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3 Stages of Healing For You To Practice

gratitude healing Aug 01, 2022

I trust all is going well with you!

I’ve been working in the EU and seeing family who live in Italy. I know, tough stuff right? With COVID, we’ve been communicating like so many others, through the looking glass of FaceTime. Grateful.

Right now, I’m in Frankfurt, Germany working with some folks. A common burning question with this group was, “With the economies the way they are, war close to us, and all the stress and such of COVID, how can I really create the life I want?

Tough questions many of us are asking from around the world.

How do I create a meaningful, happy life—this is an ancient human question. It’s the ultimate personal quest. 

Each question we ask ourselves is a quest.  

The very word question, Latin ‘quaerere’ means to seek, to examine, to investigate; the suffix tionthe action, the result. 

The quest today? 

Here are 3 stages of healing to help you turn situations around. Consider, explore, and practice these daily. 

Stage One: 

You know this…your mind needs to be in the right place. Thoughts need to be congruent. Not all day, everyday; but at least as consistently as possible each day. 

All thoughts! If you wake up worried, be grateful you’re worried. I know. Don’t click off the email just yet. 

You need Stage One: right thought.

If you’re worried, angry, or terribly terribly sad don’t push those thoughts away. They are as important as your yippee skippy thoughts when it comes to creating your desired life. 

I call this process, “Inside Outside Thinking.” What you’re thinking about has to come to the surface and be spoken or it will continue to create chaos internally. 

Whether it’s your genius book you’ve been stalling. I’ve been there! Or it’s your art; a relationship (in or out of one); job to career; what seems like a wild life move; etc. etc. etc. 

Soooo, here are Stage One Examples: 

I’m so thankful for feeling and being afraid to confront my boss. I’m grateful for this fear, even though I hate feeling this way.

I’m super thankful I woke up worried for the third day in a row (ugh) about my car breaking down and how I can’t get it fixed, yet.


These types of statements, shift the narratives and dynamics of fear, hate, worry and anger. Your brain goes, Screeech!!! What the heck? Thankful for worry and anger?


If you’re experiencing painful emotions and events, which all of us do, shift gears with gratitude and open yourself up to what’s next. 

But don’t get confused. This is not the gratitude you may be used to — fluffy clouds and puppy dogs style. 

It’s very important to be positive when that’s what is; but positivity is not all there is to your life’s adventure. 

Yet, we can move through the tough stuff more balanced, well, and out the other side by holding thankfulness, mindfulness, and gratitude in our thoughts—even when it’s about being grateful for our anger.

Like I always say, “When you trust yourself (even if your ticked off) — miracles follow.” 

Here’s another example: 

I’ve lost my relationship and I’m thankful I’m so angry and sad. I’m in pain. I’m grateful I can feel this deeply. I’m grateful this hurts. I’m thankful I’m alive. One day, I’ll remember with kindness the nice times we had. 

When you do this, you’re in the first stage of healing called right thought.  You’re in right thought because you’re being boldly honest about how you feel in this moment, to your brain and heart, and your soul. You’re being where you are.

This takes you to stage two of healing, right fit.

Stage Two: 

This is when you brain is chewing on the weirdness on thankful and worried or angry and grateful. This incongruence, this dissonance, opens up your intuitive system to find a solution.

Then, right fit arises. The solution that fits the situation comes to mind. 

This typically brings a sense of peace and calmness; even to your most agitated self. 

Your body usually takes a deep or shaky sigh at this point. Your nervous system is calming down. You’re moving through your discomfort.  

Stage Three: 

Then, you intuit better thoughts, right-for-you-in-the-moment thoughts. Your discovering solutions which make sense in the moment. 

Then, here comes stage three, right timing.

During this brief process, the Universe has been able to wiggle its way through your worry, sadness, or anger and move you to your new inside - outside destined place; where right thought and fit manifest as right timing. 

Now this occurs with positive imagery, as well. Of course it does. 

However, the point of this sharing is it answers these lovely folks burning question. “How can I really create the life I want when the world, my world, is in chaos?”

You can; by being mindful of what frustrations you’re feeling, old and new alike. Turn your situation around by being grateful you’re in touch with those upset feeling. 

Nothing blocks a happy day or happy life like dealing with consistent worried or angry thoughts about something you can’t solve or someone you can’t help in the moment. 

Your emotionally charged thoughts are what they are. They’re what you’re feeling in the moment. True? 

It’s not about right or wrong, good or bad. 

It’s about here and now, right thought. Being present to your inner conversation, no matter the emotional temperature, right thought, will begin to set you free. 

This offers awareness of self in the moment, right fit. You feel better in your skin, even if you’re still having a hard time. It is lessening. 

Right fit, allows what needs to be or needs to change to occur, right timing. See? Super chill. Super easy. 

Right thought.

Right fit.

Right time.

What I have discovered with this in my many years of hands-on-healing and working in intuitive, energy medicine (so if you’re a practitioner of such, perk up a bit); our bodies are always relieved to know, to feel, to experience that someone (you) has paid attention to, in this case, what are your painful emotions and situations are feeling like. 

Pain, which has not yet eased up or stopped; yet, it wants too. 

Constant worry about this or that. A specific worry coming up over and over again about the same thing… tough stuff to constantly think about. 

Here’s a way to free yourself.

Your being, your body, your sweet soul wants to learn through joy and pain. Hence, life in these unique bodies and situations. 

Three simple stages, which don't take as much time to go through as you might believe. 

If you awaken or go to bed with the same worries, sadness or fear, try to write out and be aware of these three stages exposing your worries, anger, etc. 

Write them out in your journal, at a time when your mind feels open and soft. Or even if you can catch yourself in the middle of angst, work through the stages.

In my experience your mind and body will start to turn the negative edges into smooth, rounder corners, which are more easy to navigate. 

Then, the road straightens out. The pain fades and drops. Solutions arise. You change and heal and become inspired from the inside out in your own way. 

We are here to learn and we learn in both perfect and imperfect ways. 

Right thought. Right fit. Right timing. 

Lots of love, 






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