Episode #002

A Conversation About Contemplation


Let's have a conversation about contemplation and the different aspects of contemplation. Today, I'll talk about a few contemplative principles, how to move through the act of contemplating, and how to get into a more centered space when we are feeling off-balance.

Contemplative practice is a structured practice without structure. This is an inward practice which allows you to connect and discover and centralize your mind. When you're more centered, you have more access to that which is outside of you, including the unknown.

Contemplation works, although the result isn't what you might have imagined. Working in the opposite way of planning out what's essential, contemplation is a state of being. You're in a bold state of allowing connection. This gives you the ability to connect on levels you can't possibly imagine.

Without the ability to connect, it's challenging to come to a place of genuine compassion for yourself or anyone else. Connecting gives us the ability to tap into our emotions and tell us where we are at any given moment.

Compassion is a level above empathy and clearly conscious levels above sympathy. Contemplative practice allows us to connect on a humble and passionate level. Compassion comes in an awakening form and is stabilizing to your body. It changes the way you view the world and the language that arises within you. Your perceptive lens organically change and so, too, does your perspective. 

Listen in to find out why your negative thoughts will take you in the wrong direction in your life, how negative thoughts leave distractive, destructive chatter in your mind, and why nature is one of the best places to have contemplative practice.

Learn how contemplative practice can expand your viewpoint, how the gift of your new point of view will bring you peace, and how to let go of your thoughts when moving through the process of contemplation.

Show Highlights

[01:08] The fear of the unknown in today’s world.
[03:12] What is contemplation?
[05:22] The structure of contemplation and the principles that make it important.
[07:44] Compassion is the elevated part of you that exudes loving kindness.
[10:17] Negative thoughts are distractors.
[13:13] Changes that happen to your perspective lenses as a result of contemplation.
[15:42] The purpose of contemplation is not to seek answers.
[16:30] Answers always arrive at the right time.
[18:41] How to create a new life for yourself amidst uncertainty.

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