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Standing Strong & Courageous

courage mystical path Jun 25, 2022

Stand or sit where you are and keep on reading. 

Uhhh, but I guess you can’t look at your feet if you’re reading! 😅

Yet, whether you’re lying down, sitting, or standing, take a second and look at your beautiful feet. For just a moment, look away from the computer or phone and yep, look at your feet.

Lean over touch them if you can. 

You may have sore feet; bones that have their own agenda; touchy fascia; toes that have been bumped and now have curvy directions all their own; or you may wear prosthetics. 

Take your time and really look at your feet. 

They are the feet of a mystic. Perhaps you didn’t realize this. Yet, it’s true. 

It’s true as you seek contemplation, self-awareness and have personal, unanticipated, non-judgmental experiences with that which is beyond yourself. 

We all have tough times with mountains to climb and valleys into which we can slide. Yet, look at your courageous feet. They'll carry you and help you find your way through. 

The only reasons not to look at your feet and not experience this with me is you are delightfully stubborn. You feel silly. Or you can’t physically reach your feet.  

If there is no physical way you can reach your feet, go for your knees or your thighs.

Adapt. That's what we need to do. Adaptation is necessary and vasty different than capitulation. 

And now we’re breathing. In and out. 

Take your hands to your precious feet. Give them a gentle rub; use a little essential oil even. They’ll love you for it. Say hello to your strong and stable feet. 

As you touch and hold your feet you’re grounding, joining your feet with the energy of your heart, which flows through your chest, arms, and out your hands—and now onto and through your marvelous steady-as-she-goes feet. 

And you’re breathing—perhaps bending forward and resting your upper body on your legs. Your head bowed, helping you gain a new perspective; connecting with the purity of heart and care. 

Inhale, and settle back into a comfortable position.  

Now, look at your feet again. Don’t even say a thing about whether you need a pedicure or not.

You are beautiful. 

Where you stand is where your strength exists. You are strong here in this moment. No matter how the outer world is churning. Nothing can get to you, unless you believe it so. 

Always remember you’re stronger, wiser, and more brilliant than you may realize in the moment.

Never let anyone tell you other wise. If that occurs, and you honestly have not behaved badly toward another, know they are projecting their dissatisfaction of life onto you. 

It has nothing to do with you. 

Keep an eye on your feet. They are your calm and durable roots.

Your mystical feet will always guide you to where you are destined. 

Walk on with strength and be magnificent! 



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