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How Do You Respond To Subtle Energy?

subtle energy Aug 21, 2022

I do, I do. I do love the subtleness of energy. 

Subtle energy is the essence of everything. It is there at the beginning point of change, of greatness yet born. Of dreams coming into form and the gentle awakening of one's heart. 

A question I have for you, because he there's a lot of subtle and not-so-subtle energy out there; how do you handle subtle energy?

I admit, sometimes I blow right past it.  Sometimes, I recognize I have not lost my Momma Bear speed. You know that part of you that carries 5  - 10 bags of groceries into the house at once. 

The part of you that can strip a bed like a martial artist in 30 seconds or less.. The part of you who has lists galore on paper, on your phone, and in your head. Lists, that when to you do a task, and you DIDN’T put it on your list; you write it on your list and then cross it off! 

Can I get an Amen on that one!?

What I was reminded of  during my adventures at family summer...

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