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Learning Peace — Being Peace

awaken peace Nov 02, 2022


“Theres a force inside of you… a presence, that can ward off anything.” 

“Yeah, Obi Wan, I know. Yada Yada, The FORCE.” 

Yep, The Force. But it’s not what you might think. It’s not the light saber, although that’s handy for a quick resolve. It’s not the power to levitate, but hey, that’s super cool when it happens. Rising above a situation is always a good change in perspective. It is a presence which is often elusive. 

We can’t buy it. 

No one can give it to us. 

Amazon does not keep it in stock, nor does any bank, job, or person.


Your intuitive system does not work as well when you’re super stressed. It will certainly come to your aid if your scared or in danger. 

It will generate words of action, invention, innovation, inspiration, and direction upon command from your voice, heart, and soul. How clever! 

Yet the more you find yourself gasping and pushing, or trying to pull something into your life; or you're being pulled in directions which don’t fit, yikes…you’ve entered into the mist. 

In the mist there are creatures lurking who wish for you to not have access to the light-filled seed of this Force. Sometimes, the creature is your own mind. 

So who’s chasing you into the mist? Pushmi Pullyu, of course. The delightful dual-headed and dually-directional lama from Doctor Dolittle. 

We all have a desire to pull treasures toward us. We think we want certain people, things, locations, and opportunities; but do they fit? Or are we mirroring what’s outside of us, instead of letting what’s inside, the light and truth. Who is guiding you; ghosts or grace? 

Do you push people, opportunities, or your truer path away from because it’s too hard? 

Our own inner fear, the ghosts of past failures or shame are keeping us from what’s our passion, and inspired soul essence. 


You cannot over think peace to achieve. Yet, you can make a choice to let things, attitudes, impulses, people go. When you stop pushing and pulling and let “it” go, therein lies your peace. Always present. Ever steady. Sometimes hidden.

The power that generates The Force is peace. Sounds boring,? It’s not. The power to live a productive, enriched, and peaceful life is easier than you think. Peace is required. Not every second. Not always in connected to long streams of moments. Yet, it is a requirement. Peace is required to keep your inner strength, your inner force generated.

Peace to you my friends, 


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