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Ground Your Spiritual Plane (and toddler sneezes)

Uncategorized Oct 25, 2023

I come to you just as I am, with lifes curves and wandering alleys. I recently found out the power of something. 

Toddlers have mighty sneezes! 

Yep, I got hit with a pre-school sneeze and cold. As a result, The Voice of Intuition podcast is grounded, like a plane in a fog. 

I feel fine, but my voice sounds like James Earl Jones doing a voice-over for a frog in a Disney movie. So, I needed to land the podcast plane for a bit. 

It may have grounded my voice temporarily, but not my fingers. 

The concept of landing the plane got me thinking, which is sometimes a risky endeavor. 

How do we ground our spirituality? At some point, we have to land that plane. 

Its nice to talk about the Light. 

To be the Light. 

To wait for the Light. 

To want the Light of who we are to be held in the hands of the divine. 

All of which is good and noble and true.

Yet, like my voice, spirituality has to land. We must ground our spirit...

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50. Does Presence Have a Shelf Life?

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2023

Welcome everyone to another episode of The Voice of Intuition Podcast. Today’s journey lightly pirouettes around the ember that is the present moment. 

As spiritual people, we seek the transcendent, sometimes pushing ourselves in practices - meditation, contemplations, and prayer in order to find those perfect moments of “I’m present.”  

Yet, being present is not a lush canopy, ever-so-delicate and ungraspably transient, inviting us into a dance of light and being. 

The question is, does your sense of presence have a shelf life? Is presence a state of luminescence that is fleeting? Let’s take a whimsical and practical exploration into our wild, untamed minds, unearthing this paradox: the endeavor to cage this fleeting sunbeam, to be ‘intentionally’ present. 

Ah, our exuberant minds, akin to a free-spirited butterfly, untethered through the fields of our consciousness, occasionally alighting upon a flower of thought,...

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3 Lessons For Traveling with Life

Uncategorized Sep 27, 2023

Lesson #1. Embrace the Unexpected Detours with a Cough, Grimmace, and a Grin!

Ever the rebel and with my slightly irreverent yet joy-filled tone, I had a recent rendezvous with COVID while attempting to do what I hadnt done in several years—a 10-plane work trip in 8 weeks. Yeah, lets do it! 

It was somewhere up at 39,000 feet, between air mile marker 5,551 and 9,184.2, that the sneezes around me were closing in like shadowy particle creatures! 

Closer and closer they came. Inch by inch. Until… 

Bestowed upon me was Hose Nose.” A clever term my bother John uses for colds and plagues. 

No getting closer to family, friends, and colleagues; no exploring the world's hidden gems from a large empty bedroom. 

Seriously, we lost a lot of people during the big push of the pandemic, and this is no joking matter. It was traumatizing for the planet. 

As I leave this second round of COVID behind me, we need to keep moving. We...

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49. What Draws Us To Different Places and Times [ENCORE]

Uncategorized Sep 13, 2023

In this episode, my sister, Dr. Christine, and I investigate why some of us become obsessed with learning about different places and times. 

When I died, I saw the life I had lived and viewed the life I would live. One of the lessons I learned was about Deja Vu. Listen in and discover the depth of what’s happening when you experience Daja Vu. 

As souls, we’re having an amazing human experience. Part of us, our soul self, still moves back and forth among the continuum of consciousness that exists on different planes.

Download, listen, and subscribe. 


P.S. If you know someone who would benefit from this podcast, be my guest and forward this email or copy and paste the link to your social media. We're here for each other... 


Show Highlights 

[01:03] My sister Christine and I discuss how we approach life.

[03:33] Christine asks, “Why are we so fascinated with a particular time in history?”

[05:28] What happens when our...

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48. Heaven and Earth - Here and Now

Uncategorized Sep 06, 2023

In this episode of The Voice of Intuition Podcast, host Laura Alden Kamm shares her profound near-death (or death) experience and her transition from life to a heavenly state before her recovery. 

She emphasizes the significance of acknowledging the interconnectedness of your world and the spiritual dimension in your daily life. Laura encourages you to invite heavenly energy into your existence through practices like prayer and mindfulness, underscoring the ever-present nature of this connection and its potential for comfort and guidance. 

