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Become Your Most Positive Self

alignment enlightenment Jul 16, 2022

I hope you’re doing well and life is good. I know for some, this might be a big ask. Today, I want to share three organic phases you can move through to transform yourself into the most positive sense of self you can in the moment. 

Life reflects the lens through which we view it. You know, when I hop on a call with a client, I always ask, “How are you? Often times their response goes something like this. 

“Well, if everything was great I wouldn’t be calling.” That’s true for them in the moment. 

As a human being; as someone of service; and as a medical intuitive my hours are designed to help transform problems, pointing toward a true and positive direction.

Focusing on what is; what’s next; and the new direction(s) to move toward in which myself or clients/students want to go. Always in the safest and most efficient way, moving along the most positive path. 

Taking the high road, the positive path, is not always easy; yet, ironically, ease is the outcome. That’s empowering. 

The power of your life lies within several things: 

  • Discover something positive, even if you're surrounded by strife in the moment.
  • Never give up on yourself, your life, your body. 
  • Certainly, do not give up on on your Spirit; connect with it.

When we’re confused, it’s usually because our talents, optimism, and courage have sunk into the abyss. You’ve lost hope in one or more areas of your life. 

Fear not! Like Nemo, we can swim—we can swim through anything if we have the right directions.

Here are three simple phases you go through in order to transform yourself into the most positive sense of self you can become in the moment.

Once you embrace the current moment, you’ll generate layer upon layer of positivity over and over again, lifting yourself and others into a more positive state of being.

Before we get to the concepts, let’s take a look at the outer world and, perhaps, what could be contributing to any of your confusion or angest. 

Don’t ignore what’s real and in the moment. Yet, perhaps, distance yourself energetically. 

There’s a lot of crazy making and we do need to be informed about what’s going on in the world, as it’s a flat globe—we are so connected in all sectors of life. Two wild items crossed my path last week. 

Sri Lanka collapsed last week. One of the highest rated countries on the planet last year has collapsed within a growing season or two. People are starving and have bitterly overrun the government officials out of the country and taken over their offices and homes. What?

Farmers in the Netherlands—many of their lives have turned upside down. Families who have farmed land and fed the earth are very afraid they may lose their farms. Some of whom have tended the land since the late middle ages. 

If you didn’t, know the Netherlands has been the 2nd largest food producer in the world, next to the United States. 

We cannot bury our heads in the sand and we also must to keep a positive and directed heart toward a good resolve— for our personal challenges, as well as our collective well-being. 

Yep, there’s a lot to cut through in the world right now.

Be prudent. Pay attention to voices which make the most sense and are aligned with your inner voice. Then, keep moving forward with loving kindness. 

The first step toward transformation is to be open:  

Think of the Japanese symbol, the Enzo. (See the image above.) The enzo is a symbol of elegance, enlightenment, courage, and the entire universe. With enlightenment one needs to have a sense of openness. To drop the pretense. To drop the fears. To drop expectations of the way life should be. To be open, so that growth can occur within the center of your universe. 

How do you do that? Beyond looking into your own eyes or the eyes of a loved one, gaze into the soul of nature herself. 

Look at a far horizon. Open up your eyes, your mind, your heart. 

You’ll feel the true expansive nature inside you. Many of you know this feeling already. It may have receded at bit, depending on your life’s lens and experiences of late. Yet, allow openness to rise. 

When you’re feeling fear or negativity around you, what do you naturally do?  

  •  Close up? 
  •  Distract yourself? Which is the same as closing up. 
  •  Do you cross your arms? 
  •  Cross our legs or shake your foot? 
  •  Tighten your belly?
  •  Clench your jaw?

Open. Open. Open. 

Open to life.

It bears repeating and stated this way: I open to the Light and purpose of my life.

Sit quietly or look with eyes wide open at the beauty of nature around you. If you’re in the middle of a big city with honking horns and screeching cars, put some flowers on your coffee table. Look at your favorite picture. 

Be open. Be wild. Go meditate in the safest loudest place you can think of. That will get your Zen practice stirring. 

No matter what’s happening, no matter where you are, you can close your eyes, go inside and be open to the entire universe. Because it’s in there, just as it is out there.

Second step is to align:

Without alignment we have no direction. We can’t even fathom a direction. We must align our heart and soul within our body and our mind. 

You know when you’re out of alignment. Either through your words and language, or your actions. 

The way you feel and the way you’re treating your body or other people is certainly a clue. You know what misalignment feels like. And you know what alignment feels like. Which is your preference?

Alignment is a feeling which is attached to your very deep sense of knowing. This knowing, however, is never so deep that you lose track of it. Even if you forget what it feels like to be aligned, parts of you know exactly where your points of alignment are.

Have faith in yourself. 

When you are open, you will find the path to alignment. It doesn’t need to be a long and arduous path. 

Again, alignment is knowing inside of you that true peace can never ever leave. You just cover it up with blankets from time to time. Peel off the blankets and get back into alignment with yourself.

If you’ve dropped a routine of self-care, any type of self-care, bring it back one action at a time. 

That will move you back into alignment. You’ll feel better. You’ll have a more positive outlook on your own life; let alone life in general.

When you add the mindful art of opening to alignment you naturally move into transformation.

We often want to leap into some kind of transformation. 

I need to change now! 

I can’t take this anymore.

I’m not going to make it if I keep doing this!

These are some of the most common soul-to-body shout-outs we express. 

Those are the calls from your soul to open up and to realign with yourself. 

God/Universe + soul = self ❤️ 

When you open and align you organically transform. It really is that simple.

Who makes it complicated? We do. We do! 

Our crazy little perfectionist mind does. You have to know, for those of you who are procrastinators, guess who’s in charge of your dragging your feet and dawdling? 

Yep, your ever-so-convincing perfectionist. 

Here's a story for your perfectionist:

One of my favorite temples in Kyoto, Japan is Eikando Temple. In this temple stands a small statue known as The Backward Glancing Buddha. 

As the story goes, the Lord of this household was in his private temple, walking back-and-forth trying to say his sutras (prayers) to Buddha.

The statue of Buddha came alive and began walking in front of the Lord. Needless to say, the Lord was gobsmacked, absolutely stunned and stopped right in his tracks. Buddha turned around, looked at the Lord and said, “Eikan, don't dawdle.”

So, don’t dawdle when it comes to fear stopping you from opening to your gifted skills, your life, your service and passions. 

Your inner perfectionist only wants to have it survive; as it would be delighted to scare you and keep you where you are.

When you open to your soul through the wise energy of the heart—the deep knowing of your heart—you must align; because, the cognitive dissonance will simply be too difficult. 

No need to struggle. No need. Truly.

Open and align. Transformation is right there. From the smallest moment to the most cosmically-spiritually-orchestrated-beyond-your-wildest-imagination type of experience. 

Welcome to your new beautiful, talented, ever-so-calm and positive sense of self. Do not dawdle. We need you to be the one and only.




You are loved, perhaps even more than you know, 🌺





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