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How Do You Awaken Your Spirit?

 There are 86,400 seconds in your day. Micro-moments in which you can experience enlightenment.

~ LAKamm

Your ability and capacity to perceive are the catalysts that make up your reality. They are the framework for your awakened moments.

Intuitively speaking, your current intuitive abilities and the lens of perception through which you view the world shape all of your decision making, from the mundane to the miraculous.

What is true for all of us — the more we mature, physically, emotionally and spiritually — our capacities of conscious mind change, as well as our range of abilities.

You may think you’re making a decision based on facts, preferences and what you know. However, your intuitive system has offered first-responder suggestions in the form of whispers, somatic sensations and knowings regarding your choice. Its success and trajectory.

In most cases, depending on skills and conditions, these intuitive offerings can be as accurate as mathematic formulas.

Yet, what or who lives inside your body that thinks? That knows? That responds and takes action?

It’s not your brain. Although it is the ultimate correlating and filing system of thought.

I mean how many recipes do you have memorized? How many song lyrics can you belt out while car dancing?

How many cities do you know your way around, without looking at a map? Cities that are near where you live or are far far away. 

Do you remember your first kiss? No matter your age, I bet you can remember that!

These examples are your basic levels of the conscious mind. Massive amounts of data stored within your brain and nervous system, which includes your cellular memory.

But your brain is not a point of origination. It’s not the inventor or innovator. Nor is it your spiritual observer or directress. It’s a processing and storage facility.

What is the space between that which is conscious and seemingly unreachable and unconscious?

What does that look like or feel like insofar as the trap door, the screen or the filter that allows new information that was once unconsciously buried to arise into your conscious mind or stay submerged?

You know your thoughts are catalysts, potential unifiers and products of your conscious mind, across time and beyond space.

You also know that thought exists in the conscious and unconscious mind, as they are both part of the collective mind.

What part of you asks questions or has the awareness? Your body, for one. It speaks to you about what is both conscious and unconscious.

How aware are you of those 86,400 seconds in your day? We all faze out. That’s cool. That’s human. Yet, what marvelous seeds of potential awakening exists within you ... within each moment.

Let’s look at it this way. When you have an event in your life you typically do one of two things.

You either search for meaning regarding that event. Or the meaning organically seeps into your mind without you overtly seeking its meaning. What is it within you that prompts either one of those series of thoughts to occur?

The aspect of your higher mind, your 7th chakra is in league with your ability to do that and your capacity to really dig deep in order to reach high - that spiritual paradox is a constant.

Now, all chakras have intelligence that is known and unknown to you at any given time. All levels of intelligence can evolve and be elevated and awakened.

However, out of the seven primary chakras, the highest form of unbiased divine clarity arises from the 7th chakra.

This grace-driven aspect of you knows without thinking. The ultimate question then is what/who is thinking?

Is the 7th chakra a portal? Yes. It is a critical part of your intuitive system that when functioning well will open and allow the divine to flow through you, with awakened or awakening thoughts. 

The seventh chakra is known as the thousand peddled lotus. When I started studying Vedantic philosophies, the ancient drawings of the 7th chakra looked like a multi-petaled tulip positioned on the head like a cap or beanie.

Yet, as practitioners of energy and consciousness, we tend to perceive the position and structure of the seventh chakra as a lotus with upward-facing petals, opening to the cosmos — into the collective conscious mind.

What does go on within this realm of consciousness? This space where heaven-to-earth divinity enters into our human energetic and physical structures, palpating our very real sense of being human.

It is the part of our self that thinks our thoughts and watches our own thoughts as the observer. The witness. That part of ourselves that is our self; yet, can also travel outside of our more concretize perceptions.

This aspect of self stationed within the 7th chakra, does not judge. It observes. Assesses. It doesn’t govern over us in a protective parental manner. This aspect of mind is neutral and unattached.  It is ours alone and also our God self. 

God 🌬 Spirit 🌬 soul 🌬 self 

Seventh chakra conscious observing mind is unique and personal, generating surprising insights and cultivating seemingly miraculous experiences. However, it is also a dewdrop in the ocean of the collective mind.

Your seven chakras deliver insights, inventions, innovations, and imagination that streams into your mind. Trust those insights. Are you paying attention? Do you have the courage to act? Work with them and see what occurs.

I've talked in the past about your “right life.” Listening, integrating and expressing this level of information in your everyday life, as best you can, is your right life.

If we are savvy and paying attention, we will take that information and allow it to move through us for the betterment of others as well. Even though we perceive through our individualized lenses and at times it is about “the myopic me.“ A delightful paradox is that “all are one. What is in the one is in the whole.” Sacred truths cannot be denied, even if we try. 

Your spiritual life is the fountainhead of paradox. All of which are platforms and invitations for the growth of conscious mind and heart.

Happy Mind. Happy Heart.

With love,



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