Episode #005

Open Mic Q & A: Jobs, Anxiety, and more...

Today I’m with Christine and we are answering questions from all over the world on Wednesday Q & A! Listen in to five souls who have concerns about decisions they are making in life and how to move forward in their journey.

One listener, Yvonne, isn’t sure she trusts her intuition when seeking a job. What can she do to be able to trust her inner voice? She can pull herself back from being scattered by sitting by herself, going for a quiet walk, and slow things down. While she may not have a considerable amount of time to make her career choice, she still needs to get the more contemplative time and to slow down so she can hear her inner voice.

A writing exercise I suggest is to start writing down the sentences that are chattering at you and note the emotional intelligence that is coming through next to your sentence. Additionally, wherein your body are you feeling the physical effects.

Becky from British Columbia writes to us asking about her daughter-in-law, who has been married to her son for ten years. Every time they see each other, her daughter-in-law bristles, however, she isn’t sure why she is behaving this way towards her.

Primarily, from an intuitive standpoint, there is a conceptual issue from the way she and her daughter-in-law perceives. Since you each have a different perspective, you can easily perceive that the other person can’t hear you. Everyone is at different frequencies, like radio stations. When this happens in a family, there are too many frequencies to listen to, including the unspoken signals. Pay attention to the language you are using. Are you naturally using different languages and conceptualization?

James, like many people, is experiencing high levels of anxiety. I feel he is creative, and tapping into his creativity will give him calmness and a sense of peace. Creativity must be expressed, or anxiety will well up and take over. Using your giftedness points your spirit toward your true North Star and will relieve your stress.

Show Highlights

[01:17] Yvonne from France asks about career choices.
[02:49] Why having too many voices gives you internal chaos.
[03:20] A writing exercise you can use to weed out chaotic voices.
[04:01] Decisions are binary and “maybe” equates to “no”.
[05:00] Becky writes in about a family member who is on a different wavelength.
[09:20] James from Massachusetts is experiencing high levels of anxiety.
[13:25] Jonathan is furloughed and wants to know the best way to handle the unknown.
[15:03] I talk about the difference between chronos time and non-linear time.
[20:51] Use time off as a time to develop skills you didn’t have time for before COVID.

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