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Awakening To Your Field

Awakening is something you experience every moment of your day. It’s your ability to recognize the process of awakening and falling back to sleep to varying degrees that’s interesting to observe. 

We often think of awakening as being spiritual and it is. Of course. As we lean into our practices, we tend to turn a focused lens in a spiritual direction. 

However, as many of you know and have experienced, awakenings come through the body, the mind, your energy, your emotional self and they are, most certainly, driven by your soul … and your destiny.

Our lives move in a conveyor-like trajectory; from Spirit to soul to self to soul to Spirit.

It’s a circular, multi-dimensional, seamless process. Yet, it’s not to be equated with an easy path. It can certainly be smooth and it can also feel as if you’ve been hit with rocks and boulders. 

Your life is in and out of form more, perhaps, than you realize. Think about that for a moment. Check out what the above statement means to you?

We ebb and flow. Rock and roll. We are in and out of unconscious, intuitive and conscious mind all of the time. That is our flow. 

God, which for my six year-old’s mind, reminds me of the statue of Moses, sculpted by Michelangelo Buronarroti, 1513-1515. While that’s an interesting concretization of God, God to me, is really more like G.O.D. — Grace On Demand. 

This all-providing source of infinite, connected substance of non-human mind, which can provoke in us a sense of baffling casuistry with all-pervasive, ever-changing, constantly amassing and displacing thought particles.

… those are a lot of words to describe the indescribable; hence, baffling. 

I’ve spent many years in the desert🌵, spiritually 🙏🏻, metaphorically 😂 … and literally. I lived in Scottsdale, Arizona for nearly two decades. It’s a lovely, tidy very Cosmo-type of desert. 

Yet, the city’s landscape and safety factors change very quickly depending on where you place your feet. The harshness of sharp plant life, fangs, stingers, and absence of H2o will kill you, if you don’t understand  its nature. 

When you step away from the concrete, glitz and what’s left of the authentic and ancient cultural charm; when you step away from what humans have created, which in many ways is a miracle and supportive of human beings; when you walk into what is natural and real about the desert, you realize the paradox of reality, along with the genius of what is architecturally indigenous and that which is modern. 

When twirling desert winds whip and capture desert sands, particles of sand suddenly conjoin and become a reckoning force. Larger than life, a mile-high wave of sand can blind, stop and cover the fifth largest metro-plex in the nation.

It is quite a sight to see a mile high, curling wave-shaped wall of dusty sand come your way. You 're super happy if you’re off the freeway. You pray for those who aren’t. You pray for those in planes attempting to land at Sky Harbor those few minutes before the airport is engulfed. 

When she crests and overtakes you, there can arise a calm in the midst of the blindness. Always, after the crest you find yourself  in this calming flow. The sand is settling, as are the leading winds. You’re nervous system settles as well. 

This is true whether you’re in a sand storm, a dentist chair, or in the midst of a huge life decision. 

When it comes to deciding and creating, the crest of the wave  is often our conscious mind, mixed with our inner perfectionist just plain messing with us, blowing us off path. 

Yet, if you pause and give yourself some time to connect with where you are in the moment, there is always a calm space in the midst of the mess. 

Your choices, your path, your desires are right in front of you, in your energy field. They are behind you, or beside you, moving around your body, positioning “what’s next” in your field. Aligning with what I call, “the manifestation zone.” 

They call it “in the zone” for a reason. You’re in the flow, the zone, “you’re on the edge of glory” — yes we are Lady Gaga!

 It’s all in your energy field, awaiting landing instructions from your divine timing mechanism, which is in sync with your personal readiness. 

It’s all about The Field. You come from The Field. You exist within The Field. You create or dismantle aspects of your life in The Field. You are The Field. 

Like a wave of dust across the desert or a wave cresting on tropical shores, what moves in and out of your life ebbs and flows in this organic manner. 

If you've ever played in the waves, you may have been momentarily sad as the wave dissipated; yet, you know and see the next wave coming. 

The same is true in your energy field. 

In our lives, there’s disappointment, joy and everything else God has thrown into our spice mix. And there is always another wave flowing into our life. Always. 

Request what you’d like and wait for the wave. When requesting, it’s helpful to “know” that which you are desiring is part of your life. Meaning, what you’re asking for and willing to create makes sense to you. It fulfills a need, a want, a desire. 

 What you’re asking for must make sense to the season of life you’re in and what you need. If not, you get “non-sense.”

What you desire is most likely right is your field, or you would not be thinking of it. It’s in your field first and then with proper trajectory and a flick of destiny’s hand it will become a part of your life.

So, what do you need in this season of your life? Ask. Make space for you to create that which you know you need and is yours to do in this world. Await the awakening and know that it’s in your field. 

You are are constantly thinking and creating what is in your field.

Or is your field thinking and creating you?

 Big Love, ❤️🙌



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