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After dying, everything changed!

For decades¬†I've been teaching the development of world-class intuitive skills ‚ÄĒ medical intuitives, energy healers, holistic entrepreneurs‚ÄĒoffering best practices for a meaningful life and a successful, professional path of¬†service.

 "When you trust yourself ~ miracles follow."

After dying, everything changed!

For over 40 years, I've been teaching the development of world-class intuitive skills ‚ÄĒ medical intuitives, energy healers, holistic entrepreneurs‚ÄĒoffering best practices for a meaningful life and a successful, professional path of¬†service.

 "When you trust yourself ~ miracles follow."


"Laura Alden Kamm's voice is transcendent wisdom and compassion will be heard. Intuitively, she shines a gentle, yet penetrating, light into the darkness recess of our soul, bringing light into our own belovedness."

Iyanla Vanzant TV Host of "Fix My Life" on OWN, Inspirational Author and Teacher

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Ooooh How FUN!

Come with me behind the scenes of intuition and medical intuition where you'll find - how-to’s galore; practical & positive spirituality; mysticism, mindfulness, healing meditations and visualizations; mini trainings; business tips for healers. All of this and SO MUCH MORE are delivered to your inbox!

Every week on The Voice of Intuition Podcast you'll hear methods and tips to make your life easier and more meaningful. Bring your wisest self and put your gifts to work!

New episodes drop every Thursday.

The Real Deal¬†¬†‚≠źÔłŹ¬†‚≠źÔłŹ¬†‚≠źÔłŹ¬†‚≠źÔłŹ¬†‚≠źÔłŹ

‚ÄúLaura Kamm is the real deal. She approaches life with humor, compassion and a level of understanding that is well worth listening to. If you are curious about the world and how your intuition works, like to smile and laugh, and enjoy¬†having your mind blown, do yourself a favor and listen to these episodes. You won‚Äôt be disappointed.‚Ä̬†Studio Teacher Scott via Apple Podcasts ¬∑ United States of America


"You and I have something in common ~ we are intuitive human beings for life and beyond!"

Who Is Laura Alden Kamm

After a catalytic death experience, Laura has served people from over 150 countries as a compassionate guide for their lives, careers, relationships and even at their death ... and beyond. 


In the classical sense, Laura is a blind seer. 

While studying to be an architect at university, Laura developed a sudden illness that no doctor could diagnose. It took 11 horrendous and painful days for her to die, but not before she went completely blind.

During her death, she experienced multiple places in heaven and received information about the nature of life, love vs evil, our gifted nature, and her true work and service. 

After coming back from death, yet still, in a coma, it was discovered she had multiple brain abscesses throughout her brain's right hemisphere, a tumor in the right occipital lobe, and spinal meningitis. All of which was caused by a rare dermoid cyst‚Äď‚Äďher twin.¬†

Revived from the coma, yet failing and heading toward death once again, Laura underwent 10 hours of brain surgery. The doctor comforted Laura, telling her she'd be fine "in and out in a few hours." The doctors warned her family, "If she survives the surgery, she'll most likely be in a vegetative state. Be prepared." Laura's words, "God fooled them all!"

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"We were over 1900 miles away from each other...
Laura intuitively saw that my ear implant was 'a half of a millimeter too large.' She suggested I return to my surgeon if the problems persist. I did just that and had a second surgery. Afterward, the surgeon told me the implant was .5 millimeters (a half of a millimeter) too large! No more problems...Thank you!"   Michael C. - USA
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"As A Medical Intuitive No One Calls Me On Their Best Day."


Yet, after we speak, it's a bright new day!  I'll help discover the roots and resolutions of what's happening, offering clarity, direction, and peace of mind. 


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Open -  Align -  Heal

Change from high stress and anxiety to your stress-free, soul-refreshing inner world, as you transform your day and beyond with this 6-part audio series of Intuitive Wellness Healing. Your life's direction, and soul's guidance are all brought together under this one collection, traveling a healing journey inside your body and to places for divine guidance and peace of mind. 

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Elevate Your Intuition Into a Superpower

Unleash your inner Medical Intuitive! Learn intuitie skills and experience changes, shifting how you see yourself, the world, and serve others. Pick up the mantle of Medical Intuition, because well-trained medical intuitives are in-demand. Be ahead of the curve and heighten your healing skills; discover new ways to access and discern intuitive information with ease, accuracy, and clarity. 

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"Life comes down to this: "When you trust yourself  ~  miracles follow."

Laura Alden Kamm


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I help entrepreneurs in the Holistic Healing Arts develop world-class intuitive skills, offering best practices for a successful professional career and a meaningful life. 

As a 41 year veteran in the fields of Applied Energy Medicine and Structural and Medical Intuition, I can assist you in finding your way and become a champion for others using your unique gifts.

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No More Second Guessing!

Learn to intuitively read your energy field; track events across time and space; build confidence in your intuitive skills; and keep a keen intuitive eye on your life.

Develop this skill and bring your biggest best dreams to life.

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