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Masks, Elevators and Enlightenment - Tools For Spiritual Tidying #3

Elevators, masks and enlightenment...let's chat.

Spiritual Tidying, or any clean-up job, requires self-control, inspiration and dedication to the task at hand; all for the desired result of uncluttered flow, spaciousness and a more obvious, vibrant connection with the important things in your life. 

But elevators?

Ride along with me for a little FAQ on shiny distractions and psychological control. 

Passenger elevators came into existence in the mid 1800's, along with new construction techniques, demonstrating that architects would now be able to successfully elevate building heights. This allowed for the utilization of vertical space as opposed to massive amounts of horizontal space. Makes sense.

I do find it interesting that there were significant spiritual movements at that time as well. hmmm... technology and spirituality growing at the same time. it's called, The Second Great Awakening. 

Back to elevators... 

 From the mid 19th Century to present times, people are living 10 to 80+ floors off the ground. However, in those early years, it took a while to get up down the elevator systems. 

Standing around waiting for an elevator, people grew impatient, angry and started complaining to management about the loooong waits for the elevators, as well as the long stop and start ride itself. 

TA DA! Here comes shiny distractions and crowd management. They put mirrors or reflective services on the outside of the elevators and inside as well. This way, people would do what people naturally do, look at themselves in the mirrors. 

Put on some lipstick. Fluff and straighten your hair or clothes. Check out a cutie pie with a discrete sideways glance in the shiny surface. Hubba hubba. 

Control people with distraction. Ohhh....

It worked. Complaints about the long waits for elevators decreased dramatically. 

Also, mirrors in elevators have shown to calm people with anxiety. Again, distraction. Now everyone's on the phone for the vertical ride... distraction. 

 “Enlightenment is the awareness of all things simultaneously in accordance to one's capacity of scale and scope within the moment. You can only be aware of that which you are aware.”  

~ Laura Alden Kamm

Sometimes we are aware beyond the vision of the Hubble telescope. At times, we are closed, blind and can barely see the world within ourselves. We become focused on the smallest aspects of our inner and outer world. 

We then limit ourselves, isolate and our sense of self and life’s meaningful purpose diminishes to a nano scale of importance. 

Or worse yet, we loose our faith in our VERY OWN potentials and what’s possible for us. 

Our Spirit splats instead of soars. 

We are here to communicate, to commune and to create communion.

Anxiety, depression and fear are on the rise. Our kids are depressed, being distracted by social media and “filters!” 

Hello? Filters!  Filters are masks. Digital filters are shiny objects of distraction. Silencing our young people. Nope, can’t happen. 

I see people on social opening their eyes to the new eye color they’re “supposed to look best in.” The expression of surprise quickly turns to self-wanting to be different than they are. Crud, we all know that’s not good. Controlled distraction. 

You’re all here to do something, large and small and in-between. 

Let’s be literal and metaphoric here for a moment. 

Masks; absolutely wear them for your personal sense of safety and as ‘required.’  Do not, however, allow the wearing of said mask to entrain you or your loved ones as a sneaky metaphor, turned tangible habit, for silencing your talents and gifts and the movement of your unique voice in the world. 

Keep your Spirit unmasked. πŸ˜· πŸ’šπŸš€

This has been a tough time. No doubt about it. I’m totally optimistic regarding the human spirit; and we have tough times ahead, which we will get through. A reminder to not isolate yourself from your true nature or outside nature. Standing on the porch waiting for the tides to change is better than sitting inside or sitting on your brilliant ideas. 

Enlighten your life. Whatever makes you happy, feel complete, whole and connected, do that. Keep in touch. Commune, communicate  and create communion with your Creator. 

 You’re all healers here - by birth and some of you by occupation. 

Don’t mask those gifted skills. Stay steady with your spiritual growth and practices.

Do speak and connect with compassionate truth. 

Don’t let the outer restrictions, distractions or shiny objects restrict the way you are here to Light up the world. 

Do, please, Light up the world. 

The pandemic and endemic will enlighten and frighten. Both are true and work together to move us all through what’s “now, new and next.” 

 Do remember that no matter what happens in our outer world, we decide the landscape, depth and breath of our inner world. 

We choose how high we can rise. 

Enlighten up! 


With Bright Light Love, 









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