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How To Open Your Intuition

 2020 has been a year of connected worry, fear, anger, sadness, and every other emotions you're capable of having. There is no better time than right now to open up and use your intuitive skills for your life and wellness. This spin cycle of tumult will pass and you’ll be ready to soar.

Intuition can feel elusive. Like you're reaching for something you know is there; yet, you can't quite grab it. As times change, we do get better. Yet, no matter how good you are at something, you still have to practice the fundamentals. In doing so, you’ll discover nuances which build even more skill.

 Developing intuition — for life, holistic healing work, or business — requires knowing how you uniquely access this type of information and information in general.

 Given that all things are made of energy, the question remains, how do we begin to sense it accurately? We all sense energy. Where we get stuck is in our interpretation and accuracy.

 Your Intuitive Learning Preference is the way in which you receive your intuitive information at its base level of energy. I talk about this in my book, Intuitive Wellness.

 When you connect with and dive into these fundamental pathways you build your skills. You gain more confidence in following the energetic breadcrumbs through the forest of discernment; past the swamp of illusion; until you see and can climb the mountain of clarity.

 Intuition and logic use the brain and nervous system. Your brain and nervous system! Your evolution requires the use of both. Yet, you still need to ferret out the nervous chatter, which doesn’t allow you to align with your logic or intuitive intelligence. Those chatty mind monkeys are in the forest, the illusionary swamp, and on the mountain. But they can be put to rest by practicing the fundamentals.

Check out these questions below regarding your potential intuitive learning preferences. See which ones resonates with you. They are your pathway(s).



 Do you: Quickly calculate numbers and binary “yes” or “no” problems in your head? Enjoy figuring out abstract relationships between objects or situations? Are you a puzzle junkie? Do you run toward a problem to figure it out, instead of hoping it goes away? Do you always know there’s a rational explanation for everything? Can you easily find loopholes and flaws in the details of a process or project? Do you use inductive as well as deductive reasoning?


 Do you: See images, pictures, solutions in your mind’s eye when solving a problem or just thinking thoughts? Are you visually sensitive to colors and patterns? Do you keep a visual record of your life with lots of pictures and photo albums around you in your home or office? Do you dream in color? Can you alter your inner vision, changing the scale or scope of what you're imagining? When you look out a window, do you try to see as far as you can into the distance? In other words, do you crave a vista?


 Do you: Hear sounds, beeps, and chimes when no one else does? (I’m not referring tinnitus or other auditory issues.) At times, do you hear someone calling your name? (This usually happens when you’re falling asleep or just waking up.) Can you intuitively hear the tones of colors? Do you often have a song running through your mind? Do songs come to mind when you’re trying to solve a challenge or you're worried? Do you prefer to listen to books than read them? Do you retain information more effectively when you hear it?


 Do you: Feel like you have to move your body everyday or you’ll go bonkers? We all feel other people’s emotions; the question is, how deeply do you feel? Does feeling another’s emotions derail you? How much alone time do you really need and are you scheduling it into your day? Do crowds drain your energy? Do super chatty people zap your mood and energy and how long does it take to feel tired or drained? Do you love or avoid amusement parks? Do you have restless sleep after a long day? Do you flip directions in bed, meaning sleep horizontally, with your head at the foot of the bed, or diagonally?


 Do you: Smell flowers or sweet scents when none are present?  Can you smell when a family member or friend might be ill or becoming so? Are you the one in your family who is more aware of mold, mildew or other non-friendly smells? Can you smell danger? Do you smell rain before the clouds gather? Can you detect odors in your dreams? Do you tend to have sinus issues when you’re in the midst of a challenge or tough time?

 Well, what learning preference(s) are part of your wheelhouse? See if you can pay attention during your busy day and catch these pathways of intuition in action; giving you signals and opening your intuitive system. These signals will point you toward what’s going on and how to discern the information.

 Life is mysterious; yet, it’s not all a mystery. You may walk into your home and smell flowers, which could be a loved one who walks with you in Spirit saying, “Hello!” Or you could have a surprise bouquet waiting for you.

 Discernment. intuition and logic. It all works together. Practicing the way you perceive these fundamentals will bring you clarity and a seamless way of using both intuition and logic.

 As a result, your emotional peaks and valleys will begin to even out to gentle rolling hills. You’ll experience life more lightly. Be braver when you need to be and become the warrior who knows when to put down the sword and tend to herself and rest.

Listen to The Voice of Intuition podcast next week, I’ll be diving into these intuitive styles with solutions to help you harness even more of your intuitive skills.

 Until next time…

 With Love,






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