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“As a Medical Intuitive, no one calls me on their best day.”



 Yet, after we speak, it's a bright new day. My job is to compassionately and accurately discover the roots and resolutions regarding what's happening, while offering three essential intentions ~ clarity, direction, and peace of mind. 

"I don't know how she does it, but she does. Nobody sees like Laura. She's like a walking MRI."

Dr. Mark Hoch
Physician, Educator, Past President of The American Holistic Medical Association

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60-minute consult $600.00

A 60 - minute consult is for first time or returning clients with a complex situation or multiple concerns - wellness, career, spiritual direction, and relationships. Need in-depth understanding about where to go next in life; or how to ignite your gifts and skills? All consults offer clarity, direction, and practices.

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30-minute consult $450.00

For previous clients only who have had a session within the past six months. A 30 - minute consult allows Laura to address 1-3 questions, depending on the situation's complexity. If you have a multi-layer situation, numerous complex issues please schedule a 60 minute consult. 

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"Based on what you intuitively saw and your recommendation to seek deeper DNA testing, we took Jason [18 months old] to Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia for further testing. They found what was wrong, Kabuki Syndrome, an extraordinarily rare condition. The doctor’s described the syndrome using your exact words, ‘It presents in a vague manner.’ We can’t thank you enough!"

Sarah M
Client, USA

FAQs & Answers to Your Important Questions


When you book a consult with Laura, you acknowledge and agree that your choice to do so does not constitute a medical or therapeutic relationship; nor preclude you from seeking appropriate medical/health care. A Medical Intuitive is not able to diagnose your condition, prescribe, or predict.

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 or your personal heath care provider(s) - medical doctor, psychotherapist, dentist, or any other health care provider.

By purchasing a consult you are agreeing to these terms and policies, taking full responsibility for your physical, mental, and spiritual health and well-being. Policies.