FORCE.” 

Yep, The Force. But it’s not what you might think. It’s not the light saber, although that’s handy for a quick resolve. It’s not the power to levitate, but hey, that’s super cool when it happens. Rising above a situation is always a good change in perspective. It is a presence which is often elusive. 

We can’t buy it. 

No one can give it to us. 

Amazon does not keep it in stock, nor does any bank, job, or person.


Your intuitive system does not work as well when you’re super stressed. It will certainly come to your aid if your scared or in danger. 

It will generate words of action, invention, innovation, inspiration, and direction upon command from your voice, heart, and soul. How clever! 

Yet the more you...

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If It Doesn’t Fit —Don’t Do It, Wear It, or Be It

joy Oct 26, 2022


What’s in your closet? Do things fit? Are there treasure in there? Or is it a catch-all for things forgotten but not gone?

Here we go! Never knowing what lurks within the mind of my sister, this Episode’s guest, Dr. Christine Deitz is here! 

Christine has a mind like no other — never boring nor without questions. Her inquiry makes one cock their head to the side and think a little more deeply. 


It’s simple. Listen to and download the podcast. Then, head into your closet and see what’s there. What fits in your life and what doesn’t. This not your everyday decluttering.

Come out of your closet and go inside yourself. What fits in your life and what doesn’t? What do you love and what do you tolerate? Our things, habits, and choices, bring us new experiences, challenges, and best of all, our life bring us interesting conversations. 

What have been your inner and outer conversations...

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Calming Your Mental Center of Gravity

awareness energy Oct 20, 2022


The core of your body, your belly, is a powerful place of integration. Yet, with smart minds, come busy lives. We scatter ourselves too much and so the dreaded syndrome starts to push your mind way ahead of your body. You body can’t be heard as well when your mind takes strides away from it. Your body is home base. And your head need to be on straight or at least straight-ish! 


“Walking head Buddha syndrome” is a term I developed over the years when I see people’s mental and energetic center of gravity  has become way too high and forward. Pretty much out of your body. 

When this occurs, we can’t find our true direction, our true North. It feels like our purpose is diluted and we are generally confused. 


This condition is usually occurs when people are so smart their mind takes over and pushes their lives too fast. You can feel as if you’re...

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Feeling Under Pressure? Let's Fix It!

authenticity clarity Oct 13, 2022

Let’s minimize the pressure, shall we? For us to chill out more easily we need to observe and learn about what we see, which may invoke unwanted feelings. We have to be brave enough to feeeel. We don’t discover the way out of fear or a tough situation, filled with pressure, until we feel what’s real in the moment.

Allowing your courage to rise in the middle of fear brings you into the realm of fearlessness. This helps you move through life in a completely different paradigm. We move from a paradigm, and the habits within that paradigm, of being scared, nervous, negative into a place where we can learn how to rise and keep moving forward.

Here’s a quick tip: Have a problem? Visualize the issue and smile into it. Yep. Project a smile right smack dab in the middle of the problem — into the energy or emotions of the problem. See what happens. For me, different doors or pathways through the issue begin to be revealed and I discover ways through, around, and...

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Want Your Best Life? Discover Your 'Life Purpose Radius'

life purpose Oct 06, 2022

In this podcast I breakdown the three categories of our life’s search for purpose and deeper meaning. It’s a paradigm I developed and call “Life Purpose Radius.” 

Listen and discover the dynamic sphere of influence you have inside which pulls you to your destiny. From this place, you will live a life you’ll dearly love and maintain contentment; even in life’s tougher moments. You’ll know and feel you’re on track. How refreshing!

The three Life Purpose Radii are: 

Local    Regional    Global 

I know Global can sound really exciting and sexy; but, each one has their own unique power, purpose, and resonance. They have their own special grace, leading you toward, truly, the life of your dreams and your happy spot. 

All three work together and rise and fall within us. Yet, there is one radius in particular that is our North Star, our guide to our best life. 

My sister...

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Mindfulness In the Midst of Ooops

Isn’t it grand to be an empathic person, feeling everything. Couple that with the daring, rascal-like nature of our minds and “Oh merde!” 

Perhaps you’re like me and have a scrappy mind and when given the opportunity it will head south in a nanosecond.

Breaking free of sour thoughts can be a long journey; one we take each in our own way. Me, I’m a paradigm buster; at least a part of me wants to declare it so. 

Another part is resistant. It’s where the old paradigm exists and fights for its sour patch survival within my internal territory. Our soured thoughts will gang up on us just to keep itself alive. 

Sour patch thoughts await the oops and then pounce.

Sooooo, here’s my latest OOPS and inner mindfulness training vis-à-vis the podcast launch.

My team and I have been working super hard to get the podcast up and relaunched. The amazing Adelaide Lenox, the author of EMPOWERED, was my guest for the reentry show. She is a...

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