Episode #003

What Draws Us to Different Places and Times

My older sister Christine and I have been inseparable since birth; however, we have very different processes that we go through in life to find answers. In this episode I’m not sure what is coming toward me as a question. I go in with a “blank slate,” also known as “The Buddhist Mind,” for me to be open to whatever comes my way.

Christine asks, “Why do we become obsessed with learning about different places and times?” 

Three parts of our life envelop us: the transactional, transformational, and transcendent. People have access to all three of these categories by nature. By preference and intellectual perceptions, a human being can stay in one world by choice.

Transformation is an alteration of your perceptual lenses. Your perception changes as you change the way you view the world. A-ha moments can transform behavior and shift the lens of perception. This change takes you deeper into the psyche and spirit of who you are in this world.

Transcendent moments change your entire life as your world flips upside-down. When I died, I was met by other beings, saw my life I had lived, and viewed the life I was going to live. One of the lessons I learned is about Deja Vu. I found out that Deja Vu is a remembered moment from the depth of your soul, about what you are, who you are here to be, and what you are here to experience.

We can concurrently experience limitlessness and what others would consider a parallel life. When people experience anxiety about historical events, places, or times, especially when you have a fight or flight response to that particular circumstance, you may have been in that place during those times. These memories are still with you today. We move back and forth among the continuum of consciousness that exists on different planes or levels of conscious mind.

Listen in to find out why there is significant meaning with Deja Vu, the evidence we have of our lives in between our lives, and why these experiences are of a transcendent nature. Learn why you can create transformation in your life, but cannot force the transcendent moment and why enlightenment shouldn’t be a goal.

Show Highlights

[01:03] My sister Christine and I talk about the different ways we approach life.
[03:33] Christine asks, “Why are we so fascinated with a particular time in history?”
[05:28] What happens when our perception changes?
[06:29] How transcendence changes your entire world.
[07:53] What I learned about myself when I died.
[09:40] The significance of Deja Vu in your life.
[12:56] How we connect with different beings on different planes of consciousness.
[15:08] Experiences are of a transcendent nature.
[16:43] Being open allows these feelings and experiences to rise within you.
[19:31] Christine’s visceral experience when she is in a place she has previously experienced before.
[23:10] Places that Christine and I feel an attachment.

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