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Evolving Your Place and Peace

Firstly, Happy Father’s Day to those of you who are fathers. Those who are both father and mother to your kids or others. And to those father’s who are in Spirit. "Hi! Love you Dad!"

Secondarily, how are you doing, really?  That line is repeated over and over in Downton Abby, so I couldn’t help myself.

I’ve been soaking up the episodes of Downton. Why? I love the music; the velvet green hills and significant trees of England; the costumes; and besides, it’s peaceful. Okay, it’s easy to fall asleep to while in my comfy chair. 

You know, peace of mind and body is my imperative these days. Anyone raising their hand out there?

The world is a bit on a tilt, and I’m sure no one is surprised. Evolution is not easy. And my darling friends we are in it and heading for the next doorway. 

This is a good thing because, thank goodness, you’re awake and aware; therefore, you are an integral part of the solution. You’re here for the journey, for yourself and to support others. 

One of the most important gifts you can give yourself is to stay connected to the sincere wise part of you. I’m confident you are, in your own way. 

As we approach the longest day of the year, perhaps focus on these three things. 

— Be Positive  

— Listen

— Remember


This is so vitally important. It’s easy to have a chip on your shoulder or a chunk out of your happiness when so much is happening. 

If you’re a manifesting maven, focus on happiness. Peace. Joy. The things you personally need for your health, daily care, and purpose. 


Listen to your heart and not the chatter in the big loud “we say / they say” world. Do pay attention, though, by listening to the world with your interior, intuitive ear. 

Listen to the chatter so you can take care of yourself. Moving hither and yon as guidance directs. Listen to your very prompt, yet, subtle inner voice. Listen and trust. 


Remember you are here to serve, in some way, large or small. We are all here to be of service. 

One of the most amazing teachings I received when I was in heaven was to experience my soul. We are not like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man! Not even close.

Soft, fluid, undulating, vibrating, ebbing and flowing. Incomparable; yet, known and comfortable. Singular and simultaneously untethered and integrated with all. Weathered; yet, not worn. Wise; yet, not egoic. Simple; yet, divinely complex and complete. 

I could go on and on. Though, no words can compare to the exquisite eternal home we are.

Remember what you are by quieting your environment for 3 minutes or 3 days. Whatever you can do. Turn down the volume on the world and your technology. 

Take time to relax into yourself with a positive presence, listen, and remember your joyful soul. You are here to be leaders, guiding others through tough times with hope. You are Light. 


You truly are who you know you are, when no one else is looking. 


Global HUG! 🤗


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