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A Powerful Practice to Root Your Energy

Your root. The foundational power of your life, connectivity, and the base of self-esteem.

Your root. Your sense of safety, from which arises your perception of worthiness.

Your root. Your survival level of intuitive perception.

Your root. The (un)conscious operating system that runs a pre-programed life or peeled back presence, achieved through vulnerability, allowing, healing, and self-realization.

Your root. The nano-speed gear controlling your impulsive and “yes” or “no” choices.

 Your root. The place from which your style of nurturing and nourishment is dictated.

Your root. The foundational structure through which all stages and levels of consciousness filtrate.

You’re a top down creature — a conscious soul being human. Paradoxically, we live from the root up; like a seed seeking to capture, be nourished by, and remember the Light from which it comes.

In conversations with people, l often see their energy dance upward as they describe their meditation practice. So many appear to me as an energetic incandescent lightbulb.

Their energetic/mental center of gravity is more bulbous, rising from their chest to a point above their heads. The rest of their body’s energy systems are left with thin, less substantial energy from the waist down. Their root energy is more unstable and hectic. 

Our root energy does not function well when excluded. We feel disconnected and uprooted. Not a good thing when the root system has direct access to your life’s panic button.

Our root is where we need to feel mighty and masterful.

When we feel hectic and freaked out, we’re uprooted. When that happens to you, I can just about guarantee you’re not breathing or breezing through your day. This can leave you restless at night and worrisome during the day. This cumulative effect adds up, stressing the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems. 

As If you’re not busy enough, the blue-screen devices light up our faces, brains, and nervous systems while obscuring our view of the world and the vibrant life that is directly in front of our eyes.

Without our feet and eyes on nature, we cannot root. We cannot survive, feel contentment, or awaken. 

We must be rooted in order to rise up to meet our life and purpose.

Without breathing deeply, with awareness, there is no connection to ourselves or to life. We loose our organic relationship to nature's ebb and flow and to the vibrant energy of the unseen world. 

Fortunately, there’s an early warning signal from your root that occurs when you’re stressed. It is a physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual sign that your nervous system is moving toward a state of overwhelm, heading toward imbalance. 

So, what’s the signal?

It is a sigh. That’s right. A breathy vocal exhale - a sigh.

Let me ask you … when you pull off the interstate loop and on to the road that leads you home, do you let out a sigh? When you get in the car after shopping at the market or mall and you click the seat belt, do you sigh? How about when you crawl into bed at night or get out of the shower, preparing for your day?

Signs and sighs. Rooted connection and disconnection.

Let’s talk about signs first. People love to pay attention to the signs in their lives. It’s fun to see the synchronicities of life show up. 

When they do, we feel more alive and rooted.  Signs gives us a sense of hope, connection, and faith regarding our alignment to what’s larger than ourselves. It reminds us of flow - personally and collectively. 

When we are in flow, we are connected on high and also rooted deeply within our own aliveness. 

I love signs.

I also love sighs; the powerful signals indicating that alignment, synchronicity, and the power of connection may be slipping through your fingers if you don’t pay attention. 

Pay attention to when you sigh frequently. It’s a sign.

Truth is simple. Being human isn’t. We forget the most fundamental powers that keep us aligned and interconnected.

What binds our soul to our very life is breathing — the sigh or a deep breath. 

God breathed and the earth was created. 

Buddha touched the earth and became enlightened.

Breathe and root. Heaven and earth. Soul and self.

The root holds us here so that we can experience life. Breathing is the stabilizer for the root.

If you want to awaken, you need to be in your body. That is the whole gig of being human. To wake up within this paradox of a life, within your fragile, yet sturdy body.

Sending a Loving Sign ...   




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