Episode #004

How to Not Fear of the Unkown


Let’s talk about the fear of the unknown. What do we do when we are facing the unknown? Once we move out of fear, we need to be strategic about our actions. The quality of our decision is often affected by the amount of time we have to make that decision. While fear propels us into motion, we also need to pay attention to and feel where anxiety is affecting our bodies.

Remember, we all have an intuitive system. With intuition, you pick up nuances by just listening and observing. Using your five senses, you can gather information through your intuitive system. Pay attention to how you feel inside. If you aren’t connected to your words and your thoughts, you can feel disheveled and unfocused.

When I was talking to someone recently, I noticed a void and emptiness in their chest that didn’t match up with their words. My job is to use my intuition to see congruencies and incongruencies within people. Once I can find the inequality, I assist this individual in moving tward the path that feels best to them. It may not be their final path, yet, it’s the best path for this season of their lives. 

I asked her to tell me what she was feeling at her core. As she talked, the incongruence began unfolding itself and expressed the truth about her heart and where she is in her core. This revealed her inconsistencies —her internal cognitive dissonance.

All of life follows a sense of order. Any system can be interrupted by another system. Right now, COVID is affecting our system of life. This virus has put a halt on our standard system and flow. It has disrupted our way of living. The interruption came suddenly and erupted into our everyday life.

Listen in to find out what you can do when a system interrupts your system, how you can get out of your level of fear, what you can do about fear when it comes to your mind and body. Learn why clarity and resilience inside of you will bring you forward in life.

Show Highlights

[01:51] When your voice and words don’t agree with your body energy.
[02:36] Inequality of energy that created an imbalance in the body.
[03:58] Not thinking about what’s inside of us and only feeling the reaction.
[05:52] The most important thing you can do for yourself when fear arises.
[09:01] Fear will tell you how to react to the situation very quickly.
[10:30] You cannot perfectly prepare for any type of interruption.
[11:36] Listen to the voice inside yourself for information.
[12:34] We will always have interruptions in our world.

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