Additionally, she touches upon the presence of angels and loved ones during the transition to the afterlife, reinforcing the belief that you are never truly alone. This episode explores themes of personal spiritual awakening, unity, and how you can bring about the possibility of experiencing heavenly moments within your earthly existence. 

Download and listen today and feel the uplift we all so need in these times. 


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#47 What To Do When You Feel Lost

Uncategorized Aug 30, 2023

Today on The Voice of Intuition Podcast, well look at three truths, which are spiritual principles, that can help us hold our families, friends, cultures, and world together. 

We are in a series of turnstile moments, and simple yet profound truths are what can see us through. 

Sometimes, we feel lost and isolated from ourselves. And sometimes from each other due to social conflicts. Feeling and being separate is not a good feeling. The risk of feeling lost and disconnected could force us to drift farther apart. 

These three principles are truth, foster curiosity, and faithfulness. They are constant and available to all of us all of the time. 

Download and listen to this episode and I trust youll find some comfort. If youve felt lost in the past, or you are feeling lost now, I trust this will give you comfort and bring you back home to yourself.




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#46 How To Be Fearless

Uncategorized Aug 10, 2023

Hello courageous soul! In this week’s The Voice of Intuition Podcast, we’re talking about how important it is to be brave -- to be fearless. 

Fearless and prayerful as I think of those people on the Big Island, especially Maui, who are in shock. How exhausted and bereft they must be.  

Let's take a moment and send them our love, healing energy, and prayers.

Ask God and the ancient and powerful energies of the islands, the courageous hearts of those who called Hawai’i home, and those around the world who cherish these islands to send love, comfort, and strength to those affected during this most challenging time.

[ As you say this prayer below, think about how, in Hawaiian, each vowel has a voice. May everyone affected have a voice as well.]

"Hoopihaia ko lakou naau i ka maluhia a me ka manaolana." 

May their hearts be filled with peace and hope.

Enjoy his week's podcast about How to Be Fearless. 





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#44 How To Do An Intuitive Reading

Uncategorized Jul 26, 2023

In this week’s episode of The Voice of Intuition Podcast, we’re going to have some fun. 

Let’s walk through several key steps so that you can grab the necessary framework to conduct your own Intuitive Wellness or Medical Intuition reading on yourself or someone else. 

If you’re a practitioner in the healing arts, no matter the modality, I trust this will support and remind you, to reset the way you’re utilizing your gifts in session. 

No matter how your intuitive system works for you, you need to maintain its strength and abilities by taking care of yourself. 

Sometimes, as healing people, the work or our skills are so second nature to us, we drop some of the basics. We don’t always take the necessary time out and reset after we’ve done intuitive work or every-day problem solving. 

But we must!

We must care for ourselves and keep the framework of self-care alive and well in the context of our everyday life and...

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#43 How Life Unlocks Your Intuitive Power

Uncategorized Jul 19, 2023

In this episode of The Voice of Intuition Podcast, I share intimate details of an experience when life had cracked me wide open - literally, spiritually, and everything in-between. 

In this show, we’re talking about how life will definitely unlock your intuitive power, most likely when you least expect it.  What do you have inside to awaken and grow your gifts when life takes you on a growth spurt? 

We have enormous intuitive power, each and everyone of us. Yet, it’s not something we focus on or use day-to-day. Maybe we go deeper within our practice. Maybe not. 

Do you open up and align with your intuitive system during work? Or does your wisdom just show up here and there? Do you trust it?

Most of us are like this until life brings its version of a cosmic can opener. Then, wow! We become more open and align with our higher self in a profound way. Over time, we discover more and more of our higher self, and out divine nature becomes more defined...

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#42 Channeling the Light with You

Uncategorized Jun 28, 2023

In this episode of the Voice of Intuition Podcast, I share several experiences I’ve witnessed and experienced of the Light. Light to which we all have access; in good and in difficult times. 

No matter what, for our entire life, we are always connected. In our brightest most brilliant moments of creativity, and most certainly, within our darker nights. 

You are the Light…

  • How to you experience the Light
  • Is there really Light at the end of the tunnel
  • Do you remember your experiences of the Light
  • When you have difficult times, sadness, and grief do you loose the sensation or your connection to the Light
  • How do you stay in harmony with your Light

Lean in and listen…
Enjoy the episode!



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