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Supporting Your Inner Healer

Uncategorized Sep 15, 2019

Hey Everyone!

I hope you’ve had a great week! I also trust that you’ve taken time to experience the meditation I sent in last week’s writing. If you haven’t, here’s a link to go back and experience this soulful practice.

I’m in the process of creating something special for you that I’ll send out over the next few weeks. It’s a series of concepts and techniques that have kept me going strong, week after week, through some 40 years of being in service as a:

  • Hands-on energy medicine and healing practitioner
  • A medical intuitive
  • A structural intuitive; I’m the creator of this discipline
  • A long-distance healer; founder of Miracles Beyond Miles (I’ll share more on this aspect of my work in the near future.)
  • A Kripalu-trained yoga teacher (I bet you didn’t know about this one!)
  • A 3-times best-selling author with a 4th book on the way
  • A business owner, without compromising the connective tissue and Spirit of my work or myself.
  • A global clientele and students that organically grew, by word-of-mouth, pre and post-internet.
  • … and a teacher of it all.

These years have humbly taught me a thing or two about healing, humanity, and myself.

We need to consciously abide and respect our energy, thoughts, mystagogy, and intercessory intentions.  Our individual purposes, callings, paths, inner worlds, our intuitive system, and of course, the many faces of God and healing must be regarded with deep consideration.

These are the natural steps we take along the way.

Whether you’re in the healing arts or not, we all have to care for and manage our energy, empathy, and intuitive skills.

Next week begins my new series that will help you activate and care for yourself and your inner healer. If you’re in the healing arts, it will help you hone your skills and assist you in your works of service.

For now, head back to this link and give last week’s practice another try. Take note of your experience.

Or reread the series on Intuitive Empathy and check-in with yourself, noting any changes you’ve discovered regarding your intuitive, empathic skills. Do you see yourself more clearly?

The Empathy series starts here: and keep reading the weeks after.

As we grow into a deeper knowing of ourselves, we must take time to reflect upon the changes insofar as our personal identity and character, as well as our outer behaviors.

Life and spirituality are not about constant consumption.

We must stop and pause. Intuition, inspiration, contemplation, and reflection are imperative to your evolution.

Until next week, precious being.

With Love,















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