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Positive Change Is Born From Visions of Gratitude

Wow, I can’t believe how fast summer is peeling by!

We can’t slow down the clock.  But as intuitive people, we can move our perspective. We can shift our intuitive lens— slow down or leap forward in what we think of as time.

I’m feeling a lot of gratitude as we head into one of my favorite months. August. I like August so much because it’s the first month, pretty much halfway through August, where I start to notice the angle of incidence of the sun is changing, as we move towards the fall equinox.

The shadows of the trees are not as vertical. The shadows are starting to shift angles as the sun makes its way toward the southern hemisphere.

I know it sounds so geeky. But I just can’t help myself. All of you empaths reading this, well, I know you feel it too! You not only see the shadows change, you feel it—you feel the change.

Those of you in the southern hemisphere have your own experience too. You can feel the sun coming down toward you. If you’re right in the middle of the planet, the equator, in between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, well, you pretty much have the same thing going on most of the time. But there are still subtle changes. 

If I wasn’t a professional intuitive, I know I’d be a storm chaser or enhance my degree toward being a Paleoclimatologist. I do actually track, chase, and investigate past, present, and forthcoming potential storms in my work, as solving problems is like storm chasing, looking out for what’s on the horizon’s edge.

I do truly hope your summer or winter has been fun, relaxing and even some moments of reflection and refreshment. Less storm chasing!

It’s really the first we’ve had without the heavy wet blanket of Covid. 2020 and 2021 were tough years. I know Covid is still around, but we can carry forward now. And we must.

Stay in a positive frame of mind! And believe me, I’m working it too.  I’ve got loads of things shifting and I’m certain you do too.

I am grateful for every moment. Because with gratitude comes the visions of what’s truly next for me and the same is true for you.

To help things move along the way, I am devoutly decluttering. How about you? Change is inevitable. You might as well give change a nice long runway to land.

Change for me never really comes out of left field. Ha!  I just caught myself. It actually does come out of my left field… That is, it comes out of the left part of my energy field. You too. 

Also, be aware of your nervous system. It knows when change is afoot.

When my nervous system engages in a certain way, my vision kicks in. My intuitive vision heightens. Auditory messages whisper a different tone in my ear. And that deep sense of knowing—those feeling, seeing, hearing aspects provoke inner responses. My intuitive system unzips a different level of mind.  

The incoming data drops down into the deepest part of myself and I “know.” 

Knowing is probably the hardest aspect of our intuitive perceptual lenses to trust. Yet, ironically, it’s really one of the first aspects which comes online.

I mean, we know when something’s off or we know something amazing is going to happen; yet, we simply can’t identify it.

We know there’s been some shift in our conscious mind. The angle of incidence of our own energy, life, and intuitive perception has changed. The way we think and perceive is simply different. Yet, we haven’t figured it all out. There’s no language to describe it.

The bolded sentences above, are two of my favorite inner shifts to experience. I love the feeling of knowing that something is changing and yet, I don’t have language for it. I truly love that!

The reason I love it is that I love to witness and experience the transition from that point of knowing but not knowing, to watching and feeling hearing and seeing new language, people, and events arise in my life.

That’s when I really turn my attention toward primary, secondary, and tertiary energies and draw out, what I call, “the lines of time.”

In my mind, and I do this with clients all the time, I take my intuitive vision forward or backward and stop at a point or various points in times which grab my attention. These points of attention are usually related to the burning question. This is one of the ways you can intuitively track time for yourself.

Give it a try. You never know what you’ll discover. Always remember to trust yourself. Believe me, as I’ve come through the dark times in my life, I know there are miracles within every moment.

Do we see and feel those miracles? Do we recognize them, especially when life is tough?

 Therein lies the question. Does it not? More on fate, destiny, and miracles next round. 

“Trust yourself—miracles follow.”

With love,


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