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The Energetic Hierarchy of A Healer

alignment chakra healer Apr 28, 2019

There is nothing more important than to discuss, discover, and to experience one’s soul in action in this life. In order to do that we need to be open, allowing and awake to our own healing power and the grace that surrounds us, always.

 The purpose of healing is to reestablish alignment. As a healing facilitator, that's what you do - reestablish alignment for your client or patient.

 So, what about you as a gorgeous and delightful human being? What about you as a healer?

 Through the years I observed an interesting hierarchy within people that, when it’s connecting, allows them to facilitate their own healing and help others discover the power of healing.

 It doesn’t matter if you’ve been trained in a certain healing art or medical system. This is an organic system that exists and operates outside of, yet, is also connected to any knowledge you acquire. Like I always say, “When it comes to healing, you’re the method.”

 The hierarchy is simple. Staying in alignment is where the work is — because as emotional beings we can muck up the system. But hey, that’s part of the learning curve.

 On a side note, which is a hint, whenever I feel out of balance, I stop and take myself back to the mountaintop. For me that mountaintop is:




self. (The small “s”is on purpose, because I am a wee little part of these significant cosmic cogs.)

 This is my personal hierarchy which keeps me in alignment. My sense is this resonates with you too. These are the big players of our lives, no matter the name by which you call them.

 Circling back to the energetic hierarchy of a healer … it's a three-part configuration. It is a living, breathing, and dynamic structure that connects to soul-originating information of the most highest order. When you are aligned with your healer’s hierarchy, information flows easily to you on behalf of yourself and others.

 Here is The Healer’s Hierarchy, starting at the top. Keep in mind though, it is the lower sections of this triune that can toss this core system off the rails in a heartbeat. Read on….

 ONE: Describing this in yogic terms, your eighth chakra is at the top of the hierarchy. This structure of consciousness is an integral part of your intuitive system. One that is often ignored or discounted.

 It contains all of the information housed within your quintessence — your eternal authentic nature. Grace is here. God is here. Your original soul that connects to Spirit is infused within this structure. This information can be intuitively-delivered to you at the speed of fluttering angel’s wing, which is a tad bit faster than a New York second. Actually it's a lot faster.

 TWO: Your heart chakra is next. If your heart is not open and allowing. If your ego is not too strong, meaning the purity of the heart has not been tainted by more self-serving attitudes on the manipulative side of the fence, you can hear, see, feel, and know clearly. If not, it's harder to heal due to one’s pain-scorched agenda.

 We’ve all been through the wringer. Life isn’t easy. If the heart has been tainted by trauma in which the trauma has become a juicy story regarding your life, the filter through which information flows becomes denser and less clear.

 Trauma is awful. There is no way around that truth. When we lean emotionally into our trauma, add in our empathic nature merging back into the feeling of that dramatic memory; well, that brings it all back to life in the present moment. Vulnerable as that may be. That generates a stronghold in the heart and makes it ridiculously hard to heal.

 The trauma becomes a story in your life with a live action figures, constantly nicking at your ankles, pushing you through decisions filtered by trauma. We all do this. I’ll say that again … we all do this.

 You can heal and find new level of balance instead of having an emotional and nervous system-charged memory. Trauma, when handled with skillful care, trust, and vulnerability, can move into a place of being honest history. History, that with awareness and inner work, offers you the courage needed to shift the perceptual lens and move beyond. 

 THREE: The third and final structure  of The Healer’s Hierarchy is the root chakra. All life begins in Spirit. Paradoxically, all human life is ruled in the root — the seat of safety, structure, survival, and all things humanly attached to life itself; fulfilling our needs, wants, desire, and seated in your strongest emotions. 

 When a seed finds itself in the soil. Its first instinctual action is to crack open its outer shell and drop a root into the soil so that it can survive. It survives through connection and the nourishment connection brings. Then, an only then, can the seed grow with strength.

 The Healer’s Hierarchy is the quintessential oxymoron of human existence. We are having a “working vacation for the soul.” That is WHAT we are living. The Who we are is generated through the process of life. Most importantly, to live our most authentic, aligned, and enriched life, which is different for everyone. That’s where the fun begins. We try to be like each other and we fail; because, we are ourselves. 

 The soul speaks. The heart needs to be able to hear it, without a hearing aid. The voice of the soul needs to be felt, heard, seen by the power of the heart, and rooted deep within your body. That is when your being comes alive for real. That is when the healer in you awakens and can live a most fantastic life.

 Do you want to be happier? Of course; we all do. If you’re like me, nothing keeps me going more than the discourse I have with my own soul. 

 You can create a great working vacation for your soul, by tapping into your own healer’s hierarchy and feel  the innate power you have within that alignment.

 You can do this, because this is who you’re here to be.




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