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Cultivating Grace in the Midst of Crazy

To you … gentle souls in the midst of crazy change. To all empaths, creatives, intuitives, and healers of all manner. Life is asking you to step up, to be strong and steady.

 Your clarity is essential, as you can feel the reverberation, making us all lean toward what’s next.

 As you manage your days, I’m certain you can hear the tone of  these distinct beseeching signals. Now, it’s time to cultivate even more internal self-awareness and grace.

 I’m also confident you’re keenly aware of how your intuitive system is being activated, guiding you as to how you care of yourself, your loved ones, work, and gage the direction in which life is taking you. 

Your soul’s energy is out in the “everywhere” sending and receiving signals of charged, undulating information. Are you listening?

For the moment, let’s bring in our focus in a bit. Let's bring grace into the picture, which can cultivate a more solid position within you during these rapid evolutionary seasons.

Let’s rise above opinion and look at the current global energetic trajectory. Okay. Yep, it's pretty much what you thought, right?

It looks and feels like a compacted cosmic hairball.

What can we do, as seekers of healing and peace? We need to get real and grounded with the situations and changes, which are pressing upon our collective mind, whirling and popping up like waterspouts.

Let’s also talk about energy for a moment. I’m describing this in a linear, sequential manner. The process, of course, is not linear or one dimensional; however it’s helpful to initially lay it out in a conventional framework.

In short, as many of you know, live, and breathe — that which you manifest and cultivate does begin within your mind.

Angry mind, anger-driven results. Thoughtful mind (non-sycophantish) , integrated and cohesive-driven results. 

Mind (thought) is the starting point. Energy and vibration follows suit. Frequency is next to arise and this is where the action is.

Frequency patterns rise in strength and density and can also collapse toward weakness and dissolving. This is what you’re feeling. The kerfuffle of thoughts careening into one another, rising and falling. You’re feeling it all, even if you don’t realize it moment-to-moment.

I’m asking you to take up a task with me — to cultivate grace.

To me, grace (and the frequency it beholds) is God. It is the unspeakable, unknowable, and yet experiential connective tissue of the Tao in all things.

Grace is the united flutterings of deep knowing, generated by the angel’s collective voices. Grace can be embodied and expressed by the expanding essence of a sincere, humble, and open heart.

Grace is equanimity, balancing good and bad with calm temperament and even mindedness.

Grace, like any other thought-filled energy, evolves from mind into a particulate substance that is palpable, distinctively so as its density increases.

Yes, grace is the perceptible, substantive, and the catalytic stuff of miracles.

Beyond the Taoist, Buddhist, Yogic, love-of-Christos being in me, my inner Disney junkie flat out knows Walt Disney created pixie dust to exemplify grace made visible. 

You absorb grace when when you enter a forest, a temple, or sanctuary. You experience the washing of grace as it overrides your fears. You embody grace through self-acceptance.

Your spiritual agility epitomizes grace when you feel compassion for others, just as they are.

Now there’s a practice that will stretch and straighten up your wings!

...loving someone just as they are. Even yourself perhaps?

 On to the practice...

Wake up each day and sit quietly.

Connect with that which is most sacred to you and naturally invokes grace.

If this is new to you, first become familiar with the way in which grace feels in and around your body. A helpful step is to sit quietly and remember a time when you felt awe and/or gratitude. These feelings are often conjoined with grace.

Take your time. There’s no need to rush.

As grace begins to rise and resonate within your body, you may experience a shiver or a tear. This is normal. It is an indication that you are connecting solidly with the frequency of grace. You can feel its holy, permeating finesse.

As you become comfortable with the connective, dignified ease of grace, it’s time for conscious cultivation.

Be gentle. This is a practice. Over time, cultivation develops intuitive skills such as simultaneous observation and attentive contentment within a span of your experience - moments, days, and years.

The fact that you are willing to shift gears and care for your interior world in this manner is brave and honored. 

Given the state of the global mind, you might be a bit saturated with the craziness of the environment. Your body will naturally begin to displace the chaos for calming, amazing grace. This is an effect of the practice.

When you are ready, allow this cultivate grace to be projected by your mind and heart, spreading out to another place in the world. A place to which you are called.

Keep your body grounded, your mind steady, and blanket the chosen external location with the deepest root and experience of grace … or pixie dust.

Let’s impact the world. Let’s cultivate grace together.

Work with this practice for a short of a long while. In the morning; during the day when the thought enters into your mind; or in the evening when the chatter in your part of the world is stilled.

It’s your time. You are lamplighters. I know you’re being called in various ways. Answer the call of your soul. Answer the call by expanding grace.

Current energies, conditions, behavioral evidence, intuition, and logic all reflect to us the more tumultuous times of deep change ahead. Let us expand divine elegance as we turn this corner of the year, heading into the next season of our lives.

All we can do is our best as we intend to bring more grace into the world, holding steadiness in the midst of chaotic change. Don’t mistake grace for over sensitivity, weakness, or timid placations.

Grace is fierce. Grace bends the trajectory of natural rhythms, time, matter, and universal law. Cultivate and embody grace ... you’ll witness its power first hand. 

With love and expanding grace,








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