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Want Your Best Life? Discover Your 'Life Purpose Radius'

life purpose Oct 06, 2022

In this podcast I breakdown the three categories of our life’s search for purpose and deeper meaning. It’s a paradigm I developed and call “Life Purpose Radius.” 

Listen and discover the dynamic sphere of influence you have inside which pulls you to your destiny. From this place, you will live a life you’ll dearly love and maintain contentment; even in life’s tougher moments. You’ll know and feel you’re on track. How refreshing!

The three Life Purpose Radii are: 

Local    Regional    Global 

I know Global can sound really exciting and sexy; but, each one has their own unique power, purpose, and resonance. They have their own special grace, leading you toward, truly, the life of your dreams and your happy spot. 

All three work together and rise and fall within us. Yet, there is one radius in particular that is our North Star, our guide to our best life. 

My sister Christine often says, “Everybody needs to pull their own happy wagon.” So true. When we know what brings us contentment, we have found joy. When we realize what level of service to our family, friends, community, and the larger populations and planet feel perfect for us, we have found our purpose and our bliss. 

Bliss is where it’s at! 

When you love being at home, in your garden, sharing your talents, with your community, neighbors, friends and family, you’ve landed in your True North. Your Life Purpose Radius is, Local. 

You love, love, love tending to your home, yard, family and helping your community grow and prosper. Sure, you get out of town, out of the state, the province, and country as you like. Yet, you are more like Dorothy from the movie, The Wizard of OZ. Your motto? “There’s no place like home.”  Ahhh, comfy perfection! 

you're the volunteer everyone wants on their team. In fact, you may be the President of this and that in your town. You're the Judge, the President of the School Board, Your a leading member of your church, the ecology and environmental clubs. You're volunteering at the local charities, both for animals and people. You're in it to help create the best community ever. For you, there is truly no place like home. You have such a sweet, relaxed feeling of worthwhile contribution, right in your own backyard. 

Now, if your work and wandering spirit take you out and about, needing to, wanting to breach the boundaries of your city, state, and province, you’re Regional baby! You love to travel around and expand your radius — with your work and your life. 

Short weekend jaunts on crisp Fall days, the golden, bright tangerine, and oaky red leaves twirl and dance behind your car as you zoom over the county and state lines into new, yet, close-to-home territory. 

You know all of the back roads, the county and state routes that can get you from here to there. The roads less traveled are your favorite; especially, when you have time between those work travel meetings. 

You love meeting the people in your region. Sharing, learning, and being with what’s next door to you. You, too, get out there and stretch beyond the familiar; yet, those shortcut Sunday drives, which turn into 6 hours of winding road trip bliss…those are your jam.

Because you know your way around the region; you know the people and see their needs, running for local or state office may not be out of the equation for you. Your Motto is two fold. “I've got you covered and take me home, country road.”

And now we have, Global Life Purpose Radius. It’s as obvious and the other two; yet, no fancier, nor more special. 

The motto for a Global radius person comes from the movie Auntie Mame, “Live. Live. Live! Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!” 

You have got to get out of the house. The state. The country. You’re an ethnographer at heart, thirsty to place yourself in the middle of new cultures, cuisines, and peoples. 

You are a peripatetic by nature. You must wander purposefully around the world or a large part of you will wither and die. You are simply not content unless you have a ticket to go somewhere. 

Certainly, you love your home-sweet-home. You may even take your home with you on the road. You’re willing to try it all. Live here. Live there. Try this kind of home. Live in a yurt for a while. "Why not?" you say, as you grab the next opportunity to soar.. 

You’re happy. You’re inspired and your work reflects your global passion and need to see what’s around the next horizon. 

Actually you're a combination of Auntie Mame and Johnny Depp’s character, Captain Jack Sparrow, “… Gimme that new horizon. Yo Ho!” 

You can live in a large city or a small town. Either way, you’re always thinking bigger and more broadly. Family may wonder why you’re always wanting out, or always so restless. Well, you know why. You must be out and about. 

Our work in the world, in our regions, and communities find us. We all have these qualities inside and they activate at different times, during various seasons of our lives. We do have one that is our guidon, our North Star reflecting our larger purpose and contentment.

 Sometimes life keeps us on the road. Sometimes life makes us sit back and enjoy the hydrangeas and summer squash in our gardens — backyard or rooftops gardens, it doesn’t matter. 

When it comes to finding our purpose, we are moved from the inside out. When we listen, we know what to do and where to go. We also know the timing, even if we’re frustrated that we’d rather stay than go, or vice versa. 

The point is, your destiny and the many purposes you will have in your life are right there, inside of you. Like I often say, “When you trust yourself, miracles follow.”

Follow the natural path you feel inside. You have opportunities all of the time to live the life of your dreams. Are you listening? 




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