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The Upside Of Being An Empath

empath intuition meditation Aug 25, 2019

I'm standing on the corner 77th St. and 3rd Ave. in New York City. It's always busy. It's always noisy. New Yorkers are oddly quieted by the symphony of horns, the subway’s swooshing rattle popping up through the steel grates on the sidewalk, and the whoop whoop whoop of sirens. 

They are the sounds of home in the City.

School just let out. I left my apartment to hunt and gather for my dinner. A couple of middle school kids stood beside me at the corner. 

Like a rubberized superhero in a movie who, while standing in a static position in the midst of chaos, I was intuitively drawn out of my body and hovered above the fray to feel an ominous coming.

“What’s going on this time?”

The WALK sign flashed in our direction and it was clear to go; yet, it wasn’t!

I landed back in my body just in time to break free from my New York street cocoon and said,” Hey kids, wait!” 

My right arms stretched out as if I was in my car protecting my kids from a sudden stop. You know, The Mom Arm. 

The kid’s annoyed eyes said it all, “What-a you doin’ lady?” 

A once silent car broke loose from the curb and careened past us, clipping the curb less than two feet from our feet.

We would have become hood ornaments. 

New Yorkers are sublime in navigating space. Like an elegant dance, one learns how to flow through pedestrians and vehicles, as if you’re a part of a city-wide ballet. 

In order to do this one’s empathic radar is required. It’s the only way you can flow up or downstream with the rest of the crowd, like salmon in a stream. Especially, when the subway flurry comes up for daylight. 

Flowing. Dodging. Seamlessly in motion with a look of stealth, indifference, and commonality on one’s face. That’s a compliment. It’s a state of mind — of empathic impersonal flow. 

Over the past month or two, I’ve been thin-slicing empathy and its levels and stages. I’ve laid out the icky and iridescent aspects of being empathic.

These organic skills, which you naturally possess, bring energetic, emotional, and spiritual savvy to your life. Highlighting experiences that are dimensionally spatial and sensory. Face it, you have enormous superpowers. 

Your intuitive skills are incredible and unlimited insofar as capability and range. They bring heaven to earth. They bring inspiration into form. They bring you to your soul and back again. 

My younger sister Kate lived in South Africa for a number of years. She told me that when someone said they would do something for you they’d say, “now” or “NOW NOW.” You knew how soon they would come over by their response — now or NOW NOW. 

Like this colloquialism in Zimbabwe, your intuitive system is with you NOW NOW. Your intuitive system brings you HOME HOME; not just home. 

Intuitive empathy gives your life an astute level of awareness, allowing you entree` into a domain of feeling and wakefulness that can be nerve-racking ( when it’s unrefined and primal) and sublime (present with oneness.) 

Empathy is a critical aspect of your intuitive radar. It offers a continuous stream of information as to where you may be experientially and viscerally living at any moment in time. Are you taking the time to feel it? I do hope so.

Beyond all of empathy’s instinctual aspects stages and elevated levels, being an empath offers stellar opportunities to awaken and live with grace. 

When you open your intuitive empathic skills you can: 

Land in your body and guide your life from this most authentic and accurate place. 

Sense what may be coming around life’s corners.

Be more present to the moments of your life — large and small, subtle and blindingly obvious. 

Experience a depth of feeling, compassion, and trust with your life.

Empathy (not sympathy) will help you be a better human being.

Your deep gut-level feelings allow you to make clear decisions. 

(A lack of non-feeling is where we can get derailed. I’ll write to you about The Walking Head Buddha Syndrome I’ve mapped out over the years. But that’s next week — stay tuned!)

Last, but not least, you can feel the presence of your angels and those who love you and walk with you in Spirit, which is sublime.

As you and I move forward together exploring the vast inner and outer territory of your intuitive ecosystem, rest assured that your intuitive skills are always with you, waiting for you to listen to them. To hear. To see. To know and to experience the richness of all that you possess. 

Until next time. 

With love, 


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