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Intuitive Wellness Healing Collection

 A happy and spirited life can happen over night. Listen to these anxiety reducing, soul awakening visualizations, guiding you back home ... home to your calmer, aligned and empowered self.


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Real transformation is a journey and you’re not alone in your healing. My voice travels with you - mind, body, and soul. As you listen to the Collection, you'll reawaken serene and clarifying levels of self-awareness. Each Pathway allows you to tap into your highest connection between self, soul, and Spirit. 

  • Looking for new intuitive perspectives and some much needed change in your life?
  • These healing visualizations are channeled material, escorting you into each healing experience within other-worldly places.
  • Enter into spiritual spheres your soul knows well, reigniting connections within your body, soul and Spirit. 
  • Journal your experiences and watch your personal transformation right before your eyes.
  • Use the Bonus - Relaxation and Breathing Meditation to eliminate tension in minutes
  • Experience the continuing evolution of your intuitive skills and spiritual gifts with these six transformational pathways.
  •  Life-time access the audios, so you can repeat this healing journey as often as you like, revealing deeper inner dimensions of healing each and every time. 
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The Calm & Inner Peace You Need In Wild Times 


Life constantly requires clear intuitive messages, so you can create a soul-inspired and directed plan that works for each season of your life. Connect with your inner guidance whenever and wherever you are. This Intuitive Wellness Healing Collection was curated just for you, making certain you're supported in your spiritual quest ... the quest of your lifetime. 

Be Healed - Be Well - Be Happy 


Breathe out sighs of relief, as exhaustion melts into peace. 

Release fast-minded worries, as you listen to your clear guidance and discover new directions.

You'll breathe again as your body intended, while meeting your spiritual guardians and reflect on your soul's essence and journey.

It's a mystical, magical, and meaningful path. Come with me for an adventure of healing, connection, and growth. 

The Intuitive Wellness Healing Collection

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Pathway 1: Calming The Vagus Nerve

In order to heal, your nervous system needs to be calm and regulated. Your first step on a pathway to bone-soaking healing will create tranquility within your body's nervous system. Calming the Vagus Nerve  will relax your body, refresh your mind, ease your heart and open your life to an integral perspective of body wisdom.   -  21m:21s in length

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Pathway 2: Coming Into Wholeness

Now it's time to use the guidance you've been given to reclaim your energy and heal past conflicts with Coming Into Wholeness. Cleanse your energy field and release any and all invasive energies within your precious body. Ignite your joy, wellness and your power of choice.  -  17m:00s in length

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Pathway 3: The Sacred Forest

This Pathway is a favorite of many who have traveled here before you. Let's go to the sacred forest together. It's time for you to seek your deeper spiritual connection and guidance. You'll remember this place of soul and Spirit, as it's an essential place to bring forth your healing and new life's direction.  -  21m:20s in length


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Pathway 4: The Body Scan

Heal and keep an eye on your inner landscape. Enter into your body mindfully, like a medical intuitive. This relaxing, healing and intuitive assessment process will increase your intuitive skills each time you enter into this healing journey. Let the pressures of the world fall away. Establish harmony within your body and soul. Open - Align - Heal.  -  30m:12s in length

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Pathway 5: The Library

There is nothing more powerful than awakening to your personal wisdom and being able to access it within a moment's notice. The Library is a spiritual dimension; a repository of your soul's wisdom and trajectory in this life ... and others. Your guardians are here and will escort you to your timeless, soulful truth, where your answers are ever-present.  -  32m:29s in length


Pathway 6: BONUS - Deep Relaxation & Breathing 

One of the many gifts of mindfulness is, no matter in what environment you may find yourself, you’ll be able to refocus your mind's attention back to your breath and move your mental and energetic center of gravity down lower in your body. Down into your sacred center; the core within yourself. It is here you’ll feel  the most connected — energetically, spiritually, emotionally and physically. -  16m:48s

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 "I’ve gone from sleepless nights and anxious days to actually loving my life again! This healing collection is filled with gems of healing wisdom. The Sacred Forest was the coolest! Thanks Laura ... priceless!"  

Celia Cann, UK

Expand Your Inner Light, Healing & Spiritual Direction

Buy The Collection - $67.00

Meet The Voice Along The Path

Laura Alden Kamm ~ Functional Medical Intuitive, transformational healer and speaker, author of Intuitive Wellness and host of The Voice of Intuition Podcast.

Laura will guide you through each Healing Pathway with intuitive precision and healing energy. She believes everyone is on a path to awakening and sometimes we need rest in soulful tranquility and maybe a little nudge in the right direction.

Laura has 40 years of mastery in Functional Medical Intuition, experiential mysticism and applied energy medicine and healing. She is respected around the world for her skills and compassionate wisdom. 

"Thank you Laura. Your voice is so calming and healing." 

Joan F ~ San Franciso, USA

Buy The Collection - $67.00