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Video + Heart Energy Check-In

chakra energy healing Mar 10, 2021

 As we move into Springtime, as it will be here soon, I thought I'd share this visualization with which you can explore and give the energy of your heart a little check up and pick-me-up. 

Enjoy this visualization. It was a spontaneous channeling during a recent class gathering for  the Becoming a Medical Intuitive Course. It's so important to go deep inside, especially since this past year has been crestfallen for many. 

Let the light shine within your heart like a benediction. A sutra. An energetic chant of connected universal awareness, grace and healing. Reconnect with your gifts. Feel the movement or congestion of your heart's energy and set free what needs to move along or generate more strength and resolve. 

You are a boundless soul of light and the body you have is meant to connect to the heavens, yourself, others, and earth. We do this in many ways. None more significant than the heart. 

Life is good. Life is nut-so. Life is an adventure and so, too, are our energetic lives. In just a few moments, you can take a pulse regarding what's pulsing inside of you. 

Our hearts have been through a lot in our lives and we must continue to remain strong and kind as we move along the path. Change in general, like it or not, is always present.  The phase of the evolution has just begun. As we have done before, we will ride upon the wind. The spiritual breath, which moves through our hearts. 

So much love to you and yours, 




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