Schedule A Private Session with Laura
Schedule A Private Session with Laura

‚ÄúAs a Medical Intuitive, no one calls me on their best day.‚ÄĚ



After we speak, you'll have a plan, a new direction, and peace of mind. 



60-Minute¬† ‚Äst¬†30-Minute¬†

60-Minute Urgent 

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60 - Minute Session - $600.00


60 - minute sessions are best for complex issues - wellness, business, spiritual and personal growth, family matters, career choices, and personal training with Laura. She will address issues with up to two people in 60 -minutes.

If you have multiple family members, you'll need to eschedule additional  sessions. 

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30 - Minute Session - $480.00


A 30 - minute sessions Laura can answer 1-3 questions, depening on the level of complexity.If you are wanting to delve into multiple subjects,  a 60 - minutes is required. 

The more complex, more time may be needed to gather the most pertinent nuances. 

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"I don't know how she does it, but she does. Nobody sees like Laura. She's like a walking MRI."

Dr. Mark Hoch  -  Physician, Educator, Past President of The American Holistic Medical Association


 Priority 60-Minute Session $800.00

If¬†have an urgent session request, you can schedule a priority session which can be available sooner ‚Äď depending on Laura's personal schedule. It can be as soon as 24 - 72 hours, Monday - Thursday.¬†

Email us at: [email protected]¬†for options.¬†

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911, your healthcare provider. 


"I spoke with Laura about a relative's lung cancer before their surgery. Everything Laura noted about the location, size of the tumor, the number of tumors, was exactly what the surgeon told us post-surgery." 

~ Charles T., J.D. Arizona


My job is to discover, assess, discern, and compassionately and accurately report what's happening, and create a solution-filled plan specific to your needs. 

I’d be honored to support you in your jounreys of wellness, relationships, purpose, spiritual, intuitive, and personal growth, and all that life offers and tosses our way!

For over 40 years, I’ve consulted with individuals just like you, as well as businesses from around the world. Intuitive and critical thinking skills are my tools as an intuitive consultant, strategist, speaker, Energy Healer, and Medical Intuitive. 

From a wellness point of view, I can help you understand what’s happening in your life and body. Are there any emotional, energetic, or spiritual components? I'll help you bridge the gaps of information that often goes unseen or is seemingly disconnected. When it comes to medical, I do not diagnose or prescribe. 


"No matter what I'm assessing, it's essential to gauge the accuracy of the size, structures, growth pattern(s), and other tangible and bio-energetic attributes within and around various systems. "   

Be happy. Be well.    Laura


"Based on what you intuitively saw and your recommendation to seek deeper DNA testing, we took Jason [18 months old] to Children‚Äôs Hospital in Philadelphia for further testing. They found what was wrong, Kabuki Syndrome, an extraordinarily rare condition. The doctor‚Äôs described the syndrome using your exact words, ‚Äėit presents in a vague manner.‚Äô We can‚Äôt thank you enough!"

Sarah M.
Client, USA

FAQs & Answers to Your Important Questions


When you book a session with Laura, you acknowledge and agree that your choice to do so does not constitute a medical, psychological, or therapeutic relationship; nor preclude you from seeking appropriate medical/health care. A Medical Intuitive, unless they are licensed in their professional field of medicine or mental health. Medical Intuitives  cannot diagnose your condition, prescribe, or predict outcomes.

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 immedately or your personal heath care provider(s) - medical doctor, psychotherapist, dentist, or any other health care provider.

By purchasing a consult you are agreeing to these terms and policies, taking full responsibility for your physical, mental, and spiritual health and well-being. Read TERMS & POLICIES for clarification.P