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[CHAKRA EXPERIENCE] Decisions & Your Visionary Power

“Stand still … you are never without direction. Clarity arises in flawless sequence with need, intent, and direction.” ~ LAKamm

Ajna. The sixth chakra … the place wherein a subtle sense of awareness continually flows beyond time.

Profound and ever-evolving thirsts of soul and Spirit are quenched here, as elevated intuitive thoughts dissolve constricted conflict.

Life emerges aligned and resolute. Practical and spiritual living integrates, softening the once eyebrow-lifting paradox.

The feared unknown, crouching beyond your control, can be illumined.

What would it feel like for you to stand at your crossroads and KNOW which way to turn, entering into a new promising path?

 Like the wings on the back of this Texas woman’s truck, in the movie Castaway, there are always visual cues and signs along the way. In addition to the non-visual wisdom that arises. 

This sixth seat of energy and power can propel you through perceptual barriers and limitations in a blink of an eye. How marvelous is that?

What is wildly entertaining, if not awe-inspiring, is that this seat of visionary power is the place of simultaneity, which gives birth to your experiences of synchronicity.

Your visionary can feel, know, hear, and see. You have the ability for deep understanding insofar as what’s the correct course of action. Let’s discover more….

It’s important to understand that your visionary is a combination of gut-level and high amplitude awarenesses. For you cannot have clarity without your entire system weighing in on the need, intent, and direction.

Your first step to accessing your visionary is to stand still.

Intuitively look down or feel your way through the different crossroads and paths that you may be facing.

Are you able to discern whether or not this path is correct for you at this moment?

  • Try it. Think of a challenge you have right now. Large or small.
  • Breathe in and out. Get centered.
  • Hold your question/intention in your mind, softly. Be open to the question’s path to be revealed, as the answer may come from the peripheral of your mind.
  • There is no time and space with regard to your intuitive skills. You can even assess the path’s entirety if you take the time to do so. And if you’re brave enough.

Intuitive clarity requires courage.

There are two points I’d like to make there.

One, your belly-level visionary, the third chakra which manages your physical sight,  answers questions, inquiries, and conundrums with a “yes” or “no.” 

Two, your higher seat of power in the 6th chakra reveals details that are pertinent in the moment, as well as the connective tissues of the likely moments to come.

It’s important to know that your 6th chakra can reveal various scenarios and their trajectory through time and space. Variables are present, so you must take variables into consideration. Variables govern the likelihood of manifestation. The caveats you must pay the most attention to are the variables. Human beings change their minds on impulse and logic. Some of us change our minds based on intuitive assessments.

You must pay attention to these variables, such as likelihood, speed, density, rotations of tangible and/or foreshadowing structures and scenarios, outside influences butting up against personal preferences and the like.

This is a shortlist of potential variables; but, it’s enough to get you thinking in the right direction.

The 6th chakra may be energetically located in the area of the brain according to yogic philosophy. However, its function and visionary potential is a far cry from the wanting, craving, and desire to accumulate aspects of our lower human brain.

That my darling visionaries is the task. To rise above and hold space, perception, and perspective in the highest altitudes of the mind … your Spirit, which even more elevated than your soul. 

Remember, simply because the path forward may have some difficult times, doesn’t mean you shy away from it. You must go where you are legitimately called. Life isn’t easy. Life is, however, miraculous, filled with twists and turns.

No matter how skilled we are in our decision-making or intuitive insights, life still has the upper hand. That is where the visionary meets the divine human in you. This conjoining is where you begin to build trust for your life.

The higher level of the conscious mind that exists within this visionary seat of energy and power has the ability to guide you well. It is neutral and unbiased.

One of the most fascinating powers of the sixth seat of energy is the ability to tap into the simultaneous nature of reality.

When I died it was clear to me that there was no past, present and future. That all is one. This visionary seat of power allows us to experience that.

[Experience] Sit with me for a moment...

Close your eyes. Breathe in and out of your body.

When you’re ready, place your mind’s attention approximately 3 inches in front of the bridge of your nose.

Don’t enter into your body quite yet; keep your mind’s attention at this distance, away from the surface of your skin.

Now, allow your mind to be drawn up a half-inch, an inch, or even more up above the bridge of the nose.

When you feel a sense of ease or a drawing in sensation, you’ve reached the doorway.

Enter in ... allowing your mind’s attention to move into the center of your beautiful brain.

As your mind rests in the center of your brain, intuitively gaze, hear or feel forward, out from the center through the forehead in front of your body. Make mental notes of your experiences.

Now, turn your mind’s attention 180° and look, feel, hear the experience of the energy of this center as you experience its back portal and flow.

Examine with your mind’s eye and feeling nature the energetic structure(s) of this space.

What is the directional flow? What sounds do you hear? Do you experience any colors, wavering lines of energy, or other people’s energy or projections within the space? Is there a sense of divinity or not? Expansiveness or its opposite?

Stay here as long as you like. Become friendly with this seat of visionary power and conscious mind. We are never truly unconscious. Whatever feels as such is only out of range for the moment.

Tapping into the sixth chakra, while being well rooted in the first, second and third, holding expensive grace within your heart will lead you exquisitely throughout your life.

Experience the full-sensory input from the center. The seat of your expansive nature — of your Spirit, soul and self — is here. It’s one of the strongest intersections where the divine human in you is active and present and oh so filled with practical living wisdom.

I see you ... namaste`.


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