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Want Your Best Life? Discover Your 'Life Purpose Radius'

life purpose Oct 06, 2022

In this podcast I breakdown the three categories of our life’s search for purpose and deeper meaning. It’s a paradigm I developed and call “Life Purpose Radius.” 

Listen and discover the dynamic sphere of influence you have inside which pulls you to your destiny. From this place, you will live a life you’ll dearly love and maintain contentment; even in life’s tougher moments. You’ll know and feel you’re on track. How refreshing!

The three Life Purpose Radii are: 

Local    Regional    Global 

I know Global can sound really exciting and sexy; but, each one has their own unique power, purpose, and resonance. They have their own special grace, leading you toward, truly, the life of your dreams and your happy spot. 

All three work together and rise and fall within us. Yet, there is one radius in particular that is our North Star, our guide to our best life. 

My sister...

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