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How Do You Respond To Subtle Energy?

subtle energy Aug 21, 2022

I do, I do. I do love the subtleness of energy. 

Subtle energy is the essence of everything. It is there at the beginning point of change, of greatness yet born. Of dreams coming into form and the gentle awakening of one's heart. 

A question I have for you, because he there's a lot of subtle and not-so-subtle energy out there; how do you handle subtle energy?

I admit, sometimes I blow right past it.  Sometimes, I recognize I have not lost my Momma Bear speed. You know that part of you that carries 5  - 10 bags of groceries into the house at once. 

The part of you that can strip a bed like a martial artist in 30 seconds or less.. The part of you who has lists galore on paper, on your phone, and in your head. Lists, that when to you do a task, and you DIDN’T put it on your list; you write it on your list and then cross it off! 

Can I get an Amen on that one!?

What I was reminded of  during my adventures at family summer camp is to slow down and feel the subtle energy of life again.

Many of you are healers by nature and also work within the Healing Arts. As healers, we live, breathe, study, flow with, push against, eradicate, modulate, and sometimes hesitate when we’re encountering or working with energy. 

It's all so subtle. Even when the energy feels strong or jagged. It still has a subtle harmonic to it. 

I’d love for you to join me in a bit of a game. I'd rather call it a game as opposed to a challenge. 

In the coming weeks and months, let’s play even more with our awareness of subtle energy; especially, when it doesn't feel so subtle. 

Life has been, well, interesting. Okay, scary, nerve racking, awkward, and swift with change. 

Yet, it's still subtle energy. And you my friends know how to move energy. You know how to handle it, Right? 

We can handle any energy this world creates. Yes, we can. 

I know when I feel overwhelmed, I stop and catch myself going upstream with my wild mind. I'll say, "Hey, we're not going there right now. Let's think about this.…”  I remind myself of the loves I have in my life, family, friends, you too! To me, these posts are love letters to you; because, I'm thinking of you as I write.

Seriously, I see the faces I’ve known for years. New names which have come across my radar. I hear the voices of those of you who have touched my heart during our conversations.

This feeling, the subtle energy I feel when I say "hello" to all of you warms my heart. 💜 I'll take this feeling any day of the week.

Life is so short, don't let negativity or choppy energy stop you from being you. Don’t let other’s voices rile you up, or stop you from living your dreams and getting out there into the world; creating the life you wish for yourself. 

With turmoil there is always creation. Step out into the world. Into what's new and calling to you. 

We all know life is a roller coaster. We can either say "Whee!" or "Whoa!" Life is outstanding and fabulous!  It's also boring and dull as all get out. Life can be so very, very difficult when you or your loved ones are not well. I get it. Truly, I do.

It's hard sometimes...and that's subtle energy too.

There is grace in this energy within our bodies and all around us. Feel it now with me. Feel it for yourself. 

Let it fill you up on this day and every day, igniting your dreams. Empowering your inner strength to keep going. Feel the love I know you do have for your life, no matter whether you're in a tough season of life or not. 

We are so fortunate to be alive. No matter what crazy things others are saying or shouting from podiums, platforms, or microphones.

Your life is a blessings. You are a blessings to life. You are a gift beyond what you think, as you're subtle energy too. 

Ask what you can bring to life; what life wants from you? Stand back and see what happens. Stand strong within your own inspirations. 

You are always protected by your own energy, which doesn’t mean you won’t have a bad day. Life is clever in so many ways.

Yes indeed, subtle energy matters. You are the steward of your energy and your environment. Do your best. That’s all you can ask of yourself.

I learned a lot when I died. I learned many lessons from those I encountered. 

My three favorites lessons, which I remind myself of frequently, and wish to share with you are: 

No matter what happens, you’re always okay.

You're never alone.

You're always, always loved.

Here's you to and the beauty of subtle energy which moves through you. Care for it. Carry it well and carry on!

With big, not so subtle LOVE,


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