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You Do Create Your Own Reality

Breathe. In and out. Lying on your back or sitting in a chair, take a moment. Think about your life.

What have you been attracted to within your life? What aspects of life draw you in like a tractor beam? Have you followed those paths? Or have you hung them on the wall, framed as the ubiquitous mental picture, “I’ll do that someday.”

You do create your own reality. We don’t have to try, push, or hurt ourselves in order to do so. The seeds of your real life are already within you.

When you’re drawn to something, that is an indication that the seeds of manifestation regarding a new life, a new path, a new oath is rising within you, readying itself for birth.

Seeds. Path. Oath. Life travels and unwraps its treasures in this order.

You can’t find the path until you listen within. Hear the unburdening of the hull around the seed? It crackles with new life.

As this occurs, you notice that your footsteps, your heart’s whispers, and mind take you in a new direction. A new path. A new way is beginning.

What about the oath? This phase can happen quickly, with only a few steps of the path. Or you may need to stroll a bit, stepping on and over rocks and fallen branches. Swim across a stream or two or climb a mountain, scratching your way toward an unknown vista.

The sacred oath within you drives you to the unknown … the path. Yet, the oath is what we realize later. It takes time for the language of your soul to densify, demystify, and emerge congruent.

The oath is hidden within the seed. It is our resistance to the seed, the path, and the oath of serving the intelligence and creativity inherent within the seed that makes our life a struggle.

A magical aspect of growing into the human you are here to be, creating the life that is meant just for you, is that we need this experience. We, like the seed itself, need pressure to grow and move past our resistance in order to shine.

I started with someone who showed me a direction. A nudge toward the path.

For me, that person was my dad. I was five when he came home from a three-day conference. He was so excited to be home. I was the lucky one in the living room that felt the waves of enthusiasm for what he had learned.

I was fortunate to be raised by a mystical parent. Holy Rollie, our nickname for him. He was a Reverend, a Doctor of theology, a historian, a cathedral and battlefield enthusiast, and all-around love bunny.

Excitedly, he and I stood in the living room, while he taught me how to experience Qi and prana. He didn’t teach philosophy or dogma. He taught me the experience of energy.

He had learned a short Tai Chi sequence and a few yoga postures. In turn, I learned headstand, lotus, bridge, and tree. We stood 10 feet apart, palms facing one another. We walked toward each other, noticing when we could feel the connection of energy between us. He laughed and giggled and so did I.

It was a very short tutorial; yet, I stayed with the practices. I drove mom nuts walking on my knees in full lotus. She’d swing around in her chair at the thump of my feet and legs up against the wall in headstand; convinced I was going to hurt my neck. I didn’t stop.

That short tutorial put structure toward what I had organically been experiencing. The seeds inside of me are what drew me into the yard and forest to feel and watch energy emanating from nature. That connection was life to me. I bet you were the same.

What had been growing inside of me was confirmed to my five-year mind that day. Those seeds are still sprouting. How about you?

Yes, let’s bring this back to you. What seeds were planted in you that match the tractor beam of your life? Have you walked that path? Do you know and recognize the words of that inner oath that accompanies the seeds of your creative life? Of your power? Of your service to the world?

What seeds have grown within you, outpouring into your tangible life?

These are powerful seeds of Light — the Light of your soul. I’m not being lyrical or metaphoric. They are there. They are real. They are Light. A Light that I often see inside the cells of people’s hearts.

Look for them yourself. You’ll find them. Often, they find you. Follow these seeds. I know, you might be afraid. To follow them means change.

Yet, they are your greatest delight, joy, growth, and purpose.

You are the co-creator of your life. These divine seeds are raw materials; quantum kernels of truth well placed.

Your attention, intention, power, faith, and determination are the elements that create the alchemical moment, turning inert aspects of yourself into a vibrant path of clarity, direction, and abundant living.

If you know your heart, you know what you are here to do. Put your feet on the path. Let the seeds ignite the Light they carry. Allow sacred words, the oath of your creation and service, be heard within your heart.

I shared a webinar a few weeks ago. In it, I talked about the Four Tenets of a Healer. To me, we are all healers in some way. No matter our occupation or the way this aspect arises in our daily life. We all must follow these tenets.

Know yourself

Be true to yourself

Trust yourself

Be yourself

To live and create from here, well, you can give no better gift of creation to yourself or to the world.

I bow to the Light in you,


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