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Meet Laura

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Laura is an internationally respected speaker, medical intuitive, healer, and spiritual teacher. Her near-death experience left her partially blind, from which came an extraordinary intuitive sight. 

Her empowering messages of life, death, heaven, and our intuitive capacity resonate with all: "Everyone is intuitive, and this aspect of our soul-filled humanness can be developed beyond what one can imagine. Life is endless, and there is grace and perfection even within your difficult moments. That you are never alone, no matter what happens, you are always okay, and you are always, always loved.”

Laura's journey and wisdom have been shared on the conference stage with luminaries such as Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, Naomi Judd, Dr. Gladys Taylor McGarey (The Mother of Holistic Medicine), Dr. Mark Hoch, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Greg Braden, Carolyn Myss to name a few.  

She has been on NBS, ABC, Fox News, and national and international newspapers and magazines. Laura has trained healers worldwide and integrative medical teams in hands-on healing and medical intuition. She has clients a students in 150 countries.

She was one of 40 healers asked to participate in a multi-year clinical study at the California Pacific Medical Center, funded by the NIH, on the effectiveness of long-distance healing on HIV/AIDS patients. 

Laura is the author of Intuitive Wellness, Unlocking Your Intuitive Power, and Color Intuition, and her forthcoming book, Coffee Shop Angels: Witnessing Spiritual Guidance in Everyday Life (releasing Fall 2024).


